Preferred Suppliers

Below is a list of preferred suppliers that hold existing contracts with UTSA or with accredited Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO). We encourage you to use this list when possible as you procure goods and services. Select a category to view available supplier information. Best Practice: Obtaining your first quote from any vendor on this page or through the GPO repository will greatly reduce/ or eliminate the need for Purchasing to conduct any type of formal solicitation (e.g. RFP) which means you are able to get product/services in hand much quicker.

How do I use this page?

This page has been formatted to provide the preferred suppliers in order of preference; 1 is priority with 5 as last. Each category of contracts will have a brief sentence describing why each category is considered a Preferred Supplier group. 

Please reach out to your procurement specialist for a copy of any contract and/or vendor contact information.

UTSA Contracts are those procured by UTSA for UTSA. These contracts are preferred since the vendor has provided UTSA with pricing and benefits that UTSA has deemed to be the best value.

Vendor Name Agreement/RFP Service Description End Date



Job Order Surveillance & Emergency Communications




Job Order Access Control


Apogee Telecom, Inc.


Residence Life Telecommunications and Cable


Caldwell & Gregory LLC


Laundry Vending Services for Student Housing


Follett Higher Education


Campus Bookstore Operation & Mgmt




Food Service/Dining


The UT System Supply Chain Alliance procures contracts on behalf of the entire UT System and other participating members. The Supply Chain Alliance meets with UTSA regularly to discuss current and upcoming requirements. These contracts were competed and awarded based on best value.

  • Konica Minolta – Multi-functional Device (MFD), Copier/Printer/Fax/Scanner- UTSSCA contract number UTSSCA1218 – Expiration date 12/14/28
  • Grainger/Burgoon - Maintenance, repair and operations supplies and related services- UTSSCA contract number UTSSCA8016 - Expiration date 7/01/24
  • Fisher/Possible Mission - Core Lab Equipment and Related Services - UTSSCA contract number UTSSCA4321 – Expiration Date 6/30/24
  • SHI - PC Hardware and Related Services, Computer Peripherals - UTSSCA contract number UTSSCA5122– Expiration date 8/14/25
  • CDW/Mpulse - Computer Peripherals, Accessories, Software & Related Technical Support Services - UTSSCA contract number UTSSCA5223 – Expiration date 10/31/25
  • Today Business - Basic office supply products - UTSSCA contract number UTSSCA5714 – Expiration date 12/31/24
  • Quigen - DNA and RNA assay kits through an e-commerce platform - UTSSCA contract number UTSSCA4722 – Expiration date 12/31/24
  • VWR/Summus - Core Lab Equipment and related services - UTSSCA contract number UTSSCA4221 – Expiration date 6/30/24 Ford AV - Audio Visual Equipment & Related Services - UTSSCA contract number UTSSCA5323 – Expiration date 10/31/25

To view the full UTSSCA contract listing, click here.

This supplier was chosen for their contract(s) that provide the best value when compared to all other available GPO options. These Preferred Suppliers are not available through UTSA or UTSSCA contracts, but as part of an accredited GPO, they can leverage the total spend of the members they serve to provide meaningful contracts that we can use without the need for formal solicitation.

Cylinder Gases

  • Airgas - Industrial & Laboratory Gases, Welding Supplies with Associated Products and Support Services – E&I contract number CNR01362 – Expiration date 9/30/24

The UT System procures contracts on behalf of UT System member institutions. These contracts cover a unique set of services that are used across many of the UT Institutions. See the list of services available below.

Systemwide Contracts ( UTSA credentials are required

Instructions for dept leads – when using UT System contracts, reach out to the vendor for a proposal and request the vendor send a proposal in the form/template outlined in their Master Agreement.

Types of Services

  • Digital Forensics Services
  • Healthcare Consulting Services
  • Incident Response
  • IT Staff Augmentation Services
  • IT Staff Recruiting Firms
  • Marketing & Branding Services
  • Master Media Monitoring Services
  • Plagiarism Prevention Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Secure Testing & Proctoring
  • Audit Services
  • Executive Search Firms
  • Fundraising and Advancement Services
  • Fundraising Consulting & Other Related Services
  • Athletic Department Search & Consulting Services
  • Communications, Public Relations & Media Relations Services
  • Development Advanced Leadership Recruitment & Search Services


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