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January 10, 2008

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Message from Gage E. Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs


In the newsletter before the semester break I suggested it would be good to find some time over the break to pause and reflect on the accomplishments and lessons of the past semester.  I hope you were able to do so because its nearly time for the quiet of the break to be over and the energy of the semester to begin.  (I know that for many of you this is a week too late.  If you’ve walked by the ESC recently, it looks like the semester is in full swing!)


I’ve never been too serious about New Year's resolutions, and yet at the beginning of each semester I do find myself thinking about what I want to work on in the coming months.  I must admit they look a lot like New Year’s resolutions.  Managing my e-mail better is my work version of ‘lose X number of pounds.’  It’s there every year now. Also, I’m always sure that I’ll find the perfect calendar.  Is there anything more full of promise than a blank calendar?  And yes, its best if its paper.


But each semester there is also a project idea, or an issue that is specific to the semester at hand.  I suspect each of you has something specific, over and above the daily tasks, that you want to learn, to accomplish, or to figure out.


For all the derision we hear about New Year’s resolutions – the concept’s not a bad one - why else would we keep making them?  The idea of a fresh start is a compelling one.  The problem is usually that we get carried away.  I want to fix everything that’s wrong including lose 100 pounds by next Thursday; however, taking time to set sensible personal and professional goals isn’t a bad thing to do.


I hope you’ll find time, if you haven’t already, to pick one or two things you want to work on this spring semester.  What’s one project that keeps getting pushed away because its not a priority or an emergency, just a really good idea?  What is one thing you can do to chip away at it; perhaps one small task for next week to move it forward?  In other words, you don’t have to lose the entire 100 pounds, just go for a walk or skip the chocolate chip cookies.


It is possible to keep reasonable New Year’s resolutions and to complete important interesting lists of the semester goals if we’re just a little reasonable in our planning and gentle with ourselves in the implementation.


So pick something you care about and let’s get started – it’s a new semester full of promise and possibilities.  Enjoy!


Best Wishes,



Announcements/Coming Events


Reference Materials available for Spring 2008


Ask Me for Help Guide (pdf) is for staff to help students with general questions.


The Contact Sheet (pdf) and Spring 2008 Time Frames Chart (pdf) are for use by colleges, departments, and advising centers.



Student Activities hosts Risk Management Symposium


Student Activities/Risk Education, Alcohol and Drug Programs is hosting the Risk Management Symposium on Saturday, February 9, 2008 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. in the University Center.  The Symposium provides an opportunity for students to learn practical risk management skills in regard to Alcohol, Drugs, Hazing, Internet Safety and other General Risk Management topics. 


If you have a program you would like to present, please fill out the Call for Programs form and return it to Kelsey Bratcher in the Student Activities Office by January 18. 


Please encourage students to attend this event as well.  Student Registration is due by February 1.


For more information, contact Kelsey at 458.4160 or


Risk Management Symposium Flyer (pdf) - Call for Programs Form - Registration Form




Monthly Birthday Celebration with Dr. Paine


Please come celebrate your birthday with co-workers and Dr. Paine. The next celebration is scheduled for February 7, 2008 for all Student Affairs staff February birthdays.  The celebrations will be on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.  Location for the celebration will be included in the birthday invitation.




2008 Alternative Spring Break – A Call for Advisors!


VOICES (Volunteer Organization Involving Community Education & Service) and The Inclusion and Community Engagement Center are hosting two trips this Spring Break:


Saturday March 15 – Wednesday March 19, 2008: Piedras Negras, Mexico! This trip will involve working with the children and improving the playground at the Casa de Nazareth orphanage. UTSA took a group to this same site last year, and the participants and advisors highly recommended returning this spring. Participants and advisors will stay at a hotel near the Casa de Nazareth. Spanish speakers are encouraged to apply!


Sunday March 16 – Thursday March 20, 2008: Big Bend, Texas! This trip will focus on the Grasslands Restoration project, an ongoing project that involves clearing brush, planting seeds, and restoring vegetation to the grasslands of Big Bend. Participants and advisors will camp in the park near the project site. Experienced campers are encouraged to apply!


Advisors must be willing to drive a suburban or minivan, be over 21 years of age, and attend regular pre-trip meetings with Jennifer Lilly (scheduling is flexible). Advisors should also be willing to guide students through the reflection process during their experience. The advisor will be provided with lodging and per diem compensation for meals. Both trips are still being finalized and are subject to cancellation.


