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Description of the Navigation Menu

The Home link will return you to the Supplier Mall introduction page.

Preferred Suppliers
Contains “Preferred Contracts” established and awarded through competitive solicitations by either a Group Purchasing Organization such as the Department of Information Resource or by The University of Texas at San Antonio Purchasing Office. 

Sustainability Resources
UTSA supports and encourages the use of sustainable products that address environmental, social, and ethical impacts of goods and services. The Sustainability section contains vendors and information on sustainability. Departments are encouraged to consider these options when procuring goods and services. Supporting the University’s mission to achieve excellence in higher education, UTSA is committed to the development of programs, initiatives, and practices that promote sustainability practices and that contribute meaningfully to the environment.  These efforts must be developed and implemented within budgetary constraints and be consistent with this policy, the University’s Strategic Plan, A Shared Vision: UTSA 2016, the UTSA Campus Master Plan, and all legal, regulatory and programmatic requirements.

Cooperative Links
Purchasing Cooperatives provide benefit to the University by making available contracts which combine the purchasing power of multiple entities to enable deep quantity discounts.  These contracts comply with University purchasing rules and further contribute to cost savings by reducing time and administrative effort required for routine procurement of goods and services. This section contains information on these cooperative entities and provides alternate procurement options available for obtaining goods and services.

Help Navigating
This section provides information on the different areas within the Supplier Mall and helps navigate the site. You are currently in the Help Navigating section.

Purchasing Rules and Regulations
This link will take you to the Official Purchasing Policies and Procedures which must be followed when procuring goods and/or services for the University. 

User Feedback
This feature will open a dialogue box for providing feedback to the Purchasing Office.  Use this feature to make suggestions, report errors, request new functionality or to make general comments in regards to the Supplier Mall.

Information for Suppliers
This section contains information for vendors and suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ Section
The FAQ section contains answers to frequently asked questions related to the Supplier Mall. Self help and assistance is provided to assist departments with finding answers to commonly asked questions related to the Supplier Mall. 

Purchasing Home
This link will take you back to the Purchasing Office’s home page.

How to Place Orders

The UTSA Supplier Mall is organized into categories based on a specific product or service. Each category lists strategically sourced suppliers to maximize time and money. To access the supplier listing, click on the “Category Search” tab, under the Navigation Menu to the left.

After a contract has been identified that meets the needs of the department, contact one of the vendors listed to obtain a quote. All quotes should include the contract name and number, i.e. Buyboard, #123-45.

When placing an order,

  • If the purchase order total is $5,000.00 or below, orders can be completed using a Procard or completing a PeopleSoft requisition. Purchase Orders should reflect the contract name and number referenced on the quote.
  • If the purchase order total exceeds $5,000.00, orders can be completed by creating a PeopleSoft requisition and submitting all supporting documentation to the Purchasing Office to complete the purchase.

Most Supplier Mall vendors will accept your Procard; however, all purchases must be made in accordance with the Procard Guidelines and Restrictions. A list of restrictions can be found at

For additional information about ordering from a Supplier Mall vendor, please contact one of our Buyers.