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March 8, 2007

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Message from the Vice President for Student Affairs

Have you noticed?  The Redbud trees are in bloom.  And today as I left the house I noticed that 3 native plum trees, which on Sunday had the tiniest of buds, are now full of beautiful white blooms.  So no matter what the calendar shows or the TV meteorologist says, the trees are sure Ė Spring is here!

And for those of us in education Spring means at least two things.  The first is Spring Break.  Even though we donít leave, the campus will be quieter next week.  And for all of us whose week is connected to the student schedule there will be a difference in the kind of week we will be doing - more administrative tasks and fewer calls and visits from current students.  And though some areas donít slow down (Admissions tours will be full!), Spring Break is still a moment in the semester that reminds us that itís healthy to find a moment of quiet in our busy days and lives, to take our own break, to breathe.  If we donít, our work suffers and ultimately so will the quality of our lives.

So, during this break week, even if you donít get to go to Cancun or South Padre Island, donít eat lunch at your desk.  Go out to the Sombrilla and eat, or take a walk across the campus and look at the new green on the trees.  Find a moment to breathe as students take their mid-semester break from class. 

And that deep breath is important because of the second awareness brought by Spring Break Ė April is coming!  April is always such a hectic month!  To students it means just a few more weeks to finish all the books, papers and projects, just a few weeks to complete all the goals of each student organization and to elect new officers.  It all has to be done before finals.  To staff it means much of the same thing though it may vary by office.  For Student Activities staff itís all of the year-end banquets.  For Admissions and Financial Aid itís the last work to bring the new class to join us, and Orientation and Transition Services staff have just a few more weeks before the new group starts coming for their introduction to UTSA.  So much to be done for everyone and just a few more weeks of the semester.

But itís also an exciting time of the year as so much comes to fruition Ė itís the time when our work blossoms and we see how important it all is.  And of course it all leads to May when we see our students cross the stage at graduation to be recognized for all they have accomplished.

 Spring Semester is a time of good energy, hard work and great rewards.  Whether itís lunch in the Sombrilla or a walk across campus or just a time to stop in the busy day and breathe, Spring Break reminds us to take care of ourselves as we go about our work of taking care of others.




Flu Season Arrives in San Antonio!


The flu season has reached the San Antonio area. The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District has reported that San Antonio has had a slow but steady increase in reported cases of flu. There has been a definite increase.  Presently, the majority of reported cases of flu are young adults and children.


Student Health Services has the flu vaccine available for students, faculty and staff. If you have not had the flu vaccine for this season, each person should consider it.


Student Health Services  is located at the Recreation Wellness Center building, RWC 1.500 at 1604. The building is the one story structure adjacent to the softball field.


The price is $15 for students and $20 for faculty and staff, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am Ė 4:00 pm.



Dear Colleagues,


It is my pleasure to officially announce that Marlon Anderson has accepted the position of Director for Inclusion and Community Engagement. His start date is March 1, 2007, but Marlon has agreed to fulfill his obligations with SGA and Leadership through the first part of May, 2007.  Barry and I will begin a search for the Assistant Director of SGA and Leadership immediately, with an anticipated start date of July 1, 2007.  Once again, please join me in congratulating Marlon on his new position.


John Kaulfus


Construction Update - University Expansion III *


UTSA & Spaw Glass are about to begin construction of University Center Expansion III. 


This $33.3M capital building project, designed by Perkins+Will Architects, consists of three principal elements:

  • New Construction for University Center program areas

  • Renovation of existing University Center program areas

  • Life safety upgrades in the existing University Center that will bring the entire facility up to current code requirements.


The New Construction portion will provide space for Student Leadership and Cultural Programs, a 600-seat Ballroom, shared conference and meetings rooms, study areas, and student lounge space.


Project completion is scheduled for June 2008. 


For other construction update information visit:


*Excerpt adapted from Business Horizons Newsletter, February, 2007





To John White, Director of Housing and Residence Life, who was recently awarded the "James L. "Jim" Gibson Exceptional Service Award" at the SWACUHO (Southwest Association of College and University Housing Officers) Conference in Oklahoma City, February 25-27, 2007.

To quote the SWACUHO website: "This award was created by the Recognition Committee in 1974 to recognize individuals who have contributed outstanding service and dedication to SWACUHO past and present. To receive this award, a SWACUHO member must serve in a manner that is truly exceptional."

John is a past President of SWACUHO and he was co-Chair of the Host Committee in 2002 when the SWACUHO Conference was in San Antonio. He is only the 12th member to receive this award since 1974. Please join me in congratulating John for receiving the highest honor that SWACUHO bestows.

John Kaulfus

Staff Council Meetings


Guest speaker, Bruce Tingle Ė Human Resources (HR) Compensation/Employment Manager, discussed job descriptions/progression and reclassifications.  See February Staff Council Meeting (not approved) minutes.

Minutes - January Staff Council meeting


Student Activities - Fiesta UTSA


Info Meetings Begin This Month

One member from every student organization wanting to participate in Fiesta UTSA must attend one of the seven meetings in March.  See more:


Weekly Events Starting March 19th


In The Loop Newsletter



Campus Rec  Events

The Department of Campus Recreation invites all UTSA Students, Faculty & Staff to join us on Saturday, March 31st to walk/run in San Antonio's largest 5K, the Susan G. Komen San Antonio Race for the Cureģ

To Register, click on Komen San Antonio and Join the "UTSA Campus Rec" Team. General entry Fee is $25. Walkers/Runners who sign up prior to Tuesday, March 20th @ 12pm will receive a UTSA, Day of the Race T-Shirt compliments of Campus Rec. For more information, please contact Mark Munguia, Associate Director for Programs at



GoUTSA All Sport Schedule Through April, 2007


Let's get out and support our favorite UTSA sport teams! Please note sport events that take place in San Antonio are highlighted in red.   For more information, contact  458-4161.



Directors' Reports


As per Executive Council Meeting, February 13, 2007, VPSA will not require monthly reports.  However, departments are encouraged to provide updates of their events, activities, etc. to the VPSA office for inclusion in the bi-weekly newsletter, Student Affairs Staff News.


Please send updates (as a word document attachment) to by the Monday before Thursday's submission of the newsletter.  Next submission date is Monday, March 19, 2007.


February 2007 Reports:


 Campus Rec Monthly Report


Student Health Services Monthly Report





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