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As employees, we often assess and are concerned with communication within our office and amongst our colleagues. We will sometimes define miscommunication amongst ourselves as no communication at all. Mary Miscisin, True Colors Expert, has composed an article exposing communication mistakes we personally make when trying to communicate with others. Though not to be considered “bad” habits, it is a good idea to remember your most dominant colors and that of those you are speaking with to make sure that time and energy can be maximized in your time together.

Each example listed Below, you will find the top 5 communication mistakes, defined by True Color.

The 5 Most Common Communication Mistakes…

• Beating around the bush
• Over Apologize
• Taking things personally
• Mistaking intensity for anger or hostility
• Using emotional appeals

• Close-minded to change
• Finger wagging
• Check it off blinders
• Stuck on specifics
• Martyrdom and complaining (no one else does it “right”)

• Pointing out mistakes first
• Data Dumping
• Data diving- Humor at others’ expense
• Unreasonable expectations
• Living in your head

• Interrupting
• Ready, FIRE, Aim
• Bulldozing Intensity
• Self Centered
• Multi-tasking

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