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Active Members

Every Student at UTSA is a member of the Student Government and you have an opportunity to become connected with the campus. We have a wide variety positions in SGA, one opportunity to get involved is to become a General Member. A General Member is a student who regularly comes to meetings and contributes to SGA projects, but is not elected or appointed. If you are interested in becoming a General Member, please stop by our office or come to our meetings.

Executive Officer Elections

  • Executive Officers will be elected through a campus-wide election following procedures outlined in the SGA Election Code, with the exception of the Speaker of the Senate.
  • The candidate who receives the majority of the votes cast for each position will be declared the winner.
  • If no candidate receives a majority, the two candidates with the highest votes will be placed in a run-off election.
  • The Judicial Commission will be responsible for coordinating the election.

Senator Elections

  • The Judicial Commission will be responsible for coordinating the election.
  • Senators shall be elected by their respective constituencies.
  • The candidate(s) who receives a plurality of the votes cast for each position will be declared the winner.
  • A General Spring Election shall be held for all Senator positions, except for those in the Freshman Class.
  • A General Fall Election shall be held to fill the Freshman Class Senator positions and any vacancies.
  • In the event there are vacancies after the Fall Elections, these seats will be filled following a process similar to the Speaker of the Senate elections outlined below, as long as the vacancies have been announced for at least two weeks.Any other polling stations on campus set up by independent organizations cannot be staffed with current SGA members unless approved by the Judicial Branch​​​​

In-House Elections

  • In-House elections shall occur when a student files for any vacant Senator position.
  • The student election shall occur no sooner than seven (7) days after a student files for the Senator position and must be announced at an officer meeting during the week of the election before the election occurs.
  • A majority vote of the General Assembly shall be required to elect a Senator In-House.
  • All in house elections must be emailed to

Speaker of the House Elections

  • Elections shall be held during a regularly scheduled General Assembly meeting.
  • Any Senator is eligible to be a candidate.
  • The following steps and rules shall be enforced for all Speaker of the Senate elections.
    1. 1. A written candidate statement for the office must be made in advance to the SGA Vice President. A candidate must either be present at their elections or have notified the SGA Vice President of their expected absence at least one week in advance of said election in order to be eligible to run.
    2. 2. Each candidate will be invited to address the General Assembly, in a speech limited to three (3) minutes, in order by random drawing. If the candidate is absent, he/she may designate someone to speak on their behalf.
    3. 3. Following each presentation, the members of the General Assembly may ask questions of the candidate. A time limit of ten (10) minutes is set by the SGA Vice President (or designee), with an option to extend.
    4. 4. After all candidates have made presentations; general discussion of the candidates will begin.
    5. 5. A majority vote is necessary for election.
  • If no candidates receive a majority, a runoff will be held immediately
  • If no confidence receives a majority, the General Assembly may resume among the top-two candidates, whereby a simple majority is all that will be needed to win the office, debate, vote again, or leave the office vacant until another candidate can be identified.
  • If the vote ends in a tie, the Vice President shall cast a vote.