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Message from the Vice President

Dr. Gage Paine

Traveling by air is fascinating when you really stop to think about it, and yet we do it so routinely. Most of us on the plane have no clue why this tube of metal can carry us through the air. We don't really know how many different people it takes to organize it all and keep it running safely. And not only do we treat this amazing enterprise as routine, we want it to be cheap, convenient, and comfortable, and to get us exactly where we want, when we want, and on time - even if we're late, grumpy, and didn't follow any of the rules. But when you do stop to think about all of the steps that have to be done exactly right just to get your luggage on the right plane, you start to appreciate what a modern day miracle flying really is.

Higher education is also a modern day miracle. A modern day university is a complex organization, and many of us know that even our own families don't really understand what we do and why it is so important to us. But the airline analogy only goes so far since the students are not passengers, but participants and our mission is even more complex than an airline - we say we can change lives. I believe we can change lives though it's not cheap or easy or comfortable.

The airline analogy struck me today as I waited for my late plane. When I travel by plane, I let go of all of my control needs - I can't make the plane leave on time, land on time, or even get my luggage there with me. Now since students are participants not passengers, they have to be much more in charge of their own educational experience. However, there are ways we can get in the way of their success, or ways we can support it.

Much as air traffic control begins at looking at patterns of flight, we will be examining the ways we contribute or inhibit student success.  We will further discuss what this looks like at Student Affairs Council meetings and continue in departmental dialogues.  We will know more about how we will help get the student to their destination successfully.


Upcoming Conversation Times:

"I'd like to find a way to open up the opportunity for conversation again. This time I won't ask that you commit to being there on all dates; I'm just creating the space for conversations to happen. You can put it on your calendar as a meeting with the VPSA so you think it's important, but really all you have to do is come with a willingness to listen and to talk when you have something to say. We'll gather for about an hour and a half on three dates. There's no particular problem I'm trying to solve, but I know that the more we know each other and the more we know what we care about the better our work experience, the better our service to our students and each other, and the better our world."


June 29 (Tuesday), 12:00 - 1:30, Hidalgo Room, UC 2.214
July 28 (Wednesday), 12:00 - 1:30, Hidalgo Room, UC 2.214
August 17 (Tuesday), 12:00 - 1:30, Pecan Room, UC 2.01.26



Announcements/Departmental Events

San Antonio Silver Stars recognize Lynn Hickey as an Inspiring Woman
AVP and Director of Athletics, UTSA

Lynn Hickey has made student-athlete welfare one of her top priorities as she continues to work to bring the UTSA Athletics Department to the upper echelon of the NCAA Division I standings.

Under Hickey’s direction the last nine years, UTSA has claimed three Southland Conference all-sports championships while consistently winning both team and individual awards in all 16 sports sponsored by the university. On Dec. 18, 2008, UTSA’s Athletics Initiative Business Plan was approved by the UT System Board of Regents, granting permission to start a football program. Hickey made a splash with the hiring of the first-ever head football coach, as two-time National Coach of the Year Larry Coker was introduced on March 6, 2009.

For the full article, visit: URL

Employee(s) of the Semester -June 1, 2010

Ruth Coates, Administrative Services Officer I, Assoc. Dean of Students

Ruth Coates is a wonderful and valuable person. She is the go to person for processing all the travel paperwork that allows for great conference attendance, essential equipment ordering and keeps all the monthly paperwork in timely order. Ruth has great attention to detail, but she also genuinely wants what is best for our university and for the people she works with. There has never been a time when Ruth was approached with questions or a problem when she wasn’t more than happy to explain in a way that was easy to understand.

Ruth has been a mentor for staff in the Inclusion and Community Engagement Center and continues to teach ways that allow for working smarter, not harder. She works diligently with all of the Administrative staff in the departments that report to the Associate Dean of Students in an effort to have all departments understanding the many changes that occur in regard to processes within the divisions of Student Affairs. It is an honor to have a mentor like Ruth who knows and understands how to bring out the best in those around her. ...see more

Eliot Howard, Assistant Director for Outdoor Pursuits, Campus Recreation Center

One of Eliot’s strengths is his ability to effectively communicate and connect with his student staff. He challenges his staff to not only be great staff members, but to be better students and community members. His ability to educate, train and develop student staff has been crucial in the increase of repeat visitors to the climbing wall, trips and resource center. He has empowered staff to take the lead in meetings, trip preparation, skills clinics/workshops, training and projects, which has afforded them opportunities to develop life-long, transferable career skills and to take ownership in the program.

Eliot puts a great deal of effort in maintaining open and effective lines of communication with his superiors, peers and direct reports. He has put this language and communication skills to good use as a member of the VPSA Education Team. He also represented the department extremely well in the division as a member of the Student Leadership and Staff Education Committees. ...see more

Tiana Terry, Events Manager, University Career Center

It is my pleasure to submit Ms. Tiana Terry for the Employee of the Semester for Spring 2010.

