October 2, 2008


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Message from Gage E. Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

This past week I had an opportunity to present a session at the 2nd annual Academic Conference held here at UTSA.  My topic was “Creating Community in a Complex Organization”, and while examples and discussions were specific to advising the premise applies to all of us no matter what our job titles are.

I started the session by asking people to pair up and answer the question, “When have you experienced community in your university/college?”  I suggest you stop here and answer the question for yourself.  Better yet, find someone around you or call someone and trade stories.  Then come back to the newsletter.


So what did you learn?  Maybe you and your partner had similar experiences and understood community in the same way or maybe your examples were radically different.  Stories at the session ranged from a chapel service at Our Lady of the Lake University to what happened on 9-11.  One person commented she felt a part of an advising community, and she was aware of it when she was working on Banner knowing others were having similar experiences.

Part of the challenge in an idea like creating community is the reality that we all have different ideas about what community is and how it is created.

For some it is about everyone being in the same place having the same experience; perhaps at sporting events or big concerts.  For some it may be about small groups hanging out after class.  At one campus I know some alumni were certain that the perceived lack of community had been caused by the refusal of freshmen to wear beanies and participate in a tradition called "Sliming" - essentially freshman hazing.  The idea of the common experience is at the heart of each of these concepts of community.  But today most universities, particularly universities of our size, are unable to insure that everyone has a common experience.  Even if we tried, what one definition would we use to create an experience that meets everyone’s idea of community?

The dictionary definitions are very broad.  By one definition – “an interacting population of various kinds of individuals in a common location” – UTSA is a community.  But in my experience that definition doesn’t feel like community to most people. For most of us I think the idea of community is entangled with the idea of belonging.  Do we feel like we are welcome here?  Do we feel valued here? Are we part of something bigger that we value?

So what can we do as individuals to create community in this complex organization?

As you know, I believe each of us has a role in the leadership of Student Affairs and UTSA.  In the same way the experience of community comes back to each one of us and the actions we take each day.  Margaret Wheatley talks about the importance of recurring patterns of behavior.  In the physical world they create structures large and small.  In organizations, recurring patterns of behavior create the organizational culture.  So what are the recurring patterns of behavior you see around you?  Do they create a sense of belonging, feeling valued; in other words do they create community?  If not, what could be done to change that?  What recurring patterns of behavior do you practice?  Do they foster community or detract from it?

At the September meeting of the Student Affairs Council we identified bureaucracy as one barrier to excellence in programming and service.  And it certainly can be.  But as I said, to paraphrase an old Pogo comic strip quote, “We have met the bureaucracy and it is us.”  In the same way, we both experience community and we are creators of community in our offices, departments, divisions, etc.  No, we’re not solely responsible for the feeling of community at UTSA, but if you ever catch yourself lamenting the lack of community, stop and take a look at your behaviors and the patterns around you.  What insights do you draw from that examination?

In my experience at UTSA there are community building patterns of behavior everywhere you look.  Yes, we could use more; yes, we need to keep reinforcing community; and yes, it will be hard to meet everyone’s definition of community.  But I believe I can speak for the Division of Student Affairs when I say ‘we have met the community and it is us’.  Let’s see what we can do to keep up the good work and share the experience with students and our colleagues.

Best wishes,




UTSA dining goes to higher level with new choices

The first Taco Cabana on any university campus offers students a true Tex-Mex experience including favorite selections such as sizzling fajitas, quesadillas, flautas, breakfast tacos and more. And, from traditional Chinese favorites to fresh new taste creations, the chefs at Panda Express will wok up a delicious menu with something for everyone to enjoy. Also, Taco Cabana and Panda Express will be in good company with a classic grill and pizza concept, all located in the UC.

Complete UTSAToday Article……

University Center Food Court presents ribbon cutting ceremony on September 24

Dr. Gage Paine, Kerry Kennedy, the UTSA Office of Business Auxiliary Services and UTSA food service provider ARAMARK representatives participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony while students lined up to purchase lunch at various food courts in the new UC Dining hall.


UTSA Campus Dish Website



Business Procedures Tips

When working with templates (such as entertainment contracts, services agreements, etc.), please enable the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word.  It is very helpful when working with (and reviewing) these types of legal documents to be able to know what changes have been made (no matter how small).

In MS Word 2007, click on the Review tab at the top, and click on the Track Changes icon.

More Business Procedures Tips


Business Processes Committee

As a result of feedback that the Business Processes Committee received regarding decentralization and streamlining of processes, we are preparing for the October 1 change in staff travel processes. 

To prepare:

  • Earlier this summer, Sam, Jackie and Bob met with Business Affairs staff including Travel, Disbursements and DEFINE to exchange information in preparation for the changes.

