Message from the Vice President

Dr. Gage Paine


Building Watertight Relationships”    The logo on the side of the white pickup truck caught my eye as we both traveled slowly along 1604. It was a short while later that I was able to pull up enough to read the name of the company and learn that it was a roofing company. It intrigued me. It would have been so easy for the motto to have been completely different. ‘Watertight Solutions’ or ‘Leak Proof Roofs’ and many much more creative ideas, but all focused on the tangible product. I think we’d all agree, the tangible product of our work, anyone’s work really, is important. After all, if you’re going to roof my building, I’d like to know you think the quality of water-tightness is right up there on the list of important results.

Yet, that’s not what this company focused on in its motto – it stresses the idea that relationships are critical. Watertight relationships are ones that don’t leak, that endure through stormy weather, in other words, long-term relationships. They chose three words that clearly say ‘you may not need many roofs over the years, but we want you to come to us time after time, because our roofs and our relationships are watertight.’

Recently, I was facilitating a workshop with the Development officers and I included some ideas I had learned in a program about building allies for students with disabilities. That’s really the work development staff are doing – building allies. The outcome is donations to support students and create programs and build buildings and purchase equipment. But for those outcomes to occur year after year, development staff members are really looking for allies who understand and will support the mission of the university over the long term.

If the people of a roofing company define a deeper purpose for their work, those of us who work in a university can do so. It’s one of the reasons we’ve started asking ourselves what we are promising students and how we know if we’re making good on those promises. It’s one of the many reasons everyone participates in Four C’s training. It’s not just about excellent customer service, though the goal of providing accurate information every time is lofty enough to keep us all challenged. The more important reasons are outlined in the outcomes defining each concept including the goal of making each interaction transformational. I believe when we clearly define and act on a deeper purpose for our work, the day-to-day details take care of themselves. So, what’s the real work of your job? Not the outcome, but the deeper purpose. Can you sum it up in ten words or less? Can you sum it up in three? I’d love to hear how you define it.

Best wishes,


Conversation Time with Gage:

To VPSA staff and friends. Come share your stories, thought or just come and listen. All are welcome and invited.

October 12      12:00 - 1:30 p.m. and Location TBA
November 10   12:00 - 1:30 p.m. and Location TBA
December 14   12:00 - 1:30 p.m. and Location TBA

Welcome New Staff to Student Affairs

Registrar’s Office – SIS welcomes Enrique Juarez, Systems Analyst III. Enrique transferred from the Card Office/Business Auxiliary Services. Enrique has worked at UTSA for three years and worked at Texas Tech University four years prior to joining the Roadrunner Family.

UTSA Counseling Services has welcomed new post-doctoral counselors, Alexandra Lam, Ph.D. and Matthew Hand, Ph.D.

Alex Lam comes to us from the University of California Santa Barbara where she obtained her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. She spent last year at an internship at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Alex’s areas of interest include Asian and Asian American issues, crisis counseling and multicultural counseling.

Catch Alex Lam this month as she conducts a workshop on “Perfectionism: Dare to be Imperfect” in the RWC classroom, RWC 1.806, on 9/29/10 at 1:00 p.m. Matt Hand will be conducting a workshop called “Got Stress?” on November 10th, in the RWC classroom, RWC1.806 at 12 noon.

Matthew Hand came to us from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana, where he obtained his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. He spent his internship at the University of Houston last year. Matt’s areas of interest include interpersonal therapy, multicultural and relationship issues, and gender role issues.

We’re very pleased to have them both on staff!


Announcements/Departmental Events

2012-2014 Academic Calendar

2012-2014 Academic Calendar is available on the Registrar’s Web site: The calendar has all term dates from Fall 2011 through Summer 2014 to allow offices to plan ahead.