Please consider joining motivated UTSA students for this exciting experience! If you are interested in going on one of the trips or have questions, please contact Jennifer Lilly at 458-4770 or by Friday, February 1st.


Grand Opening of the Inclusion and Community Engagement Center on Monday January 14, 2008 Invitation (pdf)

New UTSA center to host Jan. 14 open house  UTSAToday article


2008 San Antonio MLK Day March on January 21, 2008 Poster (pdf)


News from University Staff Council

University Staff Council Scholarships

The University Staff Council is pleased to announce that applications are being accepted for the Staff Council Scholarship. Employees who are Classified and Administrative and Professional and meet the remaining criteria for the scholarships are encouraged to apply. The scholarships will be awarded for fall 2008, to one undergraduate and one graduate student in the amount of $250 for each scholarship.

Deadline to complete the application, biographical essay, and submit to the UTSA Scholarship Office (JPL 1.01.20) is February 15, 2008 More



Construction Update

from Business Horizons newsletter December, 2007


(Note: there have been some changes to the plans since this information was published.)


The University Center Expansion This project is just a few months away from the long-awaited July 2008 completion date. One of our finest new buildings on campus, this 59,100 square foot building will provide space for student leadership and cultural programs and a 600 seat ball-room, and includes a commercial grade kitchen, shared conference and meeting rooms, study areas, offices, student lounge spaces, a large game room, and a sandwich and coffee shop.


Students, faculty, and staff should be aware of construction barricades and heed all warnings throughout the area. As the project continues to take shape, several adjoining spaces will be closed due to construction.


The Paseo (between the existing UC and the new UC expansion) will be partially closed for several months to make way for the construction of two elevated walkways that will connect the new expansion structure to the existing University Center. The covered walkways at ground level will remain open for pedestrian traffic. In the future, the south end of the construction site (between the new parking garage and the new UC expansion) will also be closed for various site improvements. Notices will be issued in advance of these closures.


 Construction Updates Web Page



UTSA distributes Ethics Policy to faculty and staff - UTSA Today


New Staff in Student Affairs

University Center


Herbert Ganey, Business Manager

Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services

Zanne Coon, Enrollment Services I

Christy Noland, Enrollment Services I



Visiting With....." UTSA Health Services


Seated: Charlotte Ellis, Second Row: Ellen Bridges, Barbara Reid, Nancy Duparc, Patsy Berlet, Back Row: Lois Martin

First Row (L-R)  Hiroko Ross, Dalia Silva, Delia Aguinaga, Second Row: Manuel Ortiz, Adela Olveda

(L-R) Barbara Reyes, Howaida Werfelli, Christopher Leeth

Dr. Gilbert Salazar

Staff not present: Irene Behrends, Margaret Black, Martha Blakely-Cox, Susie Cranford, Barbara McLaughlin, Sandra Middlebrook, Carol Hogan, Patricia Keenum, Barbara Reid, Beth Wichman, MD


Here are a few things we would like you to know about us:

Our mission: To provide quality ambulatory medical care in order to return students to an optimum  level of health in order for them to attend class and fulfill the desired class participation; to include innovative health education and illness prevention services, as well as provide care in urgent situations within diverse environments that support, develop and enhance the university experience.


Who we serve:  Registered UTSA students who have paid the medical service fee.


Our innovations or successes: In addition to medical services, the health education is staffed with professional health educators who assist students with smoking cessation, nutrition and weight management, and sexual and reproductive health. 

We also have a peer education program SHADES (Sexual Health Alcohol and Drug Abuse for Students) with fully trained student peer educators who disseminate and raise awareness on the affects of alcohol and drug use and abuse, sexual and reproductive health, and the importance of HIV education, prevention, and testing.


Longest serving staff member: Patsy Berlet, Director  since December, 1977

Newest staff member: Hiroko Ross since October 8, 2007

You may not know that: 

  • Student Health Services does just what its name implies - provides medical care to students while trying to provide the most up-to-date medical walk-in care available to an average of 1,509 students per month. Part of our care includes of a small pharmacy, laboratory services and immunization services.

