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Faculty Senate By Laws



  1. 1. The Secretary is responsible for taking summary minutes of the proceedings. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining records of the Senate.
  2. 2. Minutes should include notices of actions and pending recommendations made by the Senate.
  3. 3. Copies of the minutes shall be sent to the members of the Senate. Copies shall be sent to members of the General Faculty and staff upon request. Copies shall be posted electronically on the Faculty Senate web page.
  4. 4. Senate minutes shall be filed with the Secretary of the General Faculty, the Office of the Provost, and University archives and retained pursuant to the institutional Records Retention Schedule.
  5. 5. The Senate will maintain a web page containing the minutes of all meetings, reports, committee members, Senate records and other matters relating to Senate and relevant faculty affairs.

Approved 5/3/2018

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