May 29, 2008
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"Getting To Know You".......

Thank You Rowdy Travels Across Student Affairs


Message from Gage E. Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

As you will see from the many pictures in the newsletter this week, the Student Affairs appreciation party was a fun event.  It’s important to find time during the year to stop, take a deep breath and notice all that has been accomplished over the past weeks and months.   And, we’ve accomplished a lot this year and we’ve done it all at the highest level.

You know there are many different measurements, metrics and definitions that are used to try to define what it means to be a top-tier university.  Most of them have to do with numbers and facts.  But, that’s only part of the picture.  No matter what definitions all the external agencies use, it doesn’t seem to me we can truly call ourselves top-tier if we don’t take care of the people part of the equation.  We can talk about our enrollment and retention numbers, but we also need to pay attention to each student - one at a time.  We can talk about the numbers of faculty and staff it takes to meet student needs, but each of us needs to be individually engaged in doing good work.

I believe that the work we do in Student Affairs is an essential part of making UTSA a tier-one university.   I know that the quality of work done by the members of the Division of Student Affairs is first-rate.  So as far as I’m concerned, UTSA is already a tier-one university, and you have created it.

My thanks to each member of the Division of Student Affairs and to all our friends who read this newsletter for all you do for our students and our entire university community.  Your work is noticed and valued!

Best wishes,




Appreciation Reception on May 22nd

Photo Gallery

PowerPoint Slide Show by Stacy Pena    

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University departments and programs can request space in University Center (UC III) 


Effective immediately UC III meeting rooms will be available for meetings starting the first day of the Fall Semester (August 27, 2008). Current UC policies and procedures will apply in the new facility.


Please visit the UC website at for space specifications and meeting room access time. 


To make a reservation for space, please visit the UTSA event calendar at:


Contact the Events Management and Conference Services office at 210-458-4155 if you have additional questions.


Visitor's Center Has Moved


The Visitors Center is now in MS 2.02.36, Across from Admissions



Business Procedures Notes


In an effort to reduce paper consumption and waste, please do not include print-outs of DEFINE screens, PointPlus screens, etc., that can be viewed electronically when routing vouchers for approval.  The DEFINE cover sheet is the only necessary hard-copy printout (as part of the packet of receipts) from an electronic voucher as all other pages of the document can be viewed electronically.


Remember, all hard copy documents must be stored per records retention guidelines.  By only including the necessary paperwork, you are helping UTSA save storage space and costs.


More Business Procedures Notes


Student Affairs Professional Development Team Survey begins in June:


This is your chance to get involved!   The Student Affairs Professional Development Team is dedicated to the enrichment of our professional lives here at UTSA.  We will be sending a survey to all Student Affairs professionals during the first few weeks in June.  We would love to get a 100% response rate! 


Three sub-committees:


Awards and Recognition – Marlon Anderson and Cari Goodyear

Continuing Education – Eric Cooper and Joe DeCristoforo

Staff Networking – Jana Kennelly and Re’Shanda Bridges


If you are interested in working on one of the sub-committees listed above, please contact one of the chairs via e-mail to express your interest.  This is an exciting time at UTSA and in Student Affairs.  Please take this opportunity to get involved and make a difference.



New Professionals Network (NPI) is taking place June 16-June 20 at Tulane University in New Orleans,  Louisiana


NPI is a five day intensive workshop that allows new professionals to network, share and learn from each other as well as from more experienced faculty members.  Participants were nominated by their supervisor and then selected after completing an application.


Student Affairs Assistant Director of Development,  Jana Kennelly, a previous NPI participant shares her experience with NPI and


encourages others to apply for next year's conference.  TACUSPA Times Article....


Departmental News


UTSA Soccer is offering the following camps:


June 9-12, June 16-19, June 23-26---Coed Day Camp (ages 5-13)


June 20-23---Advanced Girls Residential & Commuter Camp (ages 13-18)


For more information go to  and follow the links to camps.  Or call Coach Ballard at 458-4660.  A 10% discount is offered to all UTSA employees and families.


UTSA captures Southland Conference Commissioner’s Cup, Men’s All-Sports Trophy

Courtesy: UTSA Athletics


Release: 05/27/2008


Athletics All-Sport Schedule


Office of the Registrar

Summer Information Contact Sheet 2008 (pdf)

Ask Me for Help - Summer 2008 (pdf)

Census Dates and Refund Rules  (pdf)


From The Inclusion & Community Engagement Center:


On May 14th, two UTSA students and one student organization were presented with certificates and scholarships at Valero in recognition of their outstanding participation in the Valero Volunteer University. The Valero Volunteer University started in August 2007 and is a program that encourages UTSA students to volunteer in collaboration with Valero employees at events throughout the year.



This year’s winners are:

Casandra Minjarez – 101 Valero Volunteer Hours

Alexander Carter – 98.5 Valero Volunteer Hours

VOICES (student organization) – 154 Valero Volunteer Hours


UTSA alum and Valero Volunteer University coordinator Gus Villareal wrote, “The VVU, in 7 months, achieved 839 hours of volunteer work with 100 students in the program.  We're very proud of the students and their commitment to the community and the charities that were represented in each of the 56 events we were able to participate in.” For more information about the VVU visit or call 458-4770!


"Getting To Know You......."

Name:  Sally Crouser


Title:    Administrative Associate II   


Department:  Special Events Center


Job Description: 

  • Oversee the day to day office matters for the Special Events Center

  • Participate in the planning and implementation of event

  • Maintain and monitor the department’s accounting records

  • Assist with the UTSA Ambassador program



Associates in Applied Science in Management from San Antonio College

Bachelors in progress from Wayland Baptist University (I’m on the 40 year plan – hopefully in the next couple of years)



I spent twenty years at the UT Health Science Center and the last two years working in the Special Events Center at UTSA.  