  • Student Health Services provides medical care for most illnesses and injuries experienced by college students. UTSA students are eligible for medical services by presenting their student identification card to the staff members at the registration window.

  • Student Health Services health education also provides outreach clinics for immunizations, blood drives, HIV testing and counseling and CPR/AED/First Aid training.

How you can reach us:

1604 Campus

Recreation Wellness Center 1.500

Phone: (210) 458-4142 Fax: (210) 458-4151


Downtown Campus

  Buena Vista Building 1.308 

Phone: (210) 458-2930 Fax: (210) 458-2935


Departmental News


Watch Basketball Live Online! Click Here


Basketball-specific packages available at




Local Athletic Events





Time (CT)

Sat, Jan 12


 Lamar *

 San Antonio, Texas

 2 p.m.






 Thu, Jan 17


 Central Arkansas *

 San Antonio, Texas

 7 p.m.






 Sat, Jan 19


 Northwestern State *

 San Antonio, Texas

 2 p.m.






 Sat, Jan 19



 at Austin, Texas







 Thu, Jan 24


 Texas-Arlington *

 San Antonio, Texas

 7 p.m.


MBB - Men's Basketball

WBB - Women's Basketball

WT - Women's Tennis

NCAA® Men’s Final Four®

Be a part of the MADNESS in 2008 as San Antonio hosts next year’s NCAA® Men’s Final Four®, April 5 and 7 in the Alamodome!  We need 2,000 volunteers to support the many NCAA® events during Final Four® week.  RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY

From The Office of Undergraduate Admissions:


The Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers congratulations to the following staff members for their promotions:

  • Lee A Canales, former Admissions Officer II and Coordinator of the Houston Regional Office,  is now the Assistant Director of Admissions for the Houston Regional Office.

  • Natarie Muse, former Admissions Officer I here at the 1604 campus, will be joining Lee on January 2nd as Admissions Officer II at the Houston Regional Office.


And we wish the following staff all the best as they leave us to progress in the professional ranks:

  • Christy Noland, Administrative Associate I, who is leaving us to join the Enrollment Services Staff here at UTSA.

  • Hope Young, Associate Director of Admissions for Recruitment, who is leaving us to become Director of Admissions at Texas A & M, Commerce.


"Getting To Know You....."

Name:  Kelsey Bratcher      


Title:  Assistant Director for Risk Education, Alcohol and Drug Programs


Department: Student Activities


Job Description: 

  • Develop creative programs for students to educate them on alcohol, drugs, hazing, internet safety and other risks. 

  • Inform students about the consequences and the responsibilities they have when encountering risky behaviors.  Alcohol Awareness Week is celebrated every October and Safe Spring Break every March. 

  • Coordinate and advise a student group to assist with the planning of programs for other students.  The new student group Be A Responsible Roadrunner (BARR) begins their first semester this spring. 

In a nutshell, provide useful information to students in unique and creative ways to help them make responsible choices so they may become healthy and beneficial leaders in the community.


What advice would you give to other Student Affairs staff?  Get involved and volunteer for a program or event outside your office.  It is a great way to meet new people and see what the students are doing.  Ask questions.  If you are new in Student Affairs-get involved with the New Professionals Network!


Complete Article...... 



Thank You Rowdy continues his travels across Student Affairs

Thank You Rowdy has a special mission in Student Affairs - to travel across UTSA recognizing the good work of staff members.

Within the Division of Student Affairs, Thank You Rowdy is presented from one Student Affairs staff member to another in recognition and appreciation of work done well - taking extra assignments to provide support, offering un- solicited assistance, or completing tasks in a unique way.

Whatever the situation, contributions like this are made every day and Thank You Rowdy helps us recognize them.

Thank you Rowdy reflects UTSA's spirit of community and reminds us to remember it takes everyone to make UTSA a great place to work and to learn.

Gage E. Paine 


Anne Macintosh Speights receives 'Thank You Rowdy' from Beth Scholl

To:  Anne Macintosh

From:  Beth Scholl

Anne, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the times you have been there for me when I had questions, needed university history, or just help to think through the oddest requests made by students.  I also want to thank you for all the times you have thrown Student Life departments a lifesaving rope and pulled them from certain pitfalls.  You are consistently helpful, patient, kind and knowledgeable and I appreciate your willingness to assist in any instance.  The University and Student Affairs are truly fortunate to have you on the team.

