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April 2012, Issue 7

Rave Reviews

Hi Keri Shiplet,

We wanted to send you a quick thank you note for the help we received yesterday from Greek Life in spreading the compost throughout areas around UC Paseo. They were very professional, helpful students that helped us spread roughly 60yds of Compost which normally would have taken us about a week to do. Hopefully they learned what we do and why we do it. We tried educating them and at the same time we got to receive some feedback on concerns, questions they have about UTSA. Learning experience for both.

I have attached some pictures we took so you can pass on if you wish.

Please pass our thank you from the Grounds Blue and Orange Team's.

Thank you and please keep us in mind in any future events.

Thank you,
Della Reyes
Blue Roads & Grounds Team Supervisor, O&M Office of Facilities, UTSA


Thank You Rowdy visiting with Em De La Rosa

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To: Marietta de la Rosa (Em), Associate Director of Residence Life and Education, Housing & Residence Life
From: Jennifer Fueglein, Coordinator, Student Conduct and Community Standards
Melissa Hernandez, Interim Assistant Director, Counseling Services

From Melissa:

I want to thank you for the respect and support you have shown me and my department (Counseling Services). You are a true advocate for mental health. You have demonstrated this again and again by being supportive of our services and programs. From the on-call services to the The Vagina Monologues you have given of your resources to support us. I also appreciate your openness and willingness to listen to new ideas and collaborate on new projects. Mostly, I appreciate the leadership, skill, energy and spirit that you bring to what I believe is one of the most important services on campus. Thank you again for all that you do.

From Jennifer:

Your support for our department (Student Conduct and Community Standards) and the work we do is so appreciated! You enhance student learning through ensuring consistency of process and approach with discipline cases, and have always been open to making changes through collaboration. I am amazed by how you and your talented staff balance all the responsibilities of residence life and still manage to work tirelessly to help your residents grow and develop during their conduct process. Additionally, your personal support of E.P.I.C. and the many times you’ve supported your staff through E.P.I.C. related projects and trainings allows us to move our conduct practice forward to the benefit of students. Thank you for never giving up on those students who challenge us the most, and setting an example for your staff to follow as well!