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Message from the Vice President

Dr. Gage Paine

[Reprinted from Issue 17 – August 20, 2009]

“…potential is wrapped in mystery. Like rainbows…potential never reveals itself entirely.”*

Max De Pree in Leading Without Power: Finding Hope in Serving Community

What is this thing called potential and what does it meant to realize it? De Pree, former CEO of Herman Miller Furniture Company, rightly compares it to rainbows, mysterious and hard to capture. Even as adults, catching a glimpse of a rainbow is magical in some way. I bet most of us have a rainbow or two we hold in our memories – a full arc double rainbow out over the ocean, or a rainbow that arched over the UTSA campus and ended in the Rec Center parking lot – I know, because I could see it from the indoor track windows. I never did see where the pot of gold was, but the magic of seeing the end of the rainbow stays with me. It seems to me that universities in general—and UTSA in particular—can, and should be, what De Pree calls “places of realized potential.” As any employer would, we hire people based on our belief in their ability to do a job, their potential to make a positive difference. Even more than that, we admit students based on their potential to succeed academically. We develop programs and services that are designed to help them learn and grow—in other words to help them realize their potential. Encompassing all of that, UTSA is trying to reach its potential as a place of access and a place of excellence as we strive toward being a nationally ranked research university while not losing our mission to serve under-represented students.

As employees we are integral to every part of this work. We are engaged in moving UTSA forward, being creative in our work and open to new ideas as we find ways to be part of UTSA realizing its potential. As employees, we are critical to supporting and challenging students as they work toward realizing their potential. As employees, each of us finds ways to make work meaningful for ourselves and each other; we work towards realizing our potential on a personal level as well as on the job.

“…our society badly needs organizations and people that move relentlessly toward realizing their potential.”*

De Pree indicates several ways to determine whether or not an organization is a “place of realized potential.” They are listed below. I encourage all of us to look at them and see how our small part of UTSA measures up. Yes, this university is a large place and individually we can’t change all of it, but we can influence our small part. As more offices, programs, and departments become places of realized potential, the effect will grow. It will take each of us working “relentlessly” to achieve our own potential, and just as “relentlessly” to support our students and each other. But, as always, I know the work we do is work worth doing and that makes all the difference.

Day-by-day, we have the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of people around us. What are you doing to work “relentlessly toward realizing [your] potential,” students’ potential, and UTSA’s?
De Pree’s Characteristics of Places of Realized Potential

• “A place of realized potential opens itself to change, to contrary opinion, to the mystery of potential, to involvement, to unsettling ideas.”
• “Places of realized potential offer people the opportunity to learn and grow.”
• “A place of realized potential offers the gift of challenging work.”
• “A place of realized potential sheds its obsolete baggage.”
• “A place of realized potential encourages people to decide what needs to be measured and then helps them do the work.”
• “A place of realized potential heals people with trust and with caring and with forgetfulness.”
• “People in places of realized potential know that organizations are social environments.”
• “Last, a place of realized potential celebrates.”

Best wishes,

*De Pree, Max (1997). Leading Without Power: Finding Hope in Serving Community. San Francisco, CA: Jones-Bass Inc., Publishers.


Announcements/Departmental Events

Family Fund Proposal Announcement

The UTSA Parent Council is pleased to announce the first set of funded proposals by the UTSA Family Fund. The Family Fund grant awarding philosophy is to provide support on a one-time basis to programs and services that will benefit as many current students as possible, fill real and immediate needs, and align with the VPSA strategic plan. This year, the Parent Council will disperse $5,000 raised by parents in 2009. Ten proposals were submitted, all worthy of funding, but, alas, the Council could not choose them all.

The council set out to award five $1,000 grants to support five projects within the division, but instead was able to fully fund five projects and partially fund one project. Congratulations to our first set of award recipients:


SGA Major/Minor Fair
Submitted by Student Government Association

V-Day at UTSA
Submitted by the Women’s Resource Center/Counseling Services

Student-Athlete Laptops
Submitted by Athletics

UTSA for HIV Awareness
Submitted by Student Health Services

Alternative Spring Break
Submitted by the Inclusion & Community Engagement Center

Rowdy’s Immigrant Student Celebration Day
Submitted by Admissions

Thank you to all students and staff who submitted a proposal. This is a great new tradition that parents are excited to be a part of. This year, parents have contributed more than $15,000 to the Family Fund. We encourage all departments and even students to consider submitting a proposal during the next grant cycle. The next call for proposals will be announced at a later time.


