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August 25, 2006

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Dear Colleagues,

A special thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make Roadrunner Days such an incredible success! Events were well attended, and students seem very enthusiastic about being at UTSA. I am confident that Roadrunner Days is just the start of a great year.

Please remember, most new students who drop out often do so in the first two weeks, so the coming days are a crucial time for us to take that extra step to assist all our new students in their transition to university life.

Thanks again for all your efforts for our students!

Kevin Price

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Eight new digital signs are now in use and working out very well. If you have information or an announcement that you would like displayed, send it to Joe DeCristoforo, Assistant VP and University Registrar.  Joe notes that PowerPoint format works best with the digital signs; it is easy to convert to the software that drives the data in the monitors. 


Career Services can crow


Staff Notes

A belated welcome to new staff in Enrollment Services:  Gabe Mendiola is an ES Officer III in the call center.  Joining UTSA as ES Officers II are Alejandra Gonzalez, Braulio Contreras, Daniel Garcia, Melissa Zepeda and Tracy Hunt.

Counseling Services is proud to welcome our newest employee, Arena Mueller, Psy.D., who comes to us for her post-doctoral year from Chicago, Illinois, by way of her internship at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, Missouri. Please make her welcome if you see her on campus!

** Please send news of staff changes for the newsletter to Cindy Brockwell. **


Your Colleagues -- Make Their Day!                                           

Kudos to...

 Donna Edmondson, Johanna Hunziker, Pat Hedelius, and Hilary Bednorz, Academic Publications

The new 06-08 Undergraduate Catalog is now on the Web!  This publication is available in HTML for searchability and PDF for printability.  This is a first time ever event for the  Academic Publications Department in the Registrar's Office, as they were able to get this on the Web themselves. Donna Edmondson, Johanna Hunziker, Pat Hedelius, and Hilary Bednorz worked tirelessly attending Dream Weaver and HTML classes, testing links, and proofreading endlessly.  They cooperated seamlessly with the Registrar’s IT staff to accomplish this feat in a very short time.  Congratulations are in order to all for their dedication and hard work.   

-- Sally Bench

Barry McKinney, Student Activities
Thank you for a wonderful time at UTSA.  Your students were an amazing audience and it was a joy to perform for such an enthusiastic and diverse group.  They were all very nice people as well, and it was fun hanging out with them afterwards.  I'd come back any time.  Thanks again.
--  John Roy

1604 Campus hosts blood drive Aug. 28-30

UTSA Student Health Services and the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center (STBTC) will host a three-day blood drive at UTSA’s 1604 Campus on the south side of the University Center from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Aug. 28-30.

Donors will receive pizza, a coupon for a free haircut at Sport Clips, and a STBTC gym bag or flip flops. Donors must bring a photo ID, be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good general health.  STBTC recommends that donors eat and drink fluids prior to donating blood.

The blood center must collect 500 units of blood daily to meet the needs of local hospitals and clinics.  For information about blood donations, please see the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center.  To pre-register or for additional information, contact Melissa Escobedo at STBTC, (210) 275-3935, or Kathy Ceresoli at (210) 458-6428.


Orientation team thanks you

On behalf of the entire 2006 Orientation Team, THANK YOU to all of our orientation partners for your participation in this year’s Summer and Fall Roadrunner Roundup and Rowdy Ties Orientation Programs!  We had a very successful season thanks to all of your “helping hands”. 

Your participation, contributions, and support of the changes and improvements was and is truly appreciated.  We look forward to working with each of you again, which will be sooner than you think, since we have already started working on the Spring 2007 programs.  Stay tuned for more upgrades.  Until then, have a great Fall Semester!

The Orientation Professional Staff

Lisa, Re’Shanda, Paul, Joey, Christina & Melissa



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