Previous 'Thank You Rowdy' Visits


Bob Miller presents Rowdy to Sam Gonzales who passes Rowdy on to Kevin Price Anne Jimenez and EPIC team receive Rowdy from Kevin Price

Melissa Hernandez receives Rowdy from EPIC team

Luretta Filberth receives Rowdy (on behalf of Sondra Gervasi, as well) Beth Scholl received Rowdy from Luretta Filberth "Wonder who I'll visit next?"



More Kudos


A 'Thank You' from Kelsey Bratcher:


Thank you to Kim Center and Elizabeth Stanczak for their help right before our holiday break!  They helped me out when my car died just on the edge of campus and made sure that I was ok.  How nice it was of them to wait with me until the tow truck arrived and made sure I had transportation!  It was a fun way to get to know my colleagues a little better (although I don’t wish anyone that bad luck of having their car break down.)  And for the record, I didn’t leave my lights on to run down the battery!


From Ileana R. Aleman to University Center Events Coordinator Grace Fouts:

(Regarding an AV request - Laurel Room on December 12th) 

Hi Grace:

Thank you very much for your assistance with the University Holiday Breakfast. Your staff was GREAT and very accommodating! Both Chrissy and Jason were very helpful and above all had a smile at all times. This was excellent customer service. I truly enjoyed working with them. I look forward to another great experience at the UC.



December 2007 Commencement Thanks from Pat Graham


Dear Colleagues,


Thank you for your assistance to make the December 2007 Commencement ceremonies a success.  Successful ceremonies require good planning and many individuals working together.  There were 1,541 graduates and 12,731 guests participating in the five ceremonies. You played an important role in making the whole operation run smoothly, and I really appreciate your care and concern. more.....



Student Affairs volunteers who worked in the Convocation Center at the Commencement ceremonies: 

  • John Montoya, Nellie (Rainel) Gardner, John Garza (UCTR), Kevin Price, Joleen Reynolds, Sondra Gervasi, Roberto Ramon


  • Anne Jimenez, Imrana Zahid, Kelsey Bratcher, Joel Janecek, Kristal Statler, Laura Munroe, Fred Wilson, Betty Melzow


  • Jennifer B. Ehlers, Nikki Lee, Daniel Contreras, Annie Maynes, Nestor Reyes, Gary L. Coates, Ruth Coates, Sam Gonzales, Yolanda Amescua, Yvonne Gonzalez, Marlon Anderson


  • Mario Rios, Carol Gonzalez, Rick Smith, Keith Franklin, Nshjunda Vicenti, Ann Margaret Trujillo, Pat Lynn Forsythe, Stella Abuabara, Angela Hicks


  • Bob Miller, John White, Jackie Hobson, Edna Dominguez, BJ Gola, Todd Wollenzier, Audrey Magnuson, Paul Ayala, Jennifer Lilly, Susan Sandoval, Susanna Driver, Rachel Espinoza, Richard Johnson, Erik Stein, Jana Kennelly, Margaret Black, Paula Robins, Kendal Draycott, John Kaulfus


Health Services nurses who staffed the Health Services during the ceremonies:

Nancy DuParc, Patricia Keenum, Lois Martin, Barbara McLaughlin, Ellen Bridges, Barbara Reid


Student Affairs volunteers who worked in the Graduate Lineup in the PE Building:

Andrea Watts, Bryan Dempsey, Bryan Heard, Cie' Gee, Colleen Snodgrass, Dave Spangler, Donna Edmondson, Fred Hample, John Wallace, Joe DeCristoforo, Johanna Hunziker, Judy Moreno, Linda Edmundson, Martha LaRoque, Monica McVarish, Sally Bench, Sandy True, Sara Bordelon, Tammy Casas, Terry Allison, Virginia Garcia, Aida Trujillo, Alexander Rodriguez, April Gonzales, Aurora Castillo, Braulio Contreras, Chris Fassler, Crystal McKee, Daniel Garcia, David Longoria, Debbie Densmore, Douglas Wallen, Edward Ortega, Elli Mitchel, Eric Cooper, Gabe Rosas, Gabriel Mendiola, Jacquelyn Booker-Overstreet, Jacqueline Jackson, Jan Daniels, Joyce Fox, June Cortez-Sanchez, Karen Pfeil, Kelsey Arnold, Kim Canady, Lynda Robinson, Mark Aguero, Michele Rench, Nestor Esquivel, Sandra Garza, Sharon Durham, Sylvia Mendoza, Tracy Hunt, Allegra Castro, Andrea Cox, Sandy Smith, Diane Sullivan, Jennifer Bigler, Trish Patnode, Nancy Hughes


