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March 2012, Issue 6

True Colors

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Showing Our True Colors - The Poem

Knowing my True Colors
of Blue, Gold, Orange, or Green
a spectrum of hues and shades
perhaps a mixture in between

Allows me self expression
and validation for me
personal evolution
and flexibility

We may have things in common
recognizing traits we share
this rapport creates a bond
of understanding and care

Or, you may be completely different
with other colors shining bright
having contrary values and beliefs
doesn’t make us wrong or right

I understand my ways of doing things
may not be your cup of tea
I’m not asking you to like them
but to realize they are right for me

We may do things differently
in how we lead our life
forcing me to be like you
can create conflict, stress, and strife

When you are conscious of my desires
and keep and open mind
bringing out the best in me
is the treasure you will find

Tolerating the way I see things
can be a way to start
for trying to change my style and ways 
can rob me of my part

Realize if I were the same as you 
life would be monotonous
it’s when we appreciate our differences
we bring out the best in all of us

Whatever your color style 
these are useful things to know
so share the concepts with everyone
and let your True Colors show!

by Mary Miscisin & Ed Redard, M.D.
©2002 by Mary Miscisin - all rights reserved

Mary Miscisin is the author of SHOWING OUR TRUE COLORS, A Fun, Easy Guide for Understanding and Appreciating Yourself and Others.

(c) 2005 Mary Miscisin, All Rights Reserved
Permission to duplicate this article is granted ONLY with the copyright and contact information intact.

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