New Professionals Network

The Staff Networking Team is working to reach out to those employees that would benefit from our New Professionals Network. Those would include any first year employees of UTSA (from administrative support staff to assistant directors), Graduate Assistants, and Interns. If you have any members of these categories on staff or are a member of one of these categories please send all names and emails to Charlin Jones by Friday, September 24, so that a personal invitation can be sent to attend a meet and greet lunch next week. Also, a personal invitation to the division-wide Eat and Greet nights will be sent, as well as a list of “100 things to do in San Antonio”. The Staff Networking Team wants to make sure all of our new professionals feel welcome and have a network of colleagues to get them acclimated to UTSA and San Antonio.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Charlin Jones at 458-6736.

Orientation Advisory Board Announcement
2010-11 Call for Proposals

Please be informed that the Undergraduate Orientation Advisory Board (OAB) is currently inviting proposals for modifications that might be made to orientation programming during the 2010-11 cycle.

Proposals intended for implementation during orientation sessions for students who will enter UTSA during spring 2011, summer 2011 and fall 2011 are due September 30, 2010 to George Norton, AVP for Admissions, Orientation and Family Programs.

The OAB is chaired by Fred Hample, Exec. Director for Downtown Student Operations, and consists of representatives from teaching faculty, Academic Advising, Testing Services, Academic Support and Undergraduate Studies, Downtown Campus, New Student Admissions, Housing and Residence Life, Business Affairs, Orientation and Family Programs, student representatives, and University Development.

The Orientation Advisory Board will respond to proposals with recommendations during October 2010 and, as part of their deliberations, may communicate with or hear presentations from proposal authors. The OAB makes final recommendations to the AVP for Admissions, Orientation and Family Programs and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

There is no mandated format for proposal submissions; however previous successful proposals have generally addressed the following topics:
1. Purpose
2. Goals
3. Proposal Details/Strategy
4. Resources
5. Summary

Please submit proposals to Canda Brown at

Staff Networking Team

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Twilight Tours

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3rd Annual Gala Latina

Friday October 8, 2010
Doors Open 6:00 pm
Banquet ~ Keynote Speaker: Dr. Carmen Tafolla, Bicultural Bilingual Studies ~ Awards Presentation
Attire: Semi-formal or Formal
Tickets on sale now at
UTSA Students $10
Non UTSA Students $15
*There is an additional service fee assessed by the online ticket agent

Staff Development Team
New to Student Affairs

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4th Annual UTSA Academic Advising Conference

We invite you to attend the 4th Annual UTSA Academic Advising Conference. It will be held on Friday, December 10, 2010. This year’s theme is “The 3Ds of Advising: Discovery, Dynamic, Dependable.” This conference presents a professional networking opportunity with advising and student affairs professionals from many campuses across Texas. Presentation topics will explore student development, management & supervisory skills, technology, diversity, and much more! To complete a registration form, please visit our website at The website will be kept up-to-date with all upcoming information. Please also consider submitting a proposal to present at the Conference. We are welcoming conference proposals until October 1st. .

Staff Awards and Recognition Team

Awards & Recognition Committee is still in search of more members to join the team. If you enjoy planning recognition programs, monthly celebrations and assisting in awards, then this is the committee for you!

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H-E-B Day at UTSA

Over 500 students participated in HEB Day on Thursday, September 16, 2010. A variety of events, including panel discussions and workshops, facilitated by HEB executives were held in locations across campus. The day kicked off with a breakfast for students with a welcome from Dr. Romo and HEB president and Chief Operating Officer Craig Boyan. In the afternoon HEB hosted a luncheon for students with opening remarks from Dr. John Frederick. Suzanne Wade, HEB President of S.A. Food Drug Retail Division, gave a history of HEB and spoke about career opportunities. Greg Souquette, HEB Sr. Vice President of S.A./West Retail Operations, was one of the speakers for a morning session, followed by six more afternoon sessions across campus. Thank you to all the members of the University Career Center who contributed to the success of this great event, and special thanks to HEB for their commitment to UTSA and UTSA students.


UTSA stages volleyball comeback

Pat Turner, Express News, 09/22/2010

UTSA begins Southland Conference play against UT-Arlington tonight with momentum on its side after ending the TCU/Nike Invitational in dramatic fashion this past weekend.

"After being swept by TCU and Ohio, the Roadrunners ...