E.P.I.C. Journey Presentations Accepted at Two National Conferences

Congratulations to the E.P.I.C. Core Team and its key facilitators for getting accepted to present the E.P.I.C. Journey sanctioning model as a best practice at two national conferences in the spring. The team will present at both the Association of Student Conduct Administration (ASCA) Annual Conference in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida in February 2011 and the NASPA annual conference in Philadelphia, PA slated for March 2011. One of the presentations for the NASPA conference is a half day pre-conference incorporating practical training strategies from a cross-functional Student Affairs training team including Housing and Residence Life, Student Judicial Affairs, Student Life, Student Activities and Counseling. The teams of presenters include Kevin Price, Anne Jimenez, Melissa Hernandez, Adriana Alicea Rodriguez, Jennifer Fueglein, Misty Kelley and Jan McKinney.

ASCA 2011 Presentations include:

1. Quantifying the Promise of Practice: Conducting Assessment as a Conduct Practitioner

Abstract: Quantifying and evaluating student learning through the conduct process can be difficult, especially when balancing the demands of a busy caseload. This session will walk participants through the research cycle: determining what to study, designing our measurement tools, institutional approval, implementation, and preliminary data. Come see how our office has made assessment and learning outcomes a part of practice.

2. The E.P.I.C. Journey Sanctioning Model: Transformational Learning in Practice

Universities infuse the judicial process with encounters that take students on intentional personal journeys aimed at transforming decision-making patterns. The University of Texas at San Antonio has accomplished this by assessing Engagement with the university, Personal development, Interpersonal development and Community membership using multiple theoretical backgrounds. The E.P.I.C. Journey will move your institutions’ behavioral processes to the next level.

NASPA Presentations include:

1. Purposeful Discipline: The E.P.I.C. Journey Sanctioning Model – Half Day Pre-Conference

Current trends at universities are to infuse the judicial process with meaningful encounters that take students on intentional personal journeys aimed at transforming decision-making patterns. Informed by the literature on learning outcomes and student development, the E.P.I.C. Journey Sanctioning Model brings an effective, tangible approach to developmental discipline. This model assesses the student’s Engagement with the university, Personal development, Interpersonal development, and Community membership through the use of multiple theoretical lenses. This pre-conference will demonstrate the E.P.I.C. model and its related residence life, counseling, and student conduct strategies with a focus on easy replication of similar collaborations and resources. After learning about motivational interviewing techniques and discussing the transformation of educational meetings, we will transition to an experiential segment to practice using the model through case studies designed to create the Journey. Regardless of whether or not conduct is your primary focus, come and learn about the E.P.I.C. Journey to move your institution’s behavioral processes to the next level.

2. Discipline with Purpose: The EPIC Journey Sanctioning Model – General Interest Session – Presented in 2010 and back by popular demand

We wish them luck as their prepare for the journey.

Hazing Investigations being Presented at National Conference as Best Practice

Sharing best practices with the nation. Now that’s collaborative. Anne Jimenez, Misty Kelley and Todd Wollenzier will be presenting UTSA’s model for addressing hazing allegations at the Association of Student Conduct Administration’s Annual Conference in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida in March 2011. The presenters will be sharing practical tips for conduct hazing investigations and information about to focus on collaborative systems for increased effectiveness.

Hazing Investigations: A Collaborative Approach from Referral to Findings

Hazing investigations arise without notice and challenge university administrators. Keys to an effective resolution are education, collaboration, and a thorough investigation. This interactive presentation will provide educational strategies, illustrate a joint investigative process, and outline a comprehensive model. Participants will receive a user’s guide for conducting hazing investigations from referral to findings.

Congratulations! We look forward to their success!

