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Faculty Affairs Committees

Committee on Committees:

  • Andrew Hubbard

Core Curriculum Committee:

  • Patrick O'Donnell

Student Services and Activities Committees

Extended Education Committee:

  • Mariah Crippen
  • Vivian Cortez

Graduation Ceremonies Committee:

  • Vivian Cortez

University Dining Services Committee:

  • Andrew Hubbard
  • Colton McDaniel
  • Hugo Guerra
  • James Rivera


Institutional Committees

ADA Accessibility Committee:

  • Asia Marshall

Athletics Council:

  • Carlos Arguello
  • Moshood Adams

Handbook of Procedures Committee:

  • Andrew Hubbard

Parking and Traffic Committee:

  • Brett Davidoff
  • Cody Kiefer
  • Kate Falconer
  • Kelly Zoch

Sustainability Council:

  • Forrest Wilkinson

University Libraries Committee:

  • Aileen Montana
  • Miguel Sosa

GRIP Cross Campus Team:

  • Aileen Montana
  • Terralyn Wilburn


University Assembly Members [SGA Senators and SGA President]

  • SGA President: Andrew Hubbard
  • College of Architecture, Construction and Planning: TBD
  • College of Business: Carolyn Campa
  • College of Engineering: Tomas Bello
  • College of Education and Human Development: Kate Falconer, Julieta Nelson
  • College of Liberal and Fine Arts: Jeremy Cash
  • College of Public Policy: Sony Bruno
  • College of Sciences: Bhumi Patel
  • Graduate Council: N/A
  • Honors College: Carla Juarez
  • University College: TBD

Other (Non-University-Wide) Committees

UC Advisory Council:

  • Carlos Chavez

Career Center Advisory Council:

  • Natalie Torresday


  • Andrew Hubbard
  • Kelly Zoch

Alumni Association Board:

  • Andrew Hubbard