First impressions are always a telling event.

Therefore a student’s first impression of your course can be a huge deal. So, what can you do to make your course stand out above the rest? Quite a few things actually:
  • Course Introduction: Your course introduction is one of the first things students will see when they begin the course and can set the tone for the student’s expectations throughout the entire semester. Creating an introduction of yourself and your course can really set the students on track.
  • Course set-up: How you arrange your content and tools for easy access to your students can make running your course a much smother process
  • Adding Images: They always say an image is worth a thousand words, so why not use some? You can create a course banner, or even use images for things like Learning Objectives or Quizzes
  • Video: Create and share an engaging video that makes students want to learn more. To expand your knowledge in creating videos, access our Video Production guide on how to record a video in five steps. In addition, our Video Production team provides assistance in producing high quality video segments. They will help you develop your idea and collaborate with you through the entire process.​
Here are just a few links to more about how to personalize your course:

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