Want to learn how to gamify your course?

First check out this seminar on gamification:
Gamification: 2014 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Innovation
Ken Pierce
Vice Provost for Information Technology & CIO IS 5003: Introductions to Information Systems
Pierce, presented a seminar on Gamification in Course Design in the UTSA Faculty Center in Spring 2014, where he states that using game elements as part of a course design can be a great way to motivate millenials.
Want to apply game-based learning (gamification) or simulation activities online? Use Articulate Storyline to create gaming functionality and connect it to the Blackboard Achievements Tool
Create a branching scenario to provide students’ an opportunity to apply their knowledge and practice skills, identify and solve problems, and formulate strategies. Articulate Storyline and Quandary​​ are some of the digital learning tools you can use to build your simulations without coding.


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