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June 14, 2007

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Message from the Vice President for Student Affairs


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein


Myers-Briggs.  True Colors.  Left-brain, right brain.  Analytical, Intuitive.  A plethora of terms, tests and labels purporting to place us at some point on a spectrum of behavior.  And while they are useful for a number of things - as a mirror of ourselves, as a non-threatening way to understand and discuss our varying work styles, a method for understanding how we approach tasks - they can also contribute to thinking of the world in terms of opposites.


As members of a large university in an even larger multi-university system, we work in a very structured, left-brain sort of place.  There's the HOP, BPM, Regents' Rules to tell us how to do our work.  We are asked to do a strategic plan, then a compact, and to determine the metrics we'll use to measure success because it has to be quantifiable.  I'm pretty left-brained and my first color in True Colors is gold,  meaning I like systems, order, structure, but just writing that sentence makes me want to blurt out - where do learning, personal growth, spirituality and just plain fun fit in?


In recent years I've come to believe more and more in the power of the phrase 'both/and' rather than the phrase 'either/or'.  For so long we, particularly in the U.S., have learned to see the world in terms of opposites.  We're either left-brained or right-brained, logical or intuitive, introverted or extroverted, big picture or fine details.  But of course it's not that simple.  I work in a highly extroverted job, am comfortable speaking in front of large crowds and interacting with people across campuses.  That equals extrovert, right? Nope, on every Myers-Briggs I've ever taken I'm an introvert and it's right.  Ultimately people work pulls energy from me and I need to find quiet time to recharge.  At certain points of the year I want to run to a deserted beach or a mountain top with a stack of books.  Not 'either/or', but 'both/and'.


Speaking for myself I think our reliance on 'either/or' and not grappling with the conundrums of 'both/and' is a failure of the imagination (and with a touch of lazy thrown in).  'Either/or" is simpler to explain, to measure, to picture.  'Both/and' is messy, it takes more time and more creative ways of gauging progress.  We need to imagine new ways of living creatively in a highly structured environment, of showing the progress in what looks like a muddle, plan thoughtfully and yet be open to opportunities we never expected.


So through the next weeks and months as we work to put a structure in place - annual reports, compacts, assessment calendars, let's try to remember the structure is there to give us room for our creativity to grow.  Let's plan for and develop and assess what we care about as well as do the things our institution asks of us.  Let's enjoy the different ways we approach the same tasks and let that very difference bring forth something better than we ever guessed could happen.  Let's pay attention to the work that aids student success growth and development and find a way to measure it so we can share the achievement with others.  Both structure and messy creativity as a way to do our work.  Imagine that.


Best wishes,





"Visiting With"......Office of the Registrar


Our mission: 


The Office of the Registrar is committed to providing high quality service, accurate student records management, and timely reporting of enrollment information utilizing leading-edge technology to the multi-campus university community; we also share the university’s graduation and retention initiatives and strive toward providing assistance to other campus units to help achieve this end.



Office of Registrar Staff Photo (Above, L-R):

1st row: Joe DeCristoforo, Anne Speights, Sally Bench, Andrea Watts, Glenda Cruse, Fred Hample

2nd: Linda Edmundson, Nanette Ramirez, Bryan Heard, Judy Moreno, Francine Barrera

3rd: Don Swinson, Sara Bordelon, Hilary Bednorz, Dave Spangler, Virginia Garcia, Joe Polasek

Back: Coleen Snodgrass, Cie' Gee, Johanna Hunziker, Pat Hedelius, Monica McVarish

Not in Photo: Donna Edmondson, Jennifer Kinkade, Omarie Kinman, Sandy True, and Terry Allison


Who we serve:


Prospective and current students with questions related to registration, student records, residency, veterans affairs, enrollment certifications, and graduation; former students with questions mostly related to their academic transcript; staff and faculty with questions related to the class schedule, registration, room assignments, student record issues such as grades and grade changes, catalog and information bulletin, digital signs, requests for data and reports, functional issues related to the Banner Student Information System, and academic calendar.


SIS (Student Information Systems) staff at University Heights Photo (Above, L-R):

1st row: Melissa Martinez, Martha LaRoque, Tammy Casas, Ruben Ortiz

Back: John Wallace, Doug Mowery

(A special Student Affairs  thank you to Ruben Ortiz who transferred to the Web and Multimedia Services office effective June 1)


Our Innovations and successes:

  • Information Bulletin is now completely online with a fast, robust google search engine

  • Collaborated with OIT so that financial holds no longer prevent students from dropping their classes

  • SIS Operations area produced over 400 reports last year for our campus

  • Worked with OIT to implement address cleansing software in Banner ASAP to help maintain more accurate student addresses

  • Assisted with the NCAA recertification of the Athletic Program

  • Assisted with upgrades to Banner, our Business Objects Enterprise web-based reporting system, the new Telecampus Information System, and the R-25 web viewer system

  • Assisted offices wanting to display information on campus digital signs

You may not know that: 

Joe DeCristoforo has a donkey named Joxer on his small horse farm!  He’s a standard-sized donkey and has more personality than all of Joe’s horses put together. 


More "Visiting With" ........Office of the Registrar





Monthly Birthday Celebration

This is a great opportunity to meet and get to know  Dr. Paine and discuss your views on the university and other issues.  The next celebration is scheduled on June 14, 2007 for all Student Affairs staff June birthdays. 


Welcome to Student Affairs


 Student Life

Theresa Yackeyonny - Director University Oaks and Chisholm Hall


Student Services

George Lantzounis - Assistant Director


Helpful reference materials for summer 2007:


Ask Me For Help Guide - Summer 2007


Information Contact Sheet - Summer 2007



Departmental News


Athletics UTSA Sports Camp for people of all ages



"Get Up and Go!" with Campus Recreation's Walk and Roll Marathon

June 1- 30….…..Help UTSA succeed in the Challenge!

For more information contact Mark Munguia in Campus Recreation at 458-7373



Rowdy Ties - Family Orientation

Orientation and Transition Services hosts orientation programs for incoming freshmen and their family members. More and more incoming freshmen are choosing to make their orientation an entire family experience and 100+ family members have participated in the first two Rowdy Ties Family Orientation sessions. The Rowdy Ties program will be having a "Thank You" reception at the end of every parent orientation session throughout the summer. Each reception will be held in the University Room from 3:30-4:30pm on June 13, 20, 27; July 11, 18, 25 and Aug 1, 8.



Road Runner Roundup - 2007 Schedules and information are now available

PDF Brochures are listed below to print out and post:


Fall Downtown Program Schedule


Fall 1604 Regular Program Schedule


Fall 1604 Cap Program Schedule



Rec Center Expansion Plans Photos


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"Getting To Know You"


A new regular feature of the newsletter highlighting Student Affairs staff members


Carol Gonzalez

Student Ombudsperson

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs


Carol has almost 16 years of higher education experience from OLLU and UTSA in undergraduate and graduate admissions processing and recruiting, advising, financial aid, scholarships, teaching, and veteran affairs.  She began work in 1997 at UTSA, served as Academic Counselor and Assistant Director (downtown and 1604) for the Tomás Rivera Center and as Director of the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center.  She became the Student Ombudsperson for Student Affairs in September of 2005.


Complete Interview with Carol Gonzalez




To: FA/ESC Paul Remmert, Paul Lopez and the UTSA Staff

Thank you so much for your time and prompt reply.  UTSA staff continues to amaze me with their kindness and competence.


Thanks again, Cynthia (customer)


Special thanks to Melissa Ozuna in Orientation & Transition Services for always being ready to help and assist others even during her busiest times.




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