Staff Networking Team

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2010 Oxfam Hunger Banquet

November 9, 2010
6-8 pm
Denman Room

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All You Need to Know About FERPA!
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

What is FERPA & why should I know more about it?
How does our office handle and train employees on FERPA and confidentiality?
What do I do when a student asks to see their records?
What is permissible versus UTSA practice?

Whether you are new or seasoned come join us for an interactive program to learn about new updates and receive a refresher of the main principles of FERPA. If FERPA is not an aspect of your daily job join us anyway to prepare for future responsibilities.

Monday, November 15, 2010
3:00 – 5:00 pm
UC Ballroom 2

Register on TxClass – Code SD 423

Sponsored by the Student Affairs Staff Development Team
Questions email

CELEBRATE UTSA! All Different. All Roadrunners.




Students, faculty, and staff are invited to a special all-campus event, "Celebrate UTSA! All Different. All Roadrunners." This year's celebration is the 6th Annual!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
5:00 – 8:00 pm
University Center Paseo ~ Main Campus

The event includes an onstage showcase with performances, readings and speeches, along with information tables and activities with valuable information about UTSA student organizations and departments. Special ethnic foods will be served, along with the opportunity to enjoy interactive programs, prizes, give-aways, t-shirts, and other fun and educational activities. Food, T-shirts and other promotional items are free while they last.

For more information about the event, please contact Ann Margaret Trujillo in the Inclusion and Community Engagement Center UC 2.01.04 or 210.458.4770.

To sign up to have an information table, or perform in the showcase please use the form accessible at

Staff Networking Team

Are you ready for some Wii Bowling? The Staff Networking Team invites Student Affair’s employees to participate in take 3 of the Wii Bowling Challenge. The Athletics Department has taken home the last 2 trophies and looks forward to defending their title as Wii Bowling Champions. No athleticism required, just a smile and a positive attitude. Register your team by emailing

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Student Affairs Employee of the Semester Award Nominations

Once again, it is time to nominate a deserving individual(s) for the Fall 2010 Student Affairs Employee of the Semester Award.

Up to three members of the Student Affairs Division will be eligible to win the Student Affairs Employee of the Semester Award. Nominees must be in a full-time staff position in the division (VPSA Office, Student Life, Student Services, Athletics, Registrar, Financial Aid and Enrollment Services, Admissions and Orientation) to be eligible. Individuals may be nominated by a student or staff member in Student Affairs, however the nomination form must be approved by the nominee's direct supervisor.

Award winners are judged based on the following criteria:
1. Provide outstanding service to students.
2. Work collegially/collaboratively within their unit or outside of their unit.
3. Promote enthusiasm about UTSA and its mission.
4. Implement a policy, procedure, idea, or developed a concept that has expanded or improved business function, service level or department morale.
5. Demonstrate initiative in getting involved outside the scope of their job duties.

To nominate a staff member for the Employee of the Semester Award, nominators must complete an online form that describes how the nominee meets the criteria listed above (not to exceed 500 words). Cite examples whenever possible and include success indicators if available.

The completed nomination forms must be submitted to the Awards and Recognition Committee by 5pm on Friday, November 19, 2010.

The nomination form can be found online at

Winners will be announced on December 10, 2010. For more information on the Employee of the Semester Award, contact Luisa Ramirez at ext. 2910 or email to

Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators (TACUSPA)

2010 Conference
Forth Worth, TX
October 3-5, 2010

National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Conference

Austin Texas, 10/29/2010

Barry McKinney, Director of Student Activities, was this year's Conference Program Coordinator.
Francisco Lugo, Assistant Director for Student Activites, was the Showcase Production Coordinator.
Dr. Gage Paine was the featured speaker for the Professionals Luncheon. She also presented “The Leadership Dance: Exploring the Partnership” during a Professional Education Session Block.

UTSA Student Activities received a Participation Award for all of their participants volunteering during the conference.

Student Yesenia Villegas won the Large School Multi Color Poster media contest for the Party on the Paseo 2010 poster.


