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May 2012, Issue 9

True Colors

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Why Use True Colors?

When the average person is asked for their definition of "Extrovert" they are described as "someone who is sociable and likes people". An Introvert is often depicted as someone who is "anti-social or shy" - when nothing could be further from the truth!

Luckily, Introverts everywhere have a new spokesperson: Susan Cain, a self-proclaimed Introvert who's taken it upon herself to better understand the place of Introverts in culture and society.

Watch Susan Cain, the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking as she presents at a recent TED talk

Color Blinded
The concept of Introversion has long been misunderstood by the general population. The permeation of this misunderstanding is so widespread that there are even some Temperament Trainers that "shy away from" (pun intended) presenting the concepts of Introversion (I) and Extroversion (E)! Instead, they end up incorrectly attributing Extroverted traits to "Orangeness" and Introverted traits to "being Green".

Most common Extroverted traits associated with the ORANGE style:

· Fast-paced
· Speaks immediately, interrupts
· Animated, expressive tones
· Large gestures & body movements
· Enjoys attention

It is easy to see why some individuals mistake Extroverted qualities for Orange Color Style qualities, however as any or all of these traits can also be demonstrated by an Extroverted Blue, Gold or Green Color Style. A participant can become easily "color blinded" if they are not taught the I/E concepts- "seeing Orangeness" when it is actually Extroversion.

You Must Be Green
A similar mistake is often made between Introversion and the Green Color Style. We know that it is in the nature of Greens to "think before they speak" and generally they prefer not to call attention to themselves. However, as an Introverted Orange, Blue, or Gold can attest - these qualities are part of their personality as well.

Think of Steve Jobs, a prime example of a quintessential GREEN Color Style. He has numerous Green traits -from a phenomenal innovator, inventor, driven by competence to his low tolerance for anything that doesn't meet his standards for excellence. You can also easily spot his Extroverted attributes! He is very direct, using large gestures and body movements as well as loud, animated, and expressive tones.

Most common Introverted traits associated with the GREEN style:
· Processes internally for sharing
· Measured or deliberate pace
· Indiscernible facial expressions
· Minimal gesturing & body movements
· Prefers not to call attention to self

This is in clear contrast to Bill Gates, another famous computer genius whose first color is Green but has obvious introverted traits. He is known for going off to think by himself, has a famously reserved style, and prefers listening over talking.

Clearing up the Confusion
To be clear, shyness is about fear of social judgment. Both Introverts & Extroverts can be shy.

A basic definition for Introverts is that they gather or restore their energy from their internal world of thoughts, ideas and reflections and Extroverts rejuvenate or gather their energy from the outside world of people, activities and their environment.

Why this is Important
People with an attitude preference for Extroversion have a tendency to show their True Colors. Their most dominant color shines brightly for everyone to see. Introverts however may not show their dominant color or temperament style as readily. For this reason, we might not recognize their True Colors immediately or may sometimes misinterpret their temperament for their SECOND color style.

For instance, if someone’s True Color line up is Blue/Gold/Green/Orange and they are Introverted, they may show behaviors and communicate more readily from their second color (Gold) & use their most dominant Blue qualities to process INTERNALLY. Therefore, extra attention needs to be paid when determining the True Colors of Introverts.

Interesting History Note
In the beginning days of modern temperament theory development, Carl Jung primarily focused on Introversion and Extroversion in his attempts to explain individual differences in personality. Everything else was built upon or around the Attitudes of Introvert and Extrovert.

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by Mary Miscisin & Ed Redard, M.D.
©2002 by Mary Miscisin - all rights reserved

Mary Miscisin is the author of SHOWING OUR TRUE COLORS, A Fun, Easy Guide for Understanding and Appreciating Yourself and Others.

(c) 2005 Mary Miscisin, All Rights Reserved
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