June 12, 2008
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Thank You Rowdy Travels Across Student Affairs


Message from Gage E. Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

So what do you do during the summer?  How many times have you heard that question which seems to assume something about lying around by a pool with a cold drink?  One of my answers is that we have 11,000 students here and some people think that’s a full campus.  Summer term is different from the fall and spring; it’s just not any slower!

Orientation is in full swing, and the residence halls are full of current students as well as prospective students and their families.

Admissions, Financial Aid and Registrar staff members are working with continuing students and new students to make sure the summer is going well, but also to make sure everyone is ready for the fall.

Many offices are planning for the coming academic year.  Some are planning to move yet again.  And that’s just the routine!

Then there are the members of the Professional Development Team who have developed a survey and will be taking our answers and creating opportunities for us to learn and grow as individuals and as a division.

Or the members of the Assessment Team who will be conducting a workshop for Directors’ Council this week and then working with individual departments to help them finish this year’s assessment and start the next round.

Or the member of the Education Team who just completed their True Colors’ training and will be developing a workshop to share with every staff member in Student Affairs.

Or the members of the Business Procedures Team who have continued to document processes for the division.

Or the staff members working on the QEP pre-proposal or the compliance report for SACS.

Or the staff members on the Blue Ribbon Commission on the Undergraduate Experience.

Or the staff writing (and rewriting) the Athletics Business plan to present to the System.

Or the "_______" (you fill in the blank) with any of the many programs and initiatives you are involved in.

I list all of this not to exhaust you, but to remind each of us of the many ways we are working together across the campus and the division.  We are working for the improvement of UTSA by thinking about the experiences of each individual student and staff member as well as thinking about the big picture questions.  Creativity is happening all over the place, which is one reason UTSA is such an energetic place to be these days.  As I’ve said before, this creativity business can be messy, tiring, and sometimes even contentious; but it can also be fun, challenging and a great opportunity to make a difference for someone and for everyone.

So, as always, my thanks to you all for all you contribute to the energy of this wonderful community.  I wish for each of you that you may find some time for yourself this summer.  And if it involves a pool and a cold drink, so much the better!

Best wishes, Gage 




New Professionals Network


The New Professionals Network and Dr. Gage E. Paine invited Marjie French, Vice President of Advancement, Mr. Kerry Kennedy, Vice President of Business Affairs and Dr. John Frederick, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs to offer their thoughts on: What issues fill the day; What keeps you up at night; Career path including education track; Balance of family life and career and their best advice for someone just beginning a career in Higher Education.


Some advice from the Vice Presidents was:

  • Be honest and fair with yourself and others.

  • Create a healthy balanced lifestyle.

  • Set clear expectations for your staff.

  • It's important to engage discussions among staff to get a broad consensus

  • Be of service to your staff members.

The question arose, "Why is Student Affairs important to your job?

  • Student Affairs cultivates good relations with students while at the university to create proud alumni that want to give back to the university.

  • Student Affairs challenges Business Affairs to a higher level to create a culture of a more student service model that fulfills the students' needs and desires.

  • Academics must partner with Student Affairs so that a partnership is created that helps students succeed in the classroom.


UTSAToday Article Alumnus Chad Dismukes finds new life after accident



From April 17, 2008 Staff News:


View the Public Service Announcement featuring UTSA graduate student, Chad Dismukes, and his positive experience with UTSA's accessibilty.  Dr. Paine represents UTSA's committment to accessibiity for all students' needs. You will need realPlayer.


For more information visit the COIL website.




Business Procedures Notes


Because UTSA is a state institution of higher education, official in-state university purchases are to be exempt from state sales tax.  Texas sales tax is not to be charged or paid for any official university purchases.


The attached procedures memo (pdf) has more information including locations of tax exemption certificates for you to download.


The Travel Management Office has wallet-size cards for travelers’ convenience.  Please contact the Travel Management Office for details.

More Business Procedures Notes

"Visiting With......." UTSA Athletics Soccer Team

Coach Ballard (2nd row red shirt) and the Soccer Team.  Every year the UTSA Soccer team has devoted its time not just on the field, but off the field. They are involved in several community service events such as the Habitat for Humanity, Roadrunner Day Move-In and delivering turkey to local food shelters. Their support for to the community is a way to not only promote UTSA Athletics, but UTSA to the city of San Antonio.