BARR Consultant Yesenia Villegas wins Graphic Competition

I hope you will join me in congratulating BARR Consultant Yesenia Villegas for her win this past week at NACA Central! Yesenia’s Party on the Paseo poster won the Graphics Competition for Large School Multi Color Poster/Flyer!! You can see other posters in the Graphics Competition in the attached photo! CONGRATULATIONS YESENIA…and THANK YOU for SO MANY AMAZING DESIGNS!












Student Leader named NUFP Fellow for 2010-2011

Student Leader Monica Ceja has been named a 2010-2011 fellow for the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program. Monica is a talented and engaged student leader involved in Be a Responsible Roadrunner (BARR) Greek Life and Panhellenic just to name a few. Congratulations to Monica as she explores a future student affairs career and represents UTSA in this prestigious program. Jan McKinney in Student Judicial Affairs will serve as her mentor, but a dedicated team of Student Affairs staff in Student Life, Student Activities, VPSA, and Leadership contributed to her success and entrance into the program. Now that’s a connection! Kudos, Monica!


Leticia Allen Named Roadrunner of the Month

(November 2, 2010) – The UTSA Student Leadership Center announces Leticia Allen as Roadrunner of the Month for October 2010. Leticia was nominated by Jennifer Rames, Assistant Director for Volunteer Services.

Leticia is from Killeen, TX where she graduated from C.E. Ellison High School. She is currently a senior studying Community Health. With her degree, Leticia would love to continue on to pursue a master’s degree in public health. Leticia would like to be a sexual health educator in schools and within the community.


Careers in Student Affairs - Awards & Recognition Team

In celebration of Careers in Student Affairs month for October, the Awards & Recognition Team hosted a “Careers in Student Affairs” panel discussion on Tuesday, November 2nd from 3:00-4:30pm for students and staff interested in pursuing a career path in this field. This program was facilitated by Michael Zucker, Awards and Recognition Team member and COLFA Career Counselor for the University Career Center. The keynote speaker was Dr. Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs, and the panel of student affairs professionals consisted of Marietta De La Rosa, Associate Director of Residence Life; Barry McKinney, Director of Student Activities; Marisol Scheer, Associate Director of Admissions; Patricia Marcus, Multimedia Editor III for the Registrars Office and Audrey Magnuson, Interim Director for the University Career Center.

The event was well received by 30 students, staff and faculty who expressed an interest in the student affairs profession. The panelists addressed information on the different career paths available in student affairs divisions, opportunities to network with student affairs professionals, the importance in pursuing a graduate level education and exposure to the student affairs working environment. The Awards & Recognition Team would like to thank everyone that attended and participated in this event and look forward to next year’s program.


Student Leadership Center Hosts First Storytelling Series Luncheon

(November 1, 2010) – The Storytelling Series Luncheon is an event hosted by the Student Leadership Center each semester. The purpose of the luncheon is to bring together students, faculty and staff in a casual atmosphere where they can connect and share their leadership stories. Those who attend are given the opportunity to network through sharing leadership ideas, experiences and challenges. The first Storytelling Series Luncheon was held on September 26, 2010 in the Bexar Room in the UC3. Participants included a diverse mix of students and administrators from all levels of leadership. The luncheon provided an opportunity to share leadership stories and take knowledge back to each individual’s community. Those that attended were encouraged to share quotes, book suggestions and their mentors on cards provided to each table. Some of the book suggestions were; The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and Jeffery Zaslow, and Know Your Zown by Jayne Garrett. A few inspirational quotes shared by participants were:

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand” – Old Chinese Proverb.

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.” - C.S. Lewis

"The best example of leadership; is leadership by example." - Jerry McClain



University Oaks and Chisholm Hall sponsor Boysville Boo Bash

On October 28, 2010, University Oaks and Chisholm Hall hosted the children from Boysville of San Antonio. A long time tradition, the children were provided an opportunity to Trick o’ Treat and enjoy a Halloween Carnival in a safe carnival. The orphans and at-risk children would not have the chance to celebrate the holiday otherwise. Chisholm residents and staff decorated Chisholm Hall from floor to ceiling, turning the building into a “kid-friendly” haunted house. Over 220 residents volunteered to pass out candy to the children. Most of the residents dressed up to provide the best experience possible.



