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SGA Executive Branch


Brittany Garcia

Student Body President
Major:Public Health
Favorite thing about UTSA:That fact that our campus is so alive, every where you turn a new story is sprouting up, squirrels are running, and spirits are high. We are an institution filled with multiple cultures and I love experiencing that everyday.
Favorite Food: Eggplant Parmesan


Mariah Crippen

Student Vice President
Major:IDS: grades 4-8 Gen Cert
Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: Converse
Favorite thing about UTSA: From the first time I stepped on campus, it's felt like my home away from home. I love the feeling of diversity but unity here.


Amber Barbosa

Student Body Treasurer
Major:Computer Science 
Classification: Sophomore
Hometown:San Diego
Favorite thing about UTSA: My favorite thing about UTSA is seeing how people care for each other and build their own communities.
Right now my favorite food is fried bananas or plantains, but my favorite changes all the time.


Lorelle Jackson

Student Body Secretary
Major: Kinesiology
Hometown: Houston
Favorite thing about UTSA: The atmosphere of the individuals that actually want to see you successes is probably my best thing about UTSA. I have worked with multiple individuals who strive to make sure we are the best  we can be. 


Michael Barbosa

Speaker of the Senate
Major: Cyber Security
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Garden Grove, California
Favorite thing about UTSA:I have met some of the best people at UTSA.


Julie Castillo

Chief of Staff
Major: Psychology
Classification: Post-baccalaureate
Hometown: Brawley, California  
Favorite thing about UTSA:  The collaboration between the community and UTSA 




Chief of Staff: Julie Castillo

Reports to the President and Executive Board assisting in any task. Manage internal day-to-day operations of the SGA. Facilitate communications between Committee Chairs, Directors, and appointed SGA Representatives. Keep a record of SGA Activities. Other duties include but are not limited to scheduling meetings on behalf President and Vice President, scheduling and conducting interviews for appointed positions, appointing event directors and any other duties assigned by the President and Vice President. Maintain the SGA email account. Speaker of the Senate: Michael Barbosa

Committee Chairs

Academic Affairs Committee:
Chair:John Aguirre  Chair
Vice-Chair: Jose Longoria

Business Affairs Committee
Chair: Jack Rust Vice Chair: Kaitlyn Law

Student Affairs Committee:
Chair: Rachel Jendzrey Vice Chair: Katherine Rico

Executive Director of External Relations:
Aileen Montana


Executive Director: Sidney Montero

Calendar & Events Director
Project manage SGA sponsored events such as Golf Cart Parade, University Life Awards and Inauguration Ceremony.
Directors: Alyssa Perez, Sierra Guerrero


Membership Director Prachi Bhakta

Downtown Affairs Director
Address the concerns and needs of the Downtown Campus. Ensure that the Downtown Campus receives consistent SGA representation. Develop and sustain a relationship with Downtown Administrators. Gather Downtown concerns and data. Ensure that the Downtown Campus is considered in SGA decisions.
Director: Henry Bunn


Downtown Affairs Vice Director Cynthia Lopez

Legislative Affairs Director
Maintain professional and consistent communication with local and state representatives. Keep a list of all relevant representatives and their positions relating to UTSA and the Student Body. Facilitate communication between the Executive Board and Local/State Representatives. Plan and schedule UTSA day at the Capitol in conjunction with UTSA Administrators and SGA Advisor. Assist and help plans National Voter Registration day and all other Voter drives. Work with Directors and Executive Board to ensure students are informed of what is going on at the government level.
Director: Carlo Garcia


Public Relations & Outreach Director
Oversee all social media and public relations regarding SGA excluding the press. Establish and maintain fluid communication to constituents. Strive to expand UTSA SGA's social media presence. Ensure all SGA members follow and support UTSA SGA accounts.
Director: Christopher Stedman, Chad Ryan Gates

Student Health Advisory Committee Director
Chair the Student Health Advisory Committee within Student Government. Work with Directors, Executive Board and UTSA Administrators to ensure students are informed of Health initiatives and resources on campus.

Student Outreach Director
Facilitate and administrate RSO visits by SGA members. Facilitate and administrate outreach strategies to RSOs. Facilitate and administrate the SGA One-On-One Campaign
Directors: Marcos Mullin, Brandon Johnson, Amaka Obiajunwa

Sustainability Director
Chair the Student Health Advisory Committee within Student Government. Work with Directors, Executive Board and UTSA Administrators to ensure students are informed of Health initiatives and resources on campus.
Directors: Lucy Schoolfield


Sustainability Assistant Director: Sarah McMahon