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January 2012, Issue 2

True Colors

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Engaging Student Employees in Conversations about “True Colors” - "Be Prepared"

If you are a staff member that has student employees working in your office, I bet you’ve noticed that they have been in the process of attending a Student Affairs Student Employee True Colors session over the last two semesters. Our continuing effort to make sure that our common language reaches all levels of staff led us to design an impactful curriculum for our student employees. Their introduction to True Colors is just as engaging as we all remember. They discuss reframing and have fun with a thoughtful activity of how their colors play out at work.

Now, it’s your turn to help our student employees use our common language. Whether you are a supervisor or colleague, assisting others in understanding our common language is everyone’s task. It is important to acknowledge that our student employees are balancing work, leadership, school and everyday life. Within those environments, their color spectrum plays out in different ways. The attachment gives you an idea of what we mean. For example, a Blue has different strengths and needs as a leader and as a student. It’s important to acknowledge those differences as our student employee quickly transition from our workplaces to their classes on a daily basis.

Now that the students know their colors, how are YOU engaging them in the common language and helping them explore their spectrum further? We suggest asking students, “What does this mean for you?”

To help get the conversation started, here are some guiding questions:

1. How do you see your dominant color’s strengths and talents contributing to your work here?
2. Are those strengths/talents different for the classroom? How?

3. Knowing the characteristics of the four colors, how do you see the other colors in your spectrum impact your working style?

4. How do you plan to use information about your color spectrum in improving communication? At work? In class?

This is just a start. See where it goes from there. If the answers to these questions are hard for students to come by, then just have them tell the stories from their session. If you are a student employee, begin the conversation in a place that makes you comfortable. Mentoring moments sometimes aren’t planned. To quote a gold, "Be Prepared".

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