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Sustainability Resources

UTSA sustainability policy, is committed to the development of programs, initiatives, and practices that promote sustainability and contribute meaningfully to the environment. The following programs and vendors provide environmentally friendly products and services, that help demonstrate environmental stewardship.

Group Cooperatives with "Green Rooms"

A one-stop source to buy and live green. These Group Cooperative offer a broad line of green products, services and resources. In addition to green contracts, these cooperatives offer eco-friendly products to assist in making educated decisions about the products for your department.

Surplus Organizations

Green Vendors

  • Dell
    Contract Number: DIR-SDD-890
    Contract Expiration Date: 01/13/2013

    Vendor Representative: Shawn Minix
    Email Address:
    Phone Number: 512-513-9394
    Ordering Web site: Dell

    About Company: Dell aspires to be the greenest technology company on the planet. To that end, Dell continually improves their business practices to better protect the environment while simplifying their customers’ ability to manage computer equipment responsibly. To review their complete initiative, visit: Dell Earth

  • Fisher Scientific
    Contract Number: MD Anderson agreement - 506-17-92141
    Contract Expiration Date: 2/14/2010 (w 3, 1 year extensions)

    Vendor Representative: Tammy Moczygemba
    Email Address:
    Phone Number: 800-955-6666 ext. 199-6067
    Web site: Fisher Scientific

    About Company: Fisher Scientific supports the sustainable green initiatives of their customers and looks for novel ways to continually improve its business processes to help in protecting the environment. Fisher's goal is to develop strong customer and supplier partnerships that support and integrate with their sustainability initiatives while adopting supply chain and business practices that have positive environmental outcomes. To review their complete initiative, visit: Fisher - Think Green

  • IKON Office Solutions
    Contract Number: DIR-SDD-982
    Contract Expiration Date: 08/13/2013

    Vendor Representative: Wayne Parker
    Email Address:
    Phone Number: 210-403-4813
    Web site: Ikon Office Solutions

    About Company: IKON and Ricoh help organizations minimize the environmental impact of document management. They offer hardware, software and services that are specifically designed to help accomplish a full range of document related tasks without compromising a commitment to the environment. To review the complete initiative, visit: Ikon - Environmental Commitment

  • OCE
    Contract Number: DIR-SDD-1678
    Contract Expiration Date: 05/19/2012

    Vendor Representative: Jeanette Gonzalez
    Email Address:
    Phone Number: 210-494-9810
    Web site: OCE

    About Company: OCE provides sustainability efforts that minimize incorrect and unnecessary prints, minimize energy consumption, maximize reuse of materials and minimize landfill, and minimize emissions. To review the complete initiative, visit: OCE - Caring by Nature

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