University Oaks Recycles

University Oaks expands their partnership with the UTSA Department of Health, Safety and Risk Management in the area of recycling. The year started out with the best recycling arrangements ever for residents during move-in. Recycle pens for cardboard were erected next to every dumpster. The cardboard was collected throughout the move-in weekend by EHSFM personnel. Since then, recycling has been expanded from the clubhouse to adding recycling bins next to each dumpster enclosure. University Oaks is very grateful for the partnership it has with EHSRM and is happy for the added convenience for residents to recycle their paper, plastic and metal.

Student Affairs Halloween Costumes 2010





(left photo) VPSA staff

(right photo) Members of the ESC Call Center in their Halloween Costumes! The SFAES Spirit Committee held an office-wide Costume Contest and several of our staff placed!

Domestic Violence Awareness month

Thursday, October 21, 2010 the Enrollment Services Call Center all wore purple shirts to support Domestic Violence Awareness month. Pictured from left to right are: Sasha Maryland, Daniel Campos, Leticia Garcia, Erika Cox, Ashley Spain, Kaeli Brown, Natisha Cottrell, Carmen Serrata, Zarita Barton, Megan Martinez, Musoke Sendaula, and Virginia Gonzalez.

Rowdy New U

The Rowdy New U is the Faculty & Staff Wellness program. This is a free, 6-month program that will assist you in making better lifestyle choices through awareness, physical activity, nutrition, stress management, and proper decision making skills.

Approximately 300+ faculty & staff members are currently enrolled in the Rowdy New U, and are experiencing wonderful results.
These are the combined results for the 2010 January-July, February-August, and March-September Cohorts:
267.7 lbs lost total, 219.8 lbs muscle gain total, and 459.5 inches lost total.

Results per enrollee:

2.5 lbs lost/enrollee, 2.1 lbs muscle gained/enrollee, and 4.4 inches lost/enrollee.
The Rowdy New U is currently taking enrollees, and would love for everyone to be part of this program. This is a great way to live longer and enjoy life.
If you have questions, or would like to sign up for the Rowdy New U, please email:

PDF to print and post

Graduation Initiative Newsletter

The fourth issue of the Graduation Initiative newsletter is available. You can read a copy by clicking on the following link:

Student Life-UC Newsletter

Student Life-UC monthly newsletter:

Students, faculty, staff: Flu shots are available at Student Health Services

(Nov. 1, 2010)--UTSA community members can receive flu shots at UTSA Student Health Services on the Main and Downtown campuses. The cost is $12 for students and $18 for faculty and staff.

"This year's flu vaccine is a combination for seasonal flu and H1N1...

For the full article, visit: URL

Perform poetry, music, skits at open-mike night for Nov. 30 World AIDS Day event

Jared Jones, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, University Center, 10/19/2010

UTSA students can step up at an open-mike event and raise their voices for the fight against HIV. The event will be Tuesday evening, Nov. 30, and the entry deadline is Friday, Nov. 5.

"Students can apply to participate in the World AIDS Day open-mike night...

For the full article, visit: URL

UTSA volunteers gives back to community during United Way Days of Caring

Jennifer Rames, Assistant Director of Volunteer Services, Inclusion and Community Engagement Center, 10/27/2010

UTSA Learning Communities hosted this month the second annual "LC Gives Back" project with 42 students volunteering with Green Spaces Alliance at the Gardens of St. Therese. Students weeded, raked, cleared flower beds, pruned plants, tilled dirt, laid mulch and helped pave the garden paths. The project was an extension of the Summer Common Reading Experience and assisted students in learning more about community gardening.

"PACE (Personal, Academic and Career Exploration) is a first-year retention program ...

For the full article, visit: URL

Four C’s Model for Excellence in Service and Programming to be Presented at NASPA Annual Conference

Congratulations to the Assessment and Education Teams as they prepare to present the Four C model to NASPA attendees at the annual conference in Philadelphia, PA in March 2011. Presenters Gage E. Paine, Lisa Blazer, Edna Dominguez, Eric Cooper and Jan McKinney with assistance from Donna Edmondson will have the opportunity to let conference participants experience some of the activities staff encountered in their Four C session. With a focus on strategic success and culture change, participants will learn how to begin a culture change process in their organizations. UTSA Student Affairs as a best practice! More information about the session is listed below.