Longest serving members of the team: 18 players have served 2 years

Newest team members: 15 incoming

You may not know that: The soccer team has been in existence only 3 years this fall.  The team finished 2nd the first two years.

Our innovations and success: I am who I am because of who we are!

What are the kinds of personal traits that make your team members want to devote their time and energy to the sport?

Faith and family, education, soccer, and then social choices—our order to our team success.

What has been your most rewarding activity?

Volunteering-habitat for humanity, money of needed families at Thanksgiving, presentations at schools, working final four, move in UTSA, assisting student affairs during orientation, etc.

Plans for the upcoming season: SLC Championship and NCAA tournament.

Team Photo Gallery

UTSAToday Article UTSA Summer Camps Engage Young Students


Departmental News


2008 UTSA Summer Camps

Baseball · June 10: High School & Junior College Evaluation Camp
Baseball · June 16-19: Youth Summer Camp #1 (Full/Half)
Baseball · June 30-July 1: High School Competition & Evaluation
Baseball · July 7-10: Youth Summer Camp #2 (Full/Half)
Baseball · July 21-24: Youth Summer Camp #3 (Full/Half)
Baseball · Aug. 11-13: Youth Elite Summer Camp (Limit 50)
Baseball · Aug. 23: High School Evaluation Camp
Baseball · Sept. 28-Oct. 19 (Sundays): Fall Hitting Academy

Baseball · Sept. 28-Oct. 19 (Sundays): Fall Pitching Academy

Men's Basketball · June 9-12: Day Camp
Men's Basketball · June 14-15: Father/Son Camp
Men's Basketball · June 27-28: Shooting Camp
Men's Basketball · June 30-July 3: Day Camp
Men's Basketball · July 16-19: Day Camp

Women's Basketball · June 16-19: Individual Camp
Women's Basketball · June 20-21: Team Camp
Women's Basketball · June 23-26: Individual Camp

Softball · June 16-18: Youth Camp (ages 6-12)
Softball · June 24-25: Advanced Camp/All Skills (ages 13-18)
Softball · June 26: Pitching Camp (must bring own catcher)

Soccer · June 9-12: Coed Youth Camp
Soccer · June 16-19: Coed Youth Camp
Soccer · June 20-22: Advanced Residential & Commuter Camp
Soccer · June 23-26: Coed Youth Camp

Men's Tennis · June 9-12
Men's Tennis · June 16-19
Men's Tennis · July 7-10

Women's Tennis · June 23-27 (9 a.m.-3 p.m. June 23-26/9 a.m.-noon June 27)

Volleyball · June 5-6: All Skills I
Volleyball · June 8-9: Advance Camp
Volleyball · July 7-10: All Skills II (mornings only)
Volleyball · July 14: Setter Camp
Volleyball · July 15: Outside Hitter Camp
Volleyball · July 16: Middle Hitter Camp
Volleyball · July 17: Defensive/Libero Camp

UTSA Athletics Website www.goutsa.com


Orientation and Transition Services 

Orientation Leader Graduation held on May 30, 2008

Orientation Leader Graduation was held on May 30, 2008 to acknowledge the group of students' dedication and commitment to serving in the role of Orientation Leader, Returner, Team Leader or Student Coordinator for Orientation and Transition Services at UTSA.  The criteria for each leadership position includes a minimum cumulative UTSA GPA of a 2.5 and good standing with the university.  In addition to the training, each student must enroll and complete the OL training course in the spring, EDP 4953, Special Studies in Educational Psychology and earn a "C" or better.  This year we are proud to have another "Outstanding" group of young professionals excited to work side by side with UTSA administrators, faculty and staff to welcome our new students and their family members to UTSA.  Congratulations to the OL Class of 2008! See Brochure (pdf).....

Health Services

This year the United States will be celebrating the observance of the 14th annual recognition of National HIV Testing Day. UTSA is proud to be participating in the dissemination of information and making available to the community at large a free HIV testing opportunity for the 2nd year. Last year UTSA proudly tested sixty-eight individuals, earning us the recognition of being the university or college in San Antonio that tested the most individuals. Our goal for this year is to test 100 individuals. Please help us make this possible.

