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November 2012, Issue 19

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Dear Cate [Igo] and Kelsey [Bratcher]:

You are both rock stars for BACCHUS. Your help with the Silent Auction was incredible. Your enthusiasm was contagious. Thank you for your service as as exemplary volunteers for BACCHUS.

In addition to our thanks from Heather, you both can sign up for one of any of the BACCHUS webinars for FREE. Just a little way to say how much we appreciate you giving up your time during the conference to support our organization.

I have copied Ann and Sable here, so just remind us at the time you sign up that this is a FREEBIE for your service at Silent Auction.

MANY many thanks for your leadership.

Janet Cox
President/Chief Executive Officer - The BACCHUS Network


Thank You Rowdy visiting with Rosie Mendiola and Azi Treviño

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To: Rosie Mendiola and Azi Treviño, Student Financial Aid & Enrollment Services (SFAES) Compliance Team
From: Gail Carbajal, Associate Director of Financial Aid

It is an honor to pass Thank You Rowdy to both of you as a team to thank and recognize you for all you do for the SFAES office. You both understand the importance of constant risk mitigation and management, and the compliant administration of the multitude of funds entrusted to our stewardship. Although your work is sometimes dry, tedious and not understood, you perform your many critical tasks with attention to detail, sensitivity to the feelings of others, and strict confidentiality as appropriate. You are friendly, cheerful and optimistic, and always willing to assist your teammates with financial aid compliance questions. You are very flexible and cooperative when asked to perform critical last minute projects. I truly appreciate that you conduct yourselves professionally while still having fun performing and completing your tasks. Even though your compliance team roles do not involve very much direct student contact, you are very willing volunteers when outreach opportunities arise. Muchisimas gracias for your passionate dedication to your team, your division and UTSA!

With heartfelt gratitude,
Gail Carbajal