Session Title: Excellence in Service & Programming: Achieving Strategic Success. Strategic planning is an activity that is integral to higher education. Yet, conveying strategic directions to staff can be a challenge. Assessment is meant to be understood and lived. This session introduces a tangible model of employee development, successful building of a common language and a foundational culture change that focuses staff on strategic success. The result is Excellence in Service and Programming with the Four C’s: Communicate, Connect, Collaborate, and Create. Employees and students are transformed by the experience and renewed in their commitment to strengthen campus and community ties that bind.

Goals of the session: to provide an example of successful implementation of effective cultural foundational change; to discuss the implementation of a common language to build engagement in staff; to introduce ways to translate assessment reporting and outcomes into meaningful approaches for staff; to allow participants to experience activities related to teaching staff strategic directions and to provide resources from the Four C model; and to allow participants to discuss the design a conceptual model that brings their assessment plan to life.

Dr. Paine is also slated to present at NASPA's Annual Conference.
Session Title: Conversation to Sustain the Profession

Congratulations to the UTSA Student Affairs division!!

True Colors Logo

True Colors - Office Poster Quiz by Mary Miscisin

One of the places we can observe and experience the influence of our color personality styles is at work. Even before we interact with others, we can pick up clues to their personality by the way their office is decorated. The following (click link below) are posters one might find displayed in the workplace. The purpose of this activity is two-fold. First of all, read each of the posters and choose which one appeals most to you. Click on that poster to reveal the color style that most often displays it and read an explanation as to why that particular color style would be drawn to it. Notice whether or not the poster you chose correlates with your most dominant or second color. Next, see how well you can determine which Color Style would choose which poster…and why. Click on each poster or the button below each to confirm your guess and find out more about that style!

Photo Galleries

SECC - October 29, 2010



Student Affairs Orientation: What do we all do? - October 28, 2010


True Colors Gold Luncheon - October 26, 2010


Alcohol Awareness Week - BARR Pie in the Face - October 21, 2010



Campus Crawl - October 21, 2010


Hello UTSA Roadrunner Fans,

Bring your family and friends for the upcoming UTSA Home Games and enjoy some intercollegiate competition.

Roadrunners Volleyball looks to continue winning streak this week:

Thu, Nov 4              Volleyball      vs. Sam Houston State *                         San Antonio, Texas  6:30 p.m.

Fri, Nov 5              WBasketball     vs. Texas Lutheran Exhibition Games     San Antonio, Texas  7 p.m.  

Sat, Nov 6              Volleyball      vs. Stephen F. Austin *                         San Antonio, Texas  1 p.m.

*indicates conference play

Visit to see the complete schedule and ticket pricing. Call the Ticket Office at 210-458-UTSA. You can also purchase tickets at the gate.

All of the home games will be played here on the UTSA Campus. Please do not park in the lot right behind the tennis courts as they are parking spots for students who live on campus.

To see results, please check out stats page on GO RUNNERS!!


UTSA Football: Birds Up!

Gibson named Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award candidate

Roadrunners to wrap up fall slate in Houston this weekend

UTSA men to conclude fall campaign at Texas Invitational

All Sport Schedule - Area Events

Thu, Nov 4
Sam Houston State
San Antonio, Texas
6:30 p.m.
Fri, Nov 5 - Sun, Nov 07
Texas Invitational
at Austin, Texas
All Day
Fri, Nov 5 - Sun, Nov 07
Cougar Fall Draw
at Houston, Texas
All Day
Fri, Nov 5
Texas Lutheran
Exhibition Games
San Antonio, Texas
7 p.m.
Sat, Nov 6
Stephen F. Austin *
San Antonio, Texas
1 p.m.
Thu, Nov 11
Texas State *
at San Marcos, Texas
6:30 p.m.
Fri, Nov 12
Our Lady of the Lake
San Antonio, Texas
6 p.m.
Fri, Nov 12
San Antonio, Texas
8 p.m.
Sat, Nov 13
UT Arlington *
at Arlington, Texas
4 p.m.
Sat, Nov 13
NCAA South Central Regional
at Waco, Texas
Sat, Nov 13
NCAA South Central Regional
at Waco, Texas
Sun, Nov 14
San Antonio, Texas
2 p.m.

