Electronic Submission Through TCM

Submit your contract electronically through SciQuest Total Contracts Manager (TCM)

Monitor your Requests – Track Your Contracts – Access your Documents 
No Missing Paper – No Overlooked Emails –Electronic Communication
Faster Collaboration & Turnaround (Everyone “On the Same Page” Quickly)

Log On to TCM Using your Network ID and Password
URL https://solutions.sciquest.com/apps/Router/SAMLAuth/UTSA

 TCM User Guide

User Guide: Instructional guide to utilize SciQUest TCM (Total Contracts Manager)

: If you have issues with your access or authorizations, contact the Business Contracts Office and we’ll take care of the issue: 

Kelli Morrison at: kelli.morrison@utsa.edu (4065)
Richard Wollney at: richard.wollney@utsa.edu (4069)
Robert Dickens at robert.dickens@utsa.edu (4067)

Paper and E-Mail Submissions