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Group Cooperative Links

Group Cooperative Purchasing Organizations competitively award contracts for goods and services by virtue of a public competitive procurement process, compliant with state statutes. These contracts pool the purchasing power of public agencies to make the governmental procurement process more efficient by saving time and money.

  • Department of Information Resources
    Department of Information Resources (DIR) – DIR is an agency of the State of Texas. Among their varied responsibilities, DIR must negotiate volume purchase agreements for quality products and services related to Information Technology. All Texas state agencies are eligible to use these agreements.

  • TCPN
    The Cooperative Purchasing Network – TCPN is available for use by all public and private schools, colleges, universities, cities, counties, and other government entities in the State of Texas.

  • E&I (Educational and Institutional)
    Educational & Institutional Cooperative (E&I) – E&I is a not-for-profit buying cooperative which provides goods and services to its members at the best possible value. The Cooperative is owned by its membership of more than 1500 tax-exempt colleges, universities, prep schools, hospitals, medical research institutions and hospital purchasing organizations located throughout the United States.

  • US Communities
    US Communities – all government entities are eligible to use US Communities contracts, which focus on high use, high volume items.

  • BuyBoard - Vendor Listing
    BuyBoard - the BuyBoard was developed by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) along with the Texas Association of Counties and the Texas Municipal League. It is open to all local governments, nonprofit's, and other political subdivisions of the state of Texas. School districts must be a member of TASB to participate.

  • State Term Contracts
    Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) – TPASS is a division of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts whose primary responsibility is to provide goods, services, and facilities to the State of Texas. One part of fulfilling this responsibility is establishing term contracts available to all Texas state agencies. Term contracts can be ordered through the TxSmartBuy system, managed by the State of Texas.

  • TXMAS Contracts
    Texas Multiple Award Schedules (TXMAS) - TPASS also maintains the Texas Multiple Award Schedules (TXMAS); these contracts have been developed from contracts awarded competitively by the federal government or any other governmental entity of any state.

  • Choice Facilities Partners
    Choice Facilities Partners - A division of Harris County Department of Education, Choice Facilities Partners allows organizations and institutions to take advantage of contracts specific to facility services. The organization is available to governmental entities and non-profits, including Schools and School Districts, Colleges and Universities, Cities, and Counties, both within and outside of Texas.

  • TIBH Industries, Inc.
    TIBH Industries - helps provide employment, through the State Use Works Wonders Program, for Texans with blindness and other disabilities. TIBH serves as the interface between vocational rehabilitation centers and the purchasing systems of the state, cities, counties, school districts, and hospital districts.

  • TCI
    Texas Correctional Industries - Texas Correctional Industries (TCI) is a department within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. TCI benefits the state of Texas by generating cost savings by providing quality products and services to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and other eligible agencies and political subdivisions of the state. TCI manufactures goods and provides services to state and local government agencies, public educational systems and other tax-supported entities.

    TIPS/TAPS - Interlocal Purchasing System, sponsored by Region 8 Educational Service Center, provides quick and efficient delivery of goods and services by competitively priced solicitation and bulk purchasing. TIPS/TAPS is available for use by all public and private schools, colleges, and universities.

  • PSA - Purchasing Solutions Alliance
    Purchasing Solutions Alliance - created by the Brazos Valley Council of Government’s Board of Directors, PSA contracts with qualified vendors of goods and services that comply with state bidding requirements. The organization is open to all local government, nonprofit's, school districts, and universities/colleges.

  • HGAC
    Houston-Galveston Area Council - Houston-Galveston Area Council services local government, non-profit government agencies, institutions of higher education. HGAC mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local governments by authorizing the fullness possible range of inter-governmental contracting. HGAC currently has competitive contracts in facilities related services ranging from vehicles to grounds equipment.

  • WSCA
    Western State Contracting Alliance - The Western State Contracting Alliance serves participating states by joining together in cooperative multi-state contracting. This approach helps achieve cost-effective and efficient acquisition of quality products and services. WSCA currently provides contracts related to wireless services, public safety and facilities related services.

  • CCG
    Council on Competitive Government - CCG is an Texas organization aimed at providing Texas governments more efficient, cost-effective, and competitive contracts. Currently the CCG supports contracts related to mail services, document destruction, and digital imaging.

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