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October 2011, Issue 20

Rave Reviews

"Get in the Game" trophy awarded to Stacy Pena, Student Affairs web coordinator, from the UTSA Office of Orientation and Family Programs.

To: Daniel Garcia
From: Ana Rodriguez


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for taking me under your wing and training me in Athletic Certification. You’ve done such a great job showing me “the ropes”, and have been so patient with me even when I have asked the same questions a thousand times! Your procedural POP QUIZZES always keep me on my toes, and I love them, even though I’m secretly scared of when you will surprise me with another one!

I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity, and very happy I’ve been able to work with you!

Again, thank you for everything!


Thank You Rowdy presently visiting with Rob Ramon

Rob Ramon is the Assistant Director of Informal Recreation at the Rec Center. In his position we work closely on a daily basis supporting the operations and housekeeping of the facility. Rob has really been a great resource in regards to my administrative task. Thanks to him the daily operations of the student recreation center are well organized. Rob is a dependable, reliable, and good guy to work with. I appreciate all he has done to assist me and the operations of the student recreation center.

Richard Rendon Special Events & Maintenance Coordinator

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