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Purchasing Office

Construction Award Notifications

Pending and Current Projects (FY14-15)

Project No.
Project Name
31402220 Professional Engineering Services Related to Secondary Distribution Panel Replacement Under Evaluation
743-14-063014AA New Locker Rooms for Baseball / Softball Awarded to Sabinal Group
743-15-010815AA Convocation Center - Storage Areas Awarded to Alpha Building Corp.
743-15-030315AA Football Locker Room Remodel Awarded to Cofield Group, LLC
743-15-030315SC Tri Campus Elevator Maintenance Services Awarded to ThyssenKrupp Elevator
743-15-032315SC Flawn Building 1st Floor Restrooms Awarded to Alpha Building Corp.
743-15-031715AA McKinney Humanities Building Lecture Hall Renovations Cancelled
743-15-042215SC McKinney Lecture Hall Renovations Awarded to Sabinal Group
743-15-091614AA Oval & Peace Circle Improvements Cancelled
743-15-091914AA Convocation Center Fire & Life Safety Upgrades Awarded to Jacobs Engineering Group
743-15-092214AA Registered Accessibility Specialist Services Under Evaluation
743-15-092614AA UCII Retama Room Renovation Awarded to OCO LPA
743-15-100114AA Facility Conditions & Roof Assessments Under Evaluation
743-15-101314AA Refurbish AHU-52 Awarded to R.E.C. Industries
743-15-111314AA Tri-Campus Fire & Life Safety Deficiencies Awarded to Chesney Morales & Associates, Inc.
743-15-112414AA BSE 2014 Envelope Repair Awarded to J.T. Vaughn Construction, LLC
743-15-120914AA Flawn HVAC Improvements Awarded to Alpha Building Corp.
743-15-121714AA Recreation Center Pool Awarded to Byrne Construction Services
743-16-020816SC UC II Retama Room Renovations & Related Work (PP-21322161) Awarded to Sabinal Group, LLC
743-16-030316SC JPL Remodel Food Court Awarded to Sabinal Group, LLC

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