Complete Schedule



Business Procedures Tips


BEFs should continue to be routed to VPSA except for those that are paid from Official Occasions accounts. Please send BEFs funded from Official Occasions accounts and that accompany a VP2 directly to Disbursements after the AVP signs those BEFs.

Have a Business Procedures Tip to share? Please send it to Bob Miller.

For previous Business Procedures Tips, please visit the archive.


Wellness Tips

Proper shoes are very important when working out. However, proper does not mean expensive. For $60-70 retail, you can get a quality pair of shoes. Here are some important guidelines to consider:

1. If you have a high arch, you need to make sure to get a flat shoe (shoe without a large arch support) and if you have a flat foot, you need to get a shoe that has an arch support. This helps to keep your stride neutral.

2. If you are going to a dance class, you need a separate pair of shoes. Shoes for running and working out are designed to grip the floor, but for dancing you need a shoe that slides along the floor (i.e. has a flat sole) to prevent twisting at the knee and ankle joints.

3. The new trend towards toe shoes and shoes without as much cushioning is not a bad thing, but it is also important that you know how to run properly if you use these shoes. Cushioned shoes (typical running shoes) are designed for individuals to run heel to toe. In reality, it’s better to run more toe to heel so that you are not stopping your momentum each time your foot hits the ground. This takes practice.

This is a lot of information and can be confusing. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me at

Heather Stark
Assistant Director of Fitness & Wellness
Campus Recreation


Thank You Rowdy

Thank You Rowdy

Thank You Rowdy has a special mission in Student Affairs - to travel across UTSA recognizing the good work of staff members. Within the Division of Student Affairs, Thank You Rowdy is presented from one Student Affairs staff member to another in recognition and appreciation of work done well - taking extra assignments to provide support, offering unsolicited assistance, or completing tasks in a unique way. Whatever the situation, contributions like this are made every day and Thank You Rowdy helps us recognize them.

Thank you Rowdy reflects UTSA's spirit of community and reminds us to remember it takes everyone to make UTSA a great place to work and to learn.

- Gage Paine

Thank You Rowdy is presently visiting with Beth Scholl

See past Thank You Rowdy Recipients

To:  Beth Scholl, Office of Student Life
From:  Ruth Coates, Office of the Associate Dean of Students

It is my pleasure to pass Thank You Rowdy to you in appreciation of everything you do. Your knowledge, work ethic and positive attitude are just a few of your outstanding qualities. You have been my go to person since my first day and I appreciate all of your expertise and advice. Regardless of your busy schedule you always make time and offer your assistance. When I talk to you on a daily basis, I can actually see you smile over the phone and it makes it a pleasure working with you. Your commitment and dedication make me proud to be part of your team.

Thank you,

Ruth thanks Beth by passing Rowdy

Beth Scholl receives Thank You Rowdy



To: Tony Daniels- Associate Director, Campus Recreation Center
From: Evelyn Betancourt-Martinez - Assistant Director of Admissions, Admissions Office

Hello Tony,

What a great event!! Thank you so much to you and your team at the REC who were so helpful Monday night. It was such a great experience working with you all. I received many complements on the facility and friendliness of the staff. It’s great collaborations like this one that make our student affairs mission come to life.

Thank Again!
Evelyn Betancourt-Martinez

To: Laura Munroe- Director of Campus Recreation Center
From: Elvira Jacquez - Assistant Director of External Affairs


You’re team did great as they always do.  The UT System folks were very happy that we met someplace different and that there was no PowerPoint presentation!  They were also impressed with the RWC facility.  Crissy was a pleasure to work with as our tour guide.  Mark and Tony moved us through like clockwork and we were able to see all of the highlights.

Thank you,
Elvira Jacquez

Fr: UTSA Graduation Initiative, Volume 4, Issue 1, October 2010

Gabriel Mendiola, Assistant Director of Financial Aid/IT Operations, receives GI Good Guy Award for Fall 2010.


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