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Promoting the success of Hispanic, Native American and underrepresented students in the sciences

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About US

SACNAS-UTSA was founded in 2009, as an affiliate to the national SACNAS organization and a UTSA Registered Student Organization.

The mission of SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) is to serve Chicano/Latino and Native Americans, we are proud to be an all- inclusive organization to which our services are offered to all students whose passion lies in advancing in the field of science and who represent the success and leadership qualities of its SACNAS affiliates.

Our commitment is to uphold the SACNAS mission as well as provide the necessary resources for undergraduate and graduate students of any people group or nation of origin, to succeed and advance in the sciences. 

SACNAS has provided strong national leadership in improving and expanding opportunities for minorities in the scientific workforce and academia; mentoring college students in science, mathematics and engineering; and supporting quality pre-college science education.

 SACNAS-UTSA is a non-profit organization and holds a local meeting every other week throughout the Fall and Spring semesters on the UTSA campus. During these meetings we offer the students a variety of opportunities such as networking, community involvement, academic support and most importantly the encouragement to pursue their dreams.





Regional Conference

National Conference
On October 15 - 18, SACNAS will be holding its national conference in Dallas Texas! For more information, click here!

UTSA Meeting Times and Locations
UTSA SACNAS meetings will be held every other week. Times TBA.