For the full article, visit: URL


Regulation-sized sports court to open at UTSA Downtown Campus

Lorna Stafford, Communications Coordinator, Office of Communications, 09/21/2010

Three-point cheers, blocked-shot "ahhhs" and half-court action will soon take place every day at the UTSA Downtown Campus. University officials will break ground at 10 a.m., Thursday, Sept. 23, for a regulation-sized sports court.

"The event will be at the grassy area between the Durango and Frio Street buildings ...

For the full article, visit: URL

UTSA students favor alcohol on campus

Express News, Melissa Ludwig, 09/20/2010

Student leaders at the University of Texas at San Antonio are lobbying to allow alcohol sales at the new Chili's Too restaurant in the student union, arguing that it would foster on-campus socializing and could prevent students who live within walking distance or along the shuttle line from drinking and driving.

Students have been kicking around the idea of alcohol on campus for a while, but Tuesday, the Student Government Association launched an online survey to gather feedback from students. If they like the idea, the association plans to take a formal proposal to President Ricardo Romo within a month or so, said Derek Trimm, president of the student body.

“With football coming next year, this could turn into a real community area,” Trimm said. “It's a nice atmosphere. Chili's is a fun place to be.”

Administrators are open to the alcohol discussion, more so than in the past, said Gage Paine, UTSA's vice president for student affairs.

“Until we had a facility like Chili's, it was not on the administrative radar,” Paine said. “The Chili's setup, and the fact that it is a restaurant, gives us the ability to manage it well.”

For the full article, visit: URL

Time for a drink? UTSA campus alcohol proposed

Express News, 09/20/2010

A poll of students at the University of Texas at San Antonio found that an overwhelming majority favor a proposal to serve beer and wine at the Chili's Too on campus.

"Of 2,253 voters, 92 percent favored serving alcohol, according to UTSA's student government associations ...

For the full article, visit: URL

Four C's

We’d like to share a program created by Residence Life and Education on incorporating the Four C’s and establishing Learning Outcomes. Great work, Janie!!!! Please send in examples of your department’s efforts to bring the Four C’s alive so we may share with the Division!

Program Description with Learning Outcomes
By Janie Pascual, Resident Assistant

Once enough people arrive waiting for ice cream, I’ll start with a little game. I’ll hand a small plastic cup filled with 5 M&Ms and a plastic spoon to everyone in the room. In the game, residents aren’t allowed to say the words “yes” or “no” or “yeah” or any of the like. If they do, they lose an M&M to the person they were talking to. Residents need to try to get others to say the forbidden words. The point of the game is to gain the most M&Ms under a certain amount of time. If someone completely runs out, they’re out of the game. The person with the most M&Ms wins a small prize. This is a “mix-in” game that encourages the residents to interact with each other and get a good laugh. After this small “mix-in” game, we’ll start serving vanilla ice cream with options of mix-ins. If students forgot to bring their own bowl, there are small foam bowls provided. After everyone’s gotten their ice cream, I’ll split them into groups of two or three and while they eat up, we’ll have a UTSA trivia game to test their UTSA knowledge of things they should know thus far into the year (What building is the UTSA Health Clinic across from? Recreation Center). Team with the most points wins prizes. When they leave, residents have the option of taking a small paper with a recipe on how to make ice cream (without an ice cream maker) from . This method is good for when you do not own an ice cream maker, etc.

Learning Outcomes
COMMUNICATE: inclusive of all types of people, promotes communication between residents
CONNECT: forces participation, opportunities for interaction exist, evidence of learning and engagement
COLLABORATE: working as a team to get the correct answer first, diverse perspectives are sought and valued
CREATE: students take risks and step out of their comfort zone during the “mix-in” game

-Residents will be able to connect and engage in conversations with other Residents or people they have never talked to before.
-Residents will learn/review UTSA facts.
-Residents will learn how to make their own ice cream in their very own hall/room.
Marketing -flyers -RA Facebook -Door-knocking


Fall classes for Excellence in Service and Programming - Four C's are scheduled:

