Discover a wide range of Training Sessions that can help you with a variety of essentials in Blackboard. ​

Here are just a few of the sessions provided by our Training Team: ​

  • Blackboard to ASAP Grade Transfer 
  • Getting Started with Blackboard Learn Grade Center 
  • Assessing Students with Online Assignments and Tests 
  • Enhancing Collaboration with Students using Blackboard Learn Discussion Board, Blog, Wiki, and Journals. 
    For more information on our Training Sessions please CLICK HERE.
Explore our Workshops and Coffee Breaks that are presented by your fellow colleagues who are sharing their tips, tricks and successes in areas such as designing and managing content, implementing strategies to increase student engagement, monitoring student performance and much more. Meet with fellow instructors and collaborate on ideas and subjects that matter to you and your course needs. Some of our past Workshops and Coffee Breaks have included the following topics:
  • Google Maps
  • Wikis
  • Using Journals
  • Easier Closed Captions
  • Online Learning for Beginners
  • Using Quandary for Tutorials
  For more information on our Workshops and Coffee Breaks please CLICK HERE​.

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