Contract Delegation

The UT System Regents’ Rules and Regulations require that all contracts be approved by the chief administrative officer or his/her official, authorized delegate (ref. Rule 10501). Only an individual with a written delegation of authority from the President of UTSA may execute and deliver contracts on behalf of the University. A University contract without an authorized signature may be invalid and unenforceable.

Currently, the President has delegated to the following positions the authority to sign business contracts:

  1. Vice President of Business Affairs
  2. Director of Business Contracts, up to $100K
  3. Contracts Manager, up to 15K
  4. Vice President for Student Affairs, only in the extended absence of the VPBA, up to $1M


For UTSA’s full delegation listing, see

Note that all business service agreements must be approved by the Business Contracts Office prior to final review and determination by the above positions.