Describe your job: 

Every day is different and a learning experience for me.   Because of the different events we are involved in, my job is very different.  Many of the events we participate in also involve the UTSA Ambassadors, so it is like putting a puzzle together.  


I’ve learned that multitasking is a must!  An example of my day would be to work on Ambassador functions, to closing out commencement expenses, to ordering computers for the office, assisting guests who are absolutely totally lost, and last, but not least, packing a couple of boxes for our move to the new UC III in August.  I also assist the Ambassadors in making a lot of their decorations for different events.  However, I’m not allowed to play with hot glue guns – it’s not a pretty sight.  L



What is the most unusual job related case you have worked on?  

My most unusual job would be sitting through an entire commencement ceremony.  Why, you ask?  Because the student I was sitting behind had celebrated a little too much prior to walking the stage and he needed my undivided attention!  J


Most unusual job related function for the Ambassadors would be the sewing kit I have at the office.  Because the Ambassadors wear uniforms provided by UTSA, I always have someone dropping by saying, “a button popped off, can you help me?”! 


What job skills do you use most often? 

Multitasking – definitely! 


How do you unwind? 

My husband and I (along with our two dogs and parrot) go to the beach!  Flying a kite and sticking your feet in the sand (and seaweed usually) will melt the stress away in no time! 

If we can’t get to the beach, then we just go to our patio.  We decorated our patio into a beach theme so when we can’t get away to the “beach” we go to the “beach” on our patio.


What advice would you give to other Student Affairs staff?

Pay it Forward.  Remember, you might be the one person who makes a difference in somebody’s day.   


How can we reach you? 

Until August 4, we are located in the University Center (1.00.46) right next to the new Starbuck’s (yes, it is TOO close!).  We’ll be moving to the new UC III August 4.  My telephone number is 458-6115 if I can help you with commencement questions or requests for UTSA Ambassadors.    


Thank You Rowdy Travels Across Student Affairs

Thank You Rowdy has a special mission in Student Affairs - to travel across UTSA recognizing the good work of staff members.

Within the Division of Student Affairs, Thank You Rowdy is presented from one Student Affairs staff member to another in recognition and appreciation of work done well - taking extra assignments to provide support, offering unsolicited assistance, or completing tasks in a unique way.

Whatever the situation, contributions like this are made every day and Thank You Rowdy helps us recognize them.

Gage Paine

To:    Debra Cummins and Carol Hogan

         Student Health Services - Downtown


From: The Office of Student Activities – Downtown

         Michelle Montanio, Assistant Director

         Keith Pilger, Program Coordinator

         Carol “C.J.” Lee, Administrative Associate I


The Office of Student Activities-Downtown would like to recognize and thank one the newest members to the Downtown Campus Student Affairs team, Debbie Cummins!  Debbie became the full time nurse with Student Health Services on April 1, 2008…no fooling!


She and Carol both have positive “can do” attitude that is apparent the moment you meet them.  Debbie’s personal goal is, “to leap outside the box to educate, treat, and assist students in choosing a healthy lifestyle. This holistic approach enables students to achieve their potential. Most important, I like to have a little fun and make "someone" smile!”    Thank you, Debbie and Carol, for taking the leap and providing quality service with a smile!


Rowdy continues his travels to UTSA Downtown!


Michelle Montanio reads the 'Thank You Rowdy' message to Debbie Cummins and Carol Hogan while Keith Pilger looks on





Debra comments on her work at UTSA:

I have worked at UTSA ‘full time’ starting April 1, 2008 but started working as a prn staff nurse on February 26, 2008. I came to UTSA from Trinity University; where I worked in Student Health Services. I loved my time at Trinity and the student, staff, and faculty community. The position at UTSA came available…..opportunity knocked and here I am.


I was so impressed with the friendliness of the UTSA community and the many avenues for personal and professional growth. Before we transferred to San Antonio I worked at Amarillo College in Amarillo, Texas for 3 years in the Nursing Division as a teacher in the vocational and associate degree nursing programs. That is my most recent experience.


My "job" at UTSA….I really don't look at it like work….it is a new experience every day. My primary responsibility in Health Services is to provide quality medical care to our student population. Health Services is blessed to be staffed with so many talented and qualified health care professionals…it truly is a "team" effort. My personal goal is to "leap outside the box" to educate, treat, and assist students in choosing a healthy lifestyle. This holistic approach enables students to achieve their potential. Most important, I like to have a little fun and make "someone" smile!



Previous 'Thank You Rowdy' Visits



From: Jan McKinney, Assistant Director, Student Judicial Affairs:

KUDOS to Kelsey Bratcher, Assistant Director, Student Activities for being one of the first staff members to submit new sanction ideas to Student Judicial Affairs for the E.P.I.C. Journey.  Kelsey submitted new creative ideas from her position in Risk Education, Alcohol and Drugs through the Office of Student Activities to encourage our discipline professionals in SJA and Housing to provide students with new ways to engage in the behavioral learning process including scrapbooking past experiences with alcohol related accidents or incidents, viewing the Sam Spady Story on DVD and many more.  Thanks Kelsey for being a great partner in our students' journey.

Your office, too, can submit sanctioning ideas by submitting the attached form to  Students are sanctioned to certain experiences, complete projects, or attend events that fit their personal learning outcome through the discipline process.

The E.P.I.C. Journey is a unique collaborative strategy addressing violations of community standards by assessing skill sets in four areas; engagement with the university, personal development, interpersonal development and community membership.  This holistic approach forms an intentional personal journey aimed at transforming decision-making patterns.



NOTE:  Please send your news items to by Tuesday, June 23, 2008.