  Date                           Time              Room Locations            Deadline for Sign-Up   
  October 18, 2010        1:30 - 5:00   Harris Room/UC 2.212   10/11/2010

True Colors Logo

True Colors, although grounded in a long history of study and scholarship, is designed to be readily understood and easily shared. Consider who among your friends and family might have fun taking a quick & free True Colors assessment **, and let that be a starting point for discussion. (

We learn best when we teach. Help someone in your life better understand her- or himself through True Colors and maybe in the process you’ll gain new insight into the value of this tool for your own self understanding and ability to relate with others. Like any “language” we only develop fluency through immersion, so jump in and have fun talking in color with your friends and family, too.

**Taking/sharing this on-line assessment is entirely optional. The Education Team has referenced on several occasions and the site assures that its developers do not share participants’ information with anyone else. Participants will receive an informational e-mail from the site that will include a link to opt-out of further messages.

Bring your lunch and join us for an afternoon of True Colors camaraderie! Brown Bag Sessions








Fall 2010 True Colors Training Schedule - Keys to Personal Success

October 14, 2010 1:30 - 5 p.m. UC Bexar Rm .102.

All new staff should speak with their supervisers to attend this training.

Photo Galleries

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UTSA Student Move-In Day - August 20, 2010


Rowdy Wing Fling- September 1, 2010


Mr. Jim Bodenstedt, alumnus and 1st million-dollar donor to UTSA football - September 13, 2010


H-E-B Day at UTSA- September 16, 2010


Alumni Tailgating- September 16, 2010


Inaugural Student Affairs Parent Council Meeting - September 18, 2010


UTSA Leader Summit 2010 - September 23, 2010



UTSA, Oklahoma State agree to three-game series

Roadrunners finish 16th at UTA Waterchase Invitational

Jewasko named Southland Conference Defensive Player of the Week

UTSA in 16th place after first day of UTA Waterchase Invitational

UTSA, San Antonio Quarterback Club announce weekly speaker addition on Monday

All Sport Schedule - Area Events

Thur, Sep 23  VB  UT Arlington San Antonio, Texas
 San Antonio, Texas  6:30 p.m.
Fri, Sep 24  SC   TCU San Antonio, Texas
 San Antonio, Texas  7 p.m.
Sat, Sep 25  VB   Texas State
 San Antonio, Texas  3 p.m.
Fri, Oct 1  SC   Texas State  San Antonio, Texas  7 p.m.
Sat, Oct 2  SB Incarnate Word  San Antonio, Texas  12 p.m.

Complete Schedule



Business Procedures Tips


It is the responsibility of the hiring department to verify current enrollment and GPA for student employees. Enrollment verification and GPA checks should be done prior to hiring the student employee and prior to creating the employee’s assignment in HRMS.

Have a Business Procedures Tip to share? Please send it to Bob Miller.

For previous Business Procedures Tips, please visit the archive.


Wellness Tips

Sleep is one of your best tools for losing weight. The recommended amount of sleep for good health is between 7 – 9 hours a night. Studies have shown that people who are sleep-deprived are more likely to be overweight than their well-rested counterparts. What’s the link? Hormones. When you are sleep deprived, your fat tissue decreases its production of leptin, a hormone that peaks at night and thought to suppress appetite. When leptin production falls, your appetite and overeating increases. Interesting percentages:

Less than 4 hours of sleep each night = 73% more likely to be obese.
Only 5 hours of sleep each night = 50% more likely to be obese.
6 hours of sleep each night = 23% more likely to be obese.

Heather Stark
Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness
Campus Recreation


Thank You Rowdy

Thank You Rowdy

Thank You Rowdy has a special mission in Student Affairs - to travel across UTSA recognizing the good work of staff members. Within the Division of Student Affairs, Thank You Rowdy is presented from one Student Affairs staff member to another in recognition and appreciation of work done well - taking extra assignments to provide support, offering unsolicited assistance, or completing tasks in a unique way. Whatever the situation, contributions like this are made every day and Thank You Rowdy helps us recognize them.

