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July 2012, Issue 15

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Thank You Rowdy visiting with Terry Allison

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Thank You Rowdy - Terry Allison Thank You Rowdy - Terry Allison

To: Terry Allison, Senior Administrative Associate, Registrar's Office
From: Patricia Ann Marcus, Multimedia Editor III, Academic Publication and Graduation; Flor Hernandez, Multimedia Editor II, Academic Publication and Graduation; Johanna Hunziker, Assistant Director of Academic Publication

We couldn’t let you retire without sending Thank You Rowdy to spend a long overdue visit with you. For 16 years at UTSA you have dealt with purchasing headaches, equipment malfunctions, and our general bungling. You’ve provided invaluable assistance in thousands of ways and kept things running smoothly in both first and second life. You’ve seen us through major renovations, major management changes, vermin in the ceiling, toxic smells, and – most importantly –ALWAYS knew where to find the glue gun! Under the watchful eye of the “fridge fairy,” the Registrar’s Office has been spared a food-borne illness pandemic .

For all of this, and a thousand things you did for us that we never knew about, we say THANK YOU!