HIVnews (pdf)  Premier Issue of Student Health Services 

If you are interested in receiving the newsletter monthly please respond to howaida.werfelli@utsa.edu.

Counseling Services

(UTSAToday Article) UTSA Life: UTSA Counseling Services offers support, advice and learning assessment  


"Getting To Know You......."

Name:  Eric K. Cooper         


Title:  Assistant Director of Student Enrollment Services


Department: Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services


Job Description: 

  • Supervise the Enrollment Services Call Center and the Downtown Enrollment Services staff

  • Resolve student/parent/staff concerns and issues with financial aid, registration, and admissions

  • Participate in the development and implementation of financial aid awarding philosophies and practices

  • Coordinate policies and procedures for the Call Center and Downtown Counter



B.S. in Psychology, M.Ed. in Counselor Education, Ph.D. in Educational Psychology



  • More than 13 years of higher education administration experience working in financial aid, registration, admissions and teaching psychology

  • Conducted numerous presentations; proofed catalogs, letters, schedules, websites; and collected institutional data and generated reports

  • Currently serve on the Quality Enhancement Plan Committee, the Student Affairs Professional Development Committee, Co-Chair of the Continuing Education subcommittee, and the Student Affairs Education Team 

Basically, I left home, went to college, and never left.  J


Describe your job: 


Every day is so different!!!  I feel like I never really know whether I’m going to be hiring new staff, training someone on a new task, talking to students on the phone, discussing some procedure in a meeting, traveling to the downtown campus, writing letters to parents and students, or running reports to determine the number of people who call into the call center in a given week (by the way, the call center answered nearly 2900 calls last week and 3300 the week before!).  That’s the cool thing about this job:  variety!


What is the most unusual job related case you have worked on?  


Sorry, I can’t talk about that; it’s classified.  Actually, there are always unusual things happening in higher education.  Maybe this is not the most unusual (definitely interesting though), but I just completed facilitator training for the True Colors personality assessment.  Look for more related to True Colors in the future from Student Affairs!


What job skills do you use most often?  


I certainly use my customer service skills on a daily basis.  However, I really get to problem-solve a great deal and get to be a visionary on occasion.  Critical thinking and multi-tasking (of course!) are ‘must haves’!


How do you unwind? 


I have a few hobbies that really help keep me balanced.  I’ve been involved in martial arts for nearly 20 years.  I really enjoy the physical activity and competitive nature of the sport.  I also work with bonsai (the little trees in the pots) which really relaxes me.  I also teach psychology and enjoy interacting with students.  Lastly, I love to read (just about anything) and spend time with my two greyhounds, three cats, two saltwater fish tanks and one wife.  J


What advice would you give to other Student Affairs staff?


Well, actually this is for anyone, not just Student Affairs staff.  Approach your job as a profession, update your résumé every time something changes (or you will forget it!), and remember that every day you come to work is a job interview.  Always be nice, do your best, and make someone proud.


How can we reach you?


Physically, you can’t!  I’m in a locked room requiring card access!  (Seriously) Instead, call me at extension 7295 or email me at eric.cooper@utsa.edu.


Thank You Rowdy Travels Across Student Affairs

Thank You Rowdy has a special mission in Student Affairs - to travel across UTSA recognizing the good work of staff members.

Within the Division of Student Affairs, Thank You Rowdy is presented from one Student Affairs staff member to another in recognition and appreciation of work done well - taking extra assignments to provide support, offering unsolicited assistance, or completing tasks in a unique way.

Whatever the situation, contributions like this are made every day and Thank You Rowdy helps us recognize them.

Gage Paine



Debra Cummins passes Thank You Rowdy to Barbara Reyes


To:   Barbara Reyes


From: Debra Cummins

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty! I am amazed at your ability to multitask and make it look so easy! You always have a smile and a positive attitude. Your efforts truly exemplify what UTSA Student Affairs is all about. You have a special way of teaching and encouraging our students in a fun and positive manner. Keep up the good work.


