Faculty Hiring Cluster

Cyber Faculty

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) embarked on a focused cluster hiring plan under the Gold Star Initiative, to recruit top-tier researchers over a four year period. The plan focuses on strategic areas of research excellence, and includes cybersecurity, cloud computing and data analytics. The recruitment of GoldStar Initiative researchers is in addition to the hiring of top-tier faculty that takes place on a regular basis at UTSA to support academic excellence.

With more than a thousand undergraduate students enrolled in our cyber and related programs, UTSA has over fifty faculty members dedicated to cyber research and teaching. Of those, six are endowed faculty positions including chairs endowed by AT&T and Rackspace through the 80/20 Foundation, and includes seven NSF CAREER award winners. Since 2010, UTSA has received over $28 million in cyber-related research awards.

Given our growth and momentum, UTSA is increasing the number of cyber faculty, to find candidates to foster collaborative research, education and outreach and to create interdisciplinary areas of knowledge that will advance the field of cybersecurity. This includes enterprise security, cyber analytics, cyber decision support cloud computing security, embedded systems security, privacy and data protection.

OPENINGFaculty Cluster Hire in Cybersecurity

UTSA Faculty

Computer Science

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Information Systems & Cyber Security

Management Science & Statistics


Department of Computer Science | College of Sciences

Rajendra V. Boppana, Ph.D

Professor and Interim Chair

• Computer Networks
• Computer and Information Security


Jianwei Niu, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Computer Science

• Software Engineering
• Computer and Information Security


Ravi Sandhu, Ph.D

Executive Director of Institute for Cyber Security (ICS)
Lutcher Brown Endowed Chair in Cyber Security
Professor of Computer Science

• Secure Information Sharing
• Secure Social Computing
• Infrastructure Assurance

  • Trustworthy Cloud Computing
  • Secure SOA
  • Botnet Analysis and Detection




Gregory White, Ph.D

whiteDirector of CIAS

• Computer and Information Security


Shouhuai Xu, Ph.D


• Computer and Information Security
• Cryptography; Intrusion Detection


Meng Yu, Ph.D

xuAssociate Professor

• Computer and system security
• Cloud computing
• Virtualization

Tongping Liu, Ph.D

liuAssistant Professor

• Parallel computing
• Big data
• Operating systems

Mikhail Gubanov, Ph.D

gubanovCloud Technology Endowed Assistant Professor

• Big data
• Machine learning
• Natural language processing
• Biomedical informatics.


Electrical and Computer Engineering | College of Engineering

Ram Krishnan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

• Computer security
• Authorization and authentication aspects of computing systems.
• Addressing such issues in specific application domains such as cloud computing.


Wei-Ming Lin, Ph.D.

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

• Computer Architecture
• Parallel and Distributed Computing
• Computer Network Routing

  • Real-Time Performance Optimization Methodologies
  • Network Intrusion Detection





Chunjiang Qian, Ph.D.

Professor and Assistant Chair

• Non linear control, robust and adaptive control, output feedback control, homogeneous system theory, optimal control, and fault detection
• Flight control, modeling and aerospace systems, and control of UAVs
• Digital control and its implementation, hybrid control systems, real-time optimal control and model predictive control
• Cyber physical systems, network control, cyber security in control systems
• System modeling and controller design in power plants, control and sensing in smart grid
• Biodynamic modeling, control of biomedical systems, and human gait identification


Department of Information Systems and Cyber Security | College of Business

Yoris A. Au, Ph.D.

Department Chair of Information Systems and Cyber Security & Associate Professor

• Economics of cloud computing and cyber security, technology adoption
• Web and mobile application security
• Big data technology

Nicole Beebe, Ph.D, CISSP

Associate Professor & Melvin Lachman Distinguished Professor in Entrepreneurship
Director, Center for Education and Research in Information and Infrastructure Security (CERI²S)

• Digital forensics (media and network intrusion forensics; intelligent forensic algorithms)
• Cyber security (behavioral, managerial and technical issues)
• Data Analytics (cyber analytics; computational forensics)

Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Ph.D..

Associate Professor and Cloud Technology Endowed Professorship

• Digital forensics
• Cryptographic Protocols


Glenn Dietrich, Ph.D. CISSP


• Information assurance
• Cyber physical systems security and privacy
• Technology management and innovation

Max Kilger, Ph.D.

Director of Data Analytics Program & Senior Lecturer

• Research the motivations of malicious online actors and entities as well as changes in the hacking community social structure. 
• Develop a better theoretical understanding of how social dynamics affect the nature of the current and emerging cyberthreat matrix.


Myung Ko, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

• Impact of IT on organizations
• Environmental performance
• Data mining

  • Economics of security breaches
  • Online banking
  • Word of mouth





Zhechao Charles Liu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

• Economics of IS
• Network externalities
• Standards/platform competition

  • Mobile apps
  • Game theory modeling





Chino Rao, Ph.D.


• Software piracy 
• Information security culture 
• Electronic commerce 
• Technological support of groups

H. Raghav Rao, Ph.D.

AT&T Distinguished Chair in Infrastructure Assurance and Security and Professor

• Management information systems
• Decision support systems
• E-business

  • Emergency response management systems
  • Information assurance





Rohit Valecha, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

• Healthcare security and privacy



Diane Walz, Ph.D.


• Software development and knowledge sharing 
• Knowledge sharing between and among application developers
• Agency theory application to password complexity 
• Characteristics of IS professionals

John Warren, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

• Virtual team interaction and performance
• Virtual Communities
• Information Technology Adoption and Implementation



Department of Management Science and Statistics | College of Business

Ram Tripathi, Ph.D.


• Models for count data
• Biostatistics
• Inflated models

  • Statistical inference
  • Survival analysis





Kefeng Xu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

• Operations, logistics and information management strategy
• Global and domestic supply chain
• Inventory and supply management

  • Transportation policy
  • Cost and demand studies





Keying Ye, Ph.D.


• Inference and methods 
• Mathematical Statistics 
• Statistical applications in biostatistics, cyber security, environmental, ecological and geological sciences, experimental design and industrial statistics