Business Contracts Office

Routing and Submission

General Submission

All procurement contracts, regardless of value or cost, must be routed to the Purchasing Office for review and processing. If it is suspected that a project to acquire a vendor’s services may result in a formal agreement, the Purchasing Office should be notified in the initial stages of the process. The Purchasing Office will assist in ensuring that the most efficient methods are utilized and that the proper procurement procedures have been followed. Remember, contracts for vendor goods and services are the final stage of a proper procurement and must never precede the purchasing procedures.

The appropriate method for routing a project to the Purchasing Office is through submission of an electronic purchase request through PeopleSoft. The purchase request serves to

  1. Establish approval authorities;
  2. Authorize implementation; and
  3. Encumber funds (for payment contracts)

The appropriate method for routing a project to the Purchasing Office is through submission of an electronic purchase request through PeopleSoft. If you are not familiar with PeopleSoft, contact PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center or contact PSSC at 458-SPOC (7762). If the request is a revenue-generating project, a trade-out service, or other no-charge project, the Purchasing Office recommends merely encumbering the PB4 for a penny (PB4’s require encumbrance of funds). The Purchasing Office will coordinate with the Contracts Office in completion of the applicable project. ( Note that both the Purchasing Office and the Business Contracts Office fall under the reporting umbrella of the Department of Purchasing and Distribution Services.

Required Submission Documentation

Appropriately weighing the risks of the project with the most efficient processing methods requires a clear understanding of the project. Also, remember that an enforceable contract requires clear and definite terms. To expedite the process, the following information and documentation should therefore accompany (or immediately follow) the submission of the electronic purchase request (PB4):

  1. a clear description of the requested services (what is it?);
  2. details related to the purpose of the requested service;

Note: This information can be submitted either with the PB4 or with alternate documentation

If it is already known that a vendor will be requesting that its agreement be signed, the following information should also be included:

  1. a short explanation (1-3 sentences) of the extenuating circumstances that require UTSA to sign a vendor's contract; and
  2. an electronic version of the agreement in modifiable Word format.

In all cases, it is important to keep in mind the procedures for routing of contracts as well as the established delegation of signature authority. Please refer to the Contract Delegation policies defined in this Web site, and always advise the Purchasing Office if it is suspected that a project may necessitate a formal contract.

Purchasing Requirements

Upon final departmental approval (signatory approval) of the electronic purchase request (PB4), the request will automatically route to your department’s assigned Buyer in the Purchasing Office. The Purchasing Office Buyer will work with the Contracts Office and your Department to:

  1. Determine the most efficient methods for project completion;
  2. Ensure compliance with UT purchasing Regulations and Best Value Polices; and
  3. Accurately define the Statement of Services (SOW) or Scope of Work (SOW).