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May 2012, Issue 9

Rave Reviews

To Party on the Paseo Planning Team: Jennifer Fueglein, Francisco Lugo, Melissa Hernandez, Tabitha Byrne, Em Delarosa, Cpl Merritt, Demica Rodriguez, Megan Morris, Anna Boyer, Melody Piepho, Tonantzin Vazquez, R.J. Rangel, Robert Zubiate, Krystal Nicholson, Jerome Scott, Rosie Gutierrez

Thank you Party on the Paseo Planning Team for all your hard work on making the event a success.

It was one of the biggest we have had yet…more participants, more booths and activities, more fun, more learning!

I hope that each of you think the event was a success as well!!

Thank you again for all your hard work…I appreciate each of you and all you do!

Kelsey N. Bratcher
Associate Director of Student Activities

Congratulations to John Kaulfus for being the newly elected President-Elect for TACUSPA (Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators). John will assume his official responsibilities in this role in October. This is a great for John and for UTSA!!

Kim Ellicks-Center, I appreciate the excellent job you and your staff performed in obtaining such a high level of occupancy for the Spring semester. In addition to providing more students with the invaluable experience of living on campus, these efforts also result in greater budgetary resources to address pressing departmental needs that enhance the living environment for both current and future students. Please pass this message on to your team.
Kevin S. Price

Congratulations from Dr. David Thompson, Chair, Education Leadership Program, (COEHD). Jan McKinney tied for first place in the doctoral category (research by doctoral students still enrolled) in COEHD Graduate Student Poster Session!

Recently one of our student employees at Chaparral, who is a Civil Engineering student, ask if his study group of six could observe a concrete slab pour. They are currently enrolled in a concrete class and the professor wanted them to observe a pour and analyze the procedure, planning, and execution of the pour. I contacted the on-site foreman with Vaughn construction and made the arrangements for them. I also asked the student employee to request a letter from the professor, stating the reasons for their visit, which he did. This was supplied to Vaughn Construction for their records.

Vaughn was very receptive to the idea. They gave me a list of clothing and footwear types that would be necessary to visit the site, which I passed on to the students. They went over one afternoon to take the construction safety course, which is required of anyone going on to the job site. Vaughn required them to sign a waiver after the class and before actually visiting the construction site. They then arrived at 6:00 AM the following morning for a guided tour of the site of the slab pour.

They were all very appreciative and thanked the Vaughn foreman for the opportunity.

Roger Kissam, MBA, BSIE
Assoc. Director Housing Facilities
Office of Housing and Residence Life

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Bob Miller

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To: Bob Miller, Associate Director of Student Affairs Budge,t Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
From: Cassandra Jones, Accounting Technician, Housing & Residence Life; Christine Bachman, Administrative Associate II, Housing & Residence Life

It is with sincere appreciation that we pass on Thank You Rowdy to Bob Miller. Bob, you serve as a guide and beacon to everyone on the road known as Business Processes. Teacher, advisor, facilitator, guru; just a few of the roles you perform as you interact with and serve others. You are skilled at assisting others find their way through the fog, warning of the potholes, noting the detours, speed bumps and roadblocks ahead. It is often with your help we gain clarity and understanding of the policies, procedures, and paperwork. You sincerely listen to our questions, and understand our confusion. You are a diligent advocate for the driver. You are proactive in your efforts to keep the lines of communication open to all. Thank you being there for us and for just being YOU.