  • Jackie and Bob conducted workshops to provide information to staff in the division about how the new processes will affect their work with staff travel.

- 35 Student Affairs staff members participated in the workshops.

- We used Survey Monkey for evaluation of the workshops.  We will be tabulating the responses this week.

  • Information has also been sent to Student Affairs staff via the Student Affairs Newsletter.

  • Jackie and Bob have also been meeting with staff in the division to confirm travel document routing after the changeover occurs on October 1. 

  • We will be meeting with Cindy Orth to provide her with the updated routing information.

  • Deby Bailey and the Travel Management Office have been alerted to this change, too, so they will know to anticipate changed routing in Student Affairs.


Student Travel

Upcoming student travel training sessions are as follows: 

  • Monday, October 6th,      2:00 to 3:30 p.m.  BV 4.304A

  • Thursday, October 16th,  9:00 to 10:30 a.m. UC 1.102 (Bexar Room)

  • Thursday, October 23rd,  9:00 to 10:30 a.m. UC 1.102 (Bexar Room)

  • Tuesday, October 28th,   9:00 to 10:30 a.m.  UC 1.102 (Bexar Room)

These sessions are offered through TX Class (SD 320).


We look forward to seeing you there!


Edna Dominguez (ext. 7818) and Carol Gonzalez (ext. 4040)



"Visiting With....." Student Affairs Education Team

Here are a few things we would like you to know about us:

We are a truly “colorful” group! We represent a number of areas within Student Affairs at UTSA. 

Our team (L-R): Edna Dominguez, Office Vice President for Student Affairs; Michelle Montanio, Student Activities; Desiree Alva, Admissions; Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs; Donna Edmondson, Registrar Office; Susanna Driver, Career Services; Dee Kennedy, Athletics; Eric Cooper, Enrollment Services. Not present: Keith Pilger, Student Activities and Jan Mckinney, Student Judicial Affairs

Our Mission:

Members of Student Affairs will gain the tools to establish a common language in the work environment and will also develop a sense of self and understanding of peers while having fun!

Who we serve:

Over 420 employees in the Student Affairs Division

Our innovations or successes:

The True Colors workshop is our first endeavor as a team, but we look forward to more opportunities to work with the Student Affairs population.

You may not know that: 

True Colors is used by Fortune 500 companies, the military, and other universities including UTSA.

Training classes began October 1 for Student Affairs staff and will take place in 18 sessions from October through December 2008. True Colors is a communication tool that builds effective relationships across offices and departments.  Staff attendance is being scheduled through their individual departments and staff may choose to attend either 1604 or DT Campus location sessions. Please sign up through department directors.

The model utilizes the colors of orange, green, blue and gold to differentiate four basic personality types. True Colors lively and interactive programs are a way of discovering one's strengths, and understanding human behavior.


Departmental News


Area October 4-18 All Sports Schedule:






Sat, Oct 4


 Texas Lutheran Bulldogs Invitational

 at Seguin, Texas

 9 a.m.


 Sat, Oct 4


 Texas Lutheran Bulldogs Invitational

 at Seguin, Texas

 9 a.m.


 Sat, Oct 4


 Texas-Pan American

 at Edinburg, Texas

 4 p.m.


 Fri, Oct 10 -
 Sat, Oct 11


 UTSA Invitational

 San Antonio, Texas

 All Day


 Fri, Oct 10


 Nicholls *

 San Antonio, Texas

 7 p.m.

 Sun, Oct 12


 Southeastern Louisiana *

 San Antonio, Texas

 1 p.m.


 Sat, Oct 18


 Stephen F. Austin *

 San Antonio, Texas

 2 p.m.

Complete Schedule


Career Services


Career Fair on September 24 at the Convocation Center


From Susan Dollar:


We had 701 students and alumni attend the fair.  From Career Services, we had 22 staff members and 20 student employees that worked.  We also had 19 volunteers, including members from Voices, the Ambassadors, my career development class, and my sweet husband (he always runs the golf cart!)


There were approximately 300 employers representing the 120 companies and agencies.  Those 120 companies/organizations were all looking for full-time hires and 41 of them were also hiring for internships.  All majors were in demand - 63 employers requested COLFA majors, 35 requested COB majors, 7 were seeking MBA's, 33 requested COE majors, and 21 wanted COS (we do a separate fair for COEHD in November and the DT majors fair will be in October).


Representatives from four companies said that they are choosing UTSA’s Career Services fair over other major universities' fairs because our students are more well-prepared, the career fairs are more well-run, and overall, they felt like they had a much more worthwhile experience with better results at UTSA.




