Purchasing Office

Construction Award Notifications

Pending and Current Projects (FY13-14)

Project No.
Project Name
31202463 Campus Pavement Assessment Awarded to Civil Engineering Consultants
31302417 Job Order Design Under Evaluation
31302626 Renovate Denman Room Doors Awarded to Vertex Corp.
31401089 Tri-Campus Elevator Maintenance Service Awarded to ThyssenKrupp Elevator
31401121 Waste & Recycling Services Awarded to Texas Disposal Systems
31401203 Correct MBT Lab Deficiencies Under Evaluation
31401223 Ximenes Ave. Modifications Under Evaluation
31401637 Fire Lane & Recycling Pad Installation Awarded to Civil Engineering Consultants
31401674 Housing & Resident Life Painting Awarded to Smith Painting
31401686 West Campus Drainage Replacement Under Evaluation
31401758 Recreation Center Pool Facilities & Related Work Under Evaluation
31401843 Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Cancelled
31401994 Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Under Evaluation
31402005 BSB FY13 Roof Replacement Under Evaluation
31402023 LERR & DM FY13 McKinney Humanities Lecture Hall Renovations Under Evaluation