Ms. Terry is a member of the University Career Center staff and plays a pivotal role in our office as the University Career Center Events Manager. She is the “Master Creator” of the Career Center events which hosts hundreds of different employers to our campus from all local, state, federal, national and international companies to meet and hire USA students each semester. She constructs and manages the events that vary from huge Career Fairs to etiquette dinners, stylish networking events and career conferences for students. This includes collaborating with numerous offices across the campus, coordinating the multitude of details and requirements with employers, communicating the scheduling of all the career center staff and students, as well as volunteers for duties and assignments, and managing the financial aspects of the events...see more

Come Enjoy Gentle Yoga

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UTSA Student Affairs is now on Facebook and YouTube!

Check out our new Social Media Channels!


Staff Networking - Eat & Greet

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The DT - University Career Center is moving to a new location!

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Gregory Frieden has joined the University Career Center as their Administrative Services Officer I. He comes to us by way of the Inclusion and Community Engagement Center where he was the Administrative Associate II since December 2007. Gregory is a graduate of UTSA with a B.A. in Communication and is currently working on his M.A. in Communication at UTSA. Gregory states, “I am very excited for the opportunity to join a dynamic team of individuals and look forward to the exciting challenges ahead of me!”

2nd Annual Student Affairs Jamboree - June 11, 2010

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Staff Affairs Jamboree Wii Bowling Challenge

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Join the SNT for another exciting round of the Wii Bowling Challenge. Team Asics was the overall winner last time and is looking forward to defending their title. Event will take place at the Jamboree June 11th. Please send your team information to Space is limited and offered on a first come first served basis.

The Inclusion and Community Engagement Center introduces Roadrunner Connections!

Roadrunner Connections is a mentor program focused on helping students succeed in their first year at UTSA. Designed to support incoming freshman and transfer students with their transition to the academic and social environment at UTSA, Roadrunner Connections matches a faculty or staff mentor with a student mentee. This mentor – mentee partnership provides support and growth opportunities for both the mentor and the student mentee.

Roadrunner Connections is committed to developing positive and purposeful relationships between students and mentors by fostering transformative learning and providing a holistic approach to student engagement, retention and success at UTSA.

Being a mentor to a student in their first year at UTSA is an opportunity to give back to the campus community; to build community among participating mentors; and to encourage community involvement. It also provides support and growth opportunities mentors and mentees may not find otherwise.

Faculty, staff and administrators wanting to be mentors can access the Mentor Guide book and On-line Mentor Application at Applications to be a mentor are due July 16, 2010.

Students may also access the above link for a Mentee Guide book and Mentee Application. Student On-line Applications are due August 6, 2010.

Coordinators of the Roadrunner Connections Mentor Program are Marlon Anderson, Director and Ann Margaret Trujillo, Associate Director. They may be reached at 210.458.4770.

We look forward to seeing many Mentor Applications!

Get connected… Stay connected.

Summer 2010 Resource Information from the Registrar's Office

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Staff Networking Team Welcomes New Members

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UTSA unveils four-game football series with Colorado State

Kyle Stephens, Sports Information Director, 05/25/2010

UTSA officials announced today a four-game series with Colorado State to be played in 2015-2018 and that the program is moving its 2012 home game against Southern Utah from Sept. 15 to Oct. 20.

"the Roadrunners will host the Rams on Oct. 3, 2015, and Sept. 29, 2018, at the Alamodome and...

For the full article, visit: URL

No. 3 UT Austin downs UTSA, 4-0 in men's tennis

Carlos Valdez, Assistant Sports Information Director, 05/24/2010

The UTSA men's tennis team season came to an end May 14 after a 4-0 loss at No. 3 UT Austin in first-round action of the NCAA Championships at the Penick-Allison Tennis Center.

"The Roadrunners finished the 2010 campaign with a 13-10 overall record, while...

For the full article, visit: URL

UTSA football will play Houston in home-and-home series

Kyle Stephens, Sports Information Director, 05/19/2010

UTSA announced it has agreed to play Houston in a home-and-home series during the 2013-2014 seasons. The intra-state programs will meet Sept. 21, 2013, at the Alamodome and again Aug. 30, 2014, at Robertson Stadium in the Bayou City.

"We are continuing to do a great job of scheduling quality opponents that will create excitement...

For the full article, visit: URL

Excellence in Service and Programming -- The Four C's

Communicate. Connect. Collaborate. Create. BE UTSA! A place to share ideas about the Four C's conceptual model for Student Affairs at the University of Texas at San Antonio and get new ideas for understanding and implementation.

True Colors Logo

Time Management Styles Can Show Your True Colors
by Mary Miscisin

"I don't have enough time." Have you ever heard this statement? Have you ever said it yourself? Chances are you have. Is it true? Of course not. Time is something we always have with us. We don't have to do anything extra to earn it. It is just there. The key is how you use it.