Career Services will be hosting Professional Etiquette Dinner


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


University Center III Ballroom


Tickets are now on sale and may be purchased for $15.00 each.


Go on-line to www.utsa.edu/careerservices, log in to your Jobbank account and click on Career Event #2214.


UTSA students, alumni, faculty, and staff may bring a guest. 


Business attire required.


For more information, contact Career Services at 210-458-4589.



Child Development Center

From Luretta Filberth:

Do You Know?  The UTSA Child Development Center has earned an Accreditation by the National Association for the Education of the Young Child.

Do You know?  That for the past two years the UTSA Child Development Center has been found deficiency-free during the Annual State Licensing Inspection by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Do You know?  The USTA Child Development Center Is a Rising Star Provider in the Child Care Delivery System  as acknowledged by the City of San Antonio.


Inclusion and Community Engagement Center

New TX Class SD 310 Course - Becoming an Ally

Course Description

The UTSA Allies Program seeks to empower administrators, faculty, staff and students to create and maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning members of our campus community.  By providing support, resources, and educational programs, Allies will help GLBTQ students find their place and remain a vital part of the UTSA community. See  (PDF Flyer)

ICE Chest - October Newsletter


"Getting To Know You......."

Name:  Zenia Trevino


Title:    Administrative Services Officer III


Department:  Admissions


Job Description:        

Handle the budget, financial operation, human resources process for the Office of Admissions and supervise the support staff.



I worked at UTSA in various offices since April 1988.  I came to Admissions in September 2001.



Most of the jobs I have held were in the accounting/finance field, from working for a large life insurance company, for the food service industry, the military, and now higher education.


Describe your job:  

I keep the administrative side of the office of admissions operating on a daily basis.


How do you unwind? Reading


What advice would you give to other Student Affairs staff?  Keep the communication open and work together as a team to get things done.



Welcome New Staff to Student Affairs

Student Activities

Keri Shiplet-Assistant Director for Greek Life

Keri most recently was at Colorado College where she was the Coordinator of Campus Activities.  There she worked with Greek Life and Student Government.  She has a master’s degree from Texas A&M University in Educational Administration.  She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico in Communications. 

Gary Handy-Program Coordinator for Greek Life

Gary most recently was at Southeast Missouri State University where he was the Interim Coordinator of Fraternities and Sororities.  He has a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Southeast Missouri State and a bachelor’s degree in Social Science and Political Science from Emporia State University in Kansas.  He is a former Vice President of the Student Body at Emporia and he was also the IFC President.


Leia Edmondson-Administrative Associate I

Leia most recently was an Administrative Assistant at Allcat.  She has been property manager in Beaumont helping student at Lamar University. 

Carol Hogan-Administrative Assistant

Carol may be a new face to Student Activities, but she is not unfamiliar to our division.  She was most recently working in Health Services.




Thank You Rowdy Travels Across Student Affairs

Thank You Rowdy has a special mission in Student Affairs - to travel across UTSA recognizing the good work of staff members. Within the Division of Student Affairs, Thank You Rowdy is presented from one Student Affairs staff member to another in recognition and appreciation of work done well - taking extra assignments to provide support, offering unsolicited assistance, or completing tasks in a unique way.

Whatever the situation, contributions like this are made every day and Thank You Rowdy helps us recognize them.

Thank you Rowdy reflects UTSA's spirit of community and reminds us to remember it takes everyone to make UTSA a great place to work and to learn.

- Gage Paine

To: Kelsey Bratcher, Student Activities

From: Bill Hickey, Athletics


I am passing Rowdy on to you so Rowdy will have a well-rounded education.  Rowdy has spent several weeks in the athletic department learning all the ins and outs of the different sports.  Some things may not be beneficial to Rowdy – so I’m passing Rowdy on to you for helping with the Leadership Conference last week.  This was an excellent event.  All the athletes had many positive comments about the conference.

Rowdy also wants to thank John Montoya, Misty Kelly, Michelle Montanio, Lindsey Battles, Keri Shiplet, and all the hardworking Student Activities conference participants.

- Bill 

Bill surprises Kelsey at a meeting with fellow Student Activities staff to pass Thank You Rowdy.

Bill reads Thank You Rowdy message to Kelsey

Previous Thank You Rowdy Recipients



From Joe DeCristoforo:


The following note was attached to a bouquet of roses delivered to Sally Bench, Director of Registration and Records in the Registrar’s Office:


Thank you for your direction, support and encouragement.  Certainly UTSA needs more people like you!  You truly are a wonderful, wonderful person, Mrs. Sally Bench.  A MILLION THANK YOUS!!!


- Roxcella Cantu


Please submit articles and events to Vivis.Lemmons@utsa.edu no later than Monday, October 16 , 2008.