Thank you Rowdy reflects UTSA's spirit of community and reminds us to remember it takes everyone to make UTSA a great place to work and to learn.

- Gage Paine

Thank You Rowdy is presently visiting with Jared Jones

See past Thank You Rowdy Recipients

To:  Jared Jones, University Center
From:  Danielle Garcia, University Center


I am delighted to pass Thank You Rowdy over to you. ☺ Your hard work and dedication to UTSA is apparent in all your actions. Specifically, the UC has been able to build better relationships and connect with our internal and external clients through your clear communication and collaboration via:

• Delivering helpful and useful information at our staff meetings.
• Serving as the chairperson for various committees.
• Partnering with EMCS for the Events Showcase and CVB Tour.
• Creating Sales Kits and new signage for the UC.
• Leading UC Days and Fall into the UC.
• Working closely with UC service providers and businesses.

In addition, you are always willing to help (even when outside of your realm) and bring creativity to everything you touch. On behalf of the UC, thanks for your commitment, always bringing a smile to our face and creating a pleasant working environment with your hilarious anecdotes. We would be lost without you.

After all, “it can only be Jared!”


Jared gets a surprise visit

Danielle passes on Thank You Rowdy



To: George Norton- Assistant Vice President, Admissions, Orientation and Transition Programs

George Norton, Ed. D., AVP for Admissions and Orientation Programs is Chair Elect of the Enrollment Services Efficiency Committee (ESEC) in 2010-11 and will become Chair in 2011-2012. This is an advisory committee to the Council of Public University Presidents and Chancellors (CPUPC) of which President Romo is a member. ESEC provides to the CPUPC a geographical- and University System-representative body that pursues issues of Enrollment Management. The ESEC is made up of Admissions Officers, Financial Aid Officers and Business Officers, and Enrollment Management Officers from around the state. Each year they identify key issues in the state and dig into them. The organization makes recommendations to the CPUPC about legislative and practical issues they might undertake/support to help get more college students through the higher ed pipeline in Texas and works closely with THECB and with Texas Guaranteed (student loan).

To: Lisa Blazer- Assistant Vice President, Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services

Lisa Blazer, Ph.D. AVP for Financial Aid and Enrollment Services has been elected President-elect of Southwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (SWASFAA) .  The Southwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is an organization dedicated to promoting the professional preparation, effectiveness, training, recognition and association of student financial aid administrators within the five state region of the southwest, which includes Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

To: Re’Shanda Bridges- Associate Director, Orientation and Transition Programs

Re’Shanda Bridges, Associate Director has been named as a Member to the National Orientation Directors Association(NODA) Region IV Board of Directors for a 3-year term beginning in November 2010.Members of the Board of Directors are elected representatives of the nine regions and the NODAmembership at-large who are responsible for policy formation, governance and fiscal matters pertaining to the Association. Some responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting Director of Regions, Regional Coordinators, State/Province Coordinators, and members in the development of programs, conferences, and other activities in the regions, and assisting in the development and implementation of Association business and communicating those decisions effectively to all constituencies.

To: Jospeh Polasek- Veterans Benefits Assistant II, Registrar's Office

I want to personally thank you for all that you have done for both me and the SVA to get us where we are today. We couldn't have asked for a better Advisor and Advocate for us. When I sit back and think about the first day we got together and started planning the SVA; and then compare that to where we are, what we're doing, and the things that the University is doing for us today; I can only say that we could not have done it without your leadership and guidance. Everytime one of our student veterans realizes success, just know that you planted the seed to make it happen. Thanks Joe

Thank you!
William O. Dawson III

To: Marisol M Scheer- Associate Director, Admissions Office

Marisol Scheer, Associate Director, Admissions and Jeff Mayo, Assistant Director, Admissions, have leadership roles in the state professional association, Texas Association for College Admission Counseling. Marisol Scheer is serving a two-year term as a College NACAC Assembly Delegate and Jeff is Chair of the Communications Committee. Marisol is also serving as the Local Arrangements Chair for the 2011 Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association National Conference scheduled for June in San Antonio.


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