How you manage your time depends on a lot of things: the kind of life you have, the number of people and activities that have a claim on your time, and the "time habits" you have developed over the years. And then there is something more. The way you relate to time has a great deal to do with your basic personality. If you have been through a True Colors workshop then you know we all have a blend of characteristics that make up our personality, many times with one of four groups of traits being most dominant. These personality characteristics have an impact on the way we manage our time. Following are some general characteristics associated with the 4 Color Styles. Read over the descriptions and determine which one is closest to your particular style and the style of the different individuals that you work with.


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UTSA Student Affairs Award Ceremony - May 17, 2010

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Student Affairs Teams Recognition- May 20, 2010


Orientation Leader Graduation- May 26, 2010


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Roadrunner Roundup-June 1, 2010


Employee(s) of the Semester -June 1, 2010



Pair to join Roadrunners for 2011 season

UTSA hires Howlett as Associate AD for Academic Services

Bond advances to NCAA Championships in triple jump

Williams, Benford move on to next month's NCAA Championships on Friday

All Sport Schedule - Area Events

No summer schedule available.

Complete Schedule



Business Procedures Tips


When university employees are being reimbursed for travel or for an expenditure, Disbursements and Travel Services will be copying the employee to be reimbursed on email correspondence about the reimbursement.  This should facilitate communication about the reimbursement between Disbursements and Travel Services, the employee being reimbursed, and the business staff in the department.

Have a Business Procedures Tip to share? Please send it to Bob Miller.

For previous Business Procedures Tips, please visit the archive.


Wellness Tips

Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes
The latest research has put exercise at the forefront in the prevention, control and treatment of diabetes because it decreases insulin resistance. Following regular exercise training, cells can better respond to insulin and effectively take glucose out of the blood and into the cell. Exercise also helps to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by decreasing blood pressure, cholesterol levels and body fat.

Exercise Recommendations
If you have type 2 diabetes, you should adhere to the following exercise guidelines:

Heather Stark
Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness
Campus Recreation


Thank You Rowdy

Thank You Rowdy

Thank You Rowdy has a special mission in Student Affairs - to travel across UTSA recognizing the good work of staff members. Within the Division of Student Affairs, Thank You Rowdy is presented from one Student Affairs staff member to another in recognition and appreciation of work done well - taking extra assignments to provide support, offering unsolicited assistance, or completing tasks in a unique way. Whatever the situation, contributions like this are made every day and Thank You Rowdy helps us recognize them.

Thank you Rowdy reflects UTSA's spirit of community and reminds us to remember it takes everyone to make UTSA a great place to work and to learn.

- Gage Paine

Thank You Rowdy is presently visiting with Lisa Jurgajtis

See past Thank You Rowdy Recipients

To: Lisa Jurgajtis, Campus Recreation Center
From: Deby Bailey, Office of Intercollegiate Athletics

Lisa Jurgajtis… aka Lisa J…aka LJ has perhaps the most Rowdy spirit of anyone that I know! Having previously held the Business Manager position in Athletics, she was more than willing to assist me when I took over that position in Sept 2009. Although I had been with UTSA for years, I was a “newbie” to the processes within the Athletic Dept….and  my staff, with the exception of one, were also new to the Athletic Dept. We all had a lot to learn, and quite a bit of unfinished business facing us; enter Lisa J to help, even giving up a Sunday to come in and teach us what we needed to know to hit the ground running. Without her valuable help, we might still be struggling!! Lisa J continues to promote he UTSA athletic program by attending games, cheering on the Runners and even today, makes it a point to know our student athletes on a first name basis!
Thank you Lisa J for all your valuable help and support of our Athletic Dept!

Deby Bailey

Lisa receives Rowdy from Deby



Sent on behalf of Eric Gentry:

I’d like to announce a well deserved promotion:
Jana Kennelly has been promoted to Director of Development for Student Affairs from Associate Director.  Jana has been an integral part of the development office since she arrived at UTSA.  She continues to do an outstanding job increasing the activity of the student affairs development program.  She has done a tremendous job building relationships, setting a vision, and developing significant resources for the university.  This past year Jana was key in the largest gift from an alum to UTSA and the first million dollar gift for football.
Join me in congratulating Jana on this accomplishment!

Eric C. Gentry
Associate Vice President for Development

To: Michelle Montanio - Assitant Director of Student Activities, Office of Student Activities
From: Heather Trepal - Assistant Professor, Office of College Education and Human Development

Michelle Montanio,

I was over at the municipal court in Judge Bull's courtroom and one of his case managers, Alicia Trujillo, shared that Michelle has been doing a True Colors class for some of the adolescents and their families. She praised Michelle's work and said that her session was the highest rated by the participants. Both the adolescents and their families love it!

In addition, I asked Michelle to allow my students to observe her upcoming session and she was more than willing to help out! In fact, she agreed to come and speak to my class next week about her tips and "lessons learned" from working with this population.

Just wanted to pass on the good feedback. Michelle makes UTSA and our downtown campus shine with our community partners!

Thank you,
Heather Trepal


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