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Fall Convocation

In academia the word convocation refers to a ceremonial assembly of the members of a college or university. Traditionally academic convocations cerebrate special events or launch a new academic year.  In its 40-year history, The University of Texas at San Antonio has held nine convocations.  In 1994, The University’s 25th anniversary was commemorated with the Silver Anniversary Convocation.  At the 1999 Convocation, Ricardo Romo was inaugurated as the UTSA’s fifth president.  The 2002 fall Convocation began a new UTSA tradition for students, faculty, staff and other friends of the institution.  The 2009 fall Convocation with be the eighth annual ceremony and will occur on August 24, 2009,  An academic convocation can be a significant occasion for student participation.  It marks a first step in the higher education adventure.  The graduation ceremony at the conclusion of the undergraduate experience is a milestone in a journey of lifelong learning.