Flores & Associates

Agreement Information

Contract Number: 31201958
Contract Period: 04/01/2012 - 08/31/2012 (with 3, 1 year options to extend)

Vendor Representative: Richard Flores
Email Address: Richard@floresandassociates.com
Phone Number: 210-606-1043

General Information

UTSA has contracted with Flores and Associates, a Historically Underutilized Business, to provide university wide printer maintenance and repair services. This contract offers bi-annual preventative maintenance services, repair services, and parts at a discount rate.

Instructions for Purchase

    • Bi-Annual Preventative Maintenance

      Step 1: Departments are instructed to create a small dollar PeopleSoft for requisition for bi-annual preventative maintenance services at the following rate (rate shall change each fiscal year):

      Year 3:
      $13.00 per machine/ per year

      Step 2: Department requisitions/purchase orders must include the following language:

      Pricing based on UTSA contract: 31201958
      Contract terms: XX/XX/XX to XX/XX/XX

      Step 3: Departments shall contact Flores and Associates to schedule preventative maintenance/cleaning services with a 24 hour advance notice.

  • Service Repairs

    Departments shall use a Pro-Card or create a PeopleSoft requisition for service repairs at the following rate (rate shall change each fiscal year):

    Year 3: $50.00 per hour

    Percentage discount off Manufacturer Price list for part: 25%

    Note: Flores and Associates shall respond to all services calls within 24 hours.