Previous 'Thank You Rowdy' Visits



Kudos to Student Affairs staff members -Lisa Blazer,  Jennifer Lilly, Gabriel Mendiola, Barry McKinney, Elizabeth Stanczak - and various academic faculty and staff whose QEP pre-proposal submission “Service Learning:  The Paseo to Life-long Learning”  was one of four selected for further consideration.   Let’s  celebrate this  collaboration between student affairs and academic colleagues!  QEP Pre-Proposal Results



From Anne Jimenez:


In the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, we have been honored and amazed by the students we work with as they negotiate life's challenges.


Kudos to Jan McKinney and Todd Wollenzier, Assistant Directors, Student Judicial Affairs for their efforts in developing E.P.I.C. journeys as catalysts for development of students as indicated by the students own words below:

  • Thank you again [Todd] for listening to my problems during our meeting and giving me advice I still live by till this day.  I promise to be responsible not only in drinking but in my everyday life.

  • Thank you [Jan] for your support and work for my case.  I really appreciated it…I know it is your job but you went out of your way to make me feel safe!

  • Over the course of this year I have been on a human rollercoaster and it seemed like alcohol was always the answer to solve those conflicts. I have destroyed friendships and relationships…with my drinking habits…I have made a vow…to UTSA that I would shape up my act and become a greater person, student, friend, and true to my own identity. 

  • Thanks for everything, you really have been an inspiration.  I will never forget you!  This past semester…I was involved in a parking incident…the outcome would have been a lot better in the long run if I just would have told the truth…I've learned a lot about life and myself…I've also learned that it takes more courage for a person to tell the truth than to lie.  I can say this experience has really made me grow and learn as an adult.

  • …thank you for the time you spent with me working on this problem.  Thanks Todd for all that you have done.  …I also learned how to control my temper a lot better [and] what a healthy relationship is…and what I was in previously was not even close to healthy... I learned more about what I want in a relationship and…future partner/spouse.  I have also been able to get hold of my grades…its still a hard fight but they [grades] are slowly getting there

  • quitting…marijuana…I have learned to take care of my body instead of hurt it.  I have learned that the world is too big and life is too short to waste it sitting around [smoking] and doing nothing.  After surviving breast cancer [my mom] had the determination to finish her education…this was a defining moment for me in that there really are no excuses.  In the past I had the want but not the drive.  Today…I have both [want and drive]…I am health conscious…my life has changed dramatically for the positive…and hope my return to UTSA is considered…beneficial for the university and myself.


Kudos to Coach Stephen Ballard and the UTSA Women’s Soccer Team:


On May 15th we hosted our second annual Family College Night at Dellview Elementary School.


We were very excited and appreciative to have Coach Ballard and your Women's Soccer Team support our event for the second year in a row - especially since they were already taking advantage of their summer vacation. 


Mr. Ballard and all the players were very professional, motivational, caring and inspiring.  We were very impressed with the information they had to offer and for leading our students in amazing soccer drills. 


Our event would not have been successful without Mr. Ballard's support.  I only wish that all individuals took great pride in representing their campus as they did, but also take the time to invest in our students. 


UTSA is very lucky to have such dedicated players and a wonderful coach that inspires those around him. 


Mayra Martinez


Mayra Martinez

Family Specialist

Dellview Elementary School



From Barry McKinney:


Congratulations to Chris Hargraves on his new position-Assistant Director for Student Programming!


Congratulations to Lyndsey Battles on her new position-Departmental Fiscal Specialist!


Kudos to Chris Hargraves for serving as a staff member for the National Association for Campus Activities Concerts Management Institute!  Chris spent three days mentoring and teaching students from across the country about concerts and their management.  This event was held in conjunction with the Country Music Association (CMA) Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. 



To the May 2008 Commencement Staff:


Dear Colleagues,


Thank you for your assistance to make the May 2008 Commencement ceremonies a success.  Successful ceremonies require good planning and many individuals working together.  There were 2,282 graduates and 16,940 guests participating in the five ceremonies. The graduates and their families are very appreciative.  You played an important role in making the whole operation run smoothly, and I really appreciate your care and concern. See more....(pdf)    



NOTE:  Please send your news items to Vivis.Lemmons@utsa.edu by Tuesday, June 23, 2008.