UTSA Today Article



Kudos to Student Affairs Graduates:


Henry Cantu - Master of Arts in Adult and Higher Education


John Shaffer – Master of Arts in Adult and Higher Education


Mike Zucker – Master of Arts in Counseling


Donna Edmondson - Master of Arts in History

Gregory Frieden - Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Technical Communication (dual degree)

Lyndsey Battles - Bachelors in Accounting

We're proud of your success!



Kudos to Jana Kennelly, Marlon Anderson and Jennifer Lilly all of whom have done great work on the UTSA partnership with Valero and the Valero Volunteer University program.

From: Villarreal, Gus
Subject: Thank You UTSA!


Dear VVU Members,


Thank you.

Now that we’ve finished the first semester of Valero Volunteer University, we just wanted to express our sincere appreciation to all the UTSA student volunteers for your devotion to helping our community. 


Outstanding Accomplishments

You should be proud that in just two months, the Valero Volunteer University class has grown from zero to 81 volunteers who have pledge 1,670 hours of volunteer service.  So far, the volunteers have provided over 280 hours of valuable service at many events such as the Valero MS 150 Bike to the Beach, Habitat for Humanity, and the Salvation Army Christmas Celebration.  San Antonio has benefited tremendously from your efforts.


Excellent Feedback

We’ve received some great feedback from Valero employees and event coordinators regarding how helpful, hard working, and courteous all the student volunteers have been.  Your participation exemplifies the quality and spirit that student volunteers bring to projects.  Here are just a few examples… 


I think that the program provides a great way to show students that volunteering is fun, easy and will have a big impact on the event or for the organization...Next year, I will not hesitate to have volunteer shifts available to VVU participants...

Eric Andres, Valero employee and event coordinator for American Heart Association’s Heart Walk


The UTSA students did a great job at the Book Cellar Book Sale event, and I’d be happy to have them (or other students) at this and other future events I coordinate.  Gabriel, Cynthia, and Aaron all worked hard and very well with everyone, and the Friends of the Library were once again very pleased with our participation in their event.

Lyn Plunkett, Valero employee and event coordinator for Book Cellar Book Sale event


I had the pleasure to meet Christina, very nice young lady, pleasant personality, smart, and a hard worker.  We were delighted to have her.  Thanks for your volunteers, they did great!

Luz Rosa, Valero employee and event coordinator


Many of the VVU student volunteers provided positive feedback about their experiences.  A few examples are listed below.


I enjoyed every event that I attend, and to be able to experience all of them was just great.  There is no doubt that I would like to do it again. 

C. Guerrero, VVU Student Volunteer


I helped at two events this weekend, and I want to let you all know that they were great! I met some really nice Valero folks and I look forward to meeting many more.  Valero is very involved and the coordinators for the events do a great job of getting you all of your info for the events in advance. Hope to see you all in the upcoming events!

C. Minjarez, VVU Student Volunteer

Kudos from Gage Paine, regarding the allocation of $15 million for the UTSA Athletic Complex:


Congratulations to Lynn and all those who have worked on this complicated political process.


Press Release Courtesy:  UTSA Athletics

Release: 01/07/2008

The Bexar County Commissioner's Court approved Jan. 3 a slate of venue tax allocations that includes $15 million for a UTSA athletics facility.

According to a Jan. 4 story in the San Antonio Express-News, the UTSA project was the highest-rated of all the sports facilities pitched to the county committee tasked with ranking amateur sports proposals.

Scheduled to go before voters in May, the money is part of $415 million package of civic improvement projects.

Proposed venue tax funding also would go to the Dolph and Janie Briscoe Western Art Museum ($4 million) and the Alameda Theater ($6 million). Venue taxes on hotel rooms and car rentals would rise. Other projects that would receive funding include a performing arts center, the San Antonio River Improvements Project, youth and sports facilities, and the AT&T Center.

You can read the complete San Antonio Express-News story



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