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December 2012, Issue 20

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Thank You Rowdy visiting with Sarah Webb

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To: Sarah Webb, Student Financial Aid & Enrollment Services, Senior Training Specialist
From: Rosie Mendiola and Azi TreviƱo, Student Financial Aid & Enrollment Services (SFAES) Compliance Team

Sarah, today we happily pass to you Thank You Rowdy. Your contribution to the SFAES office has been immense. You have always gone above and beyond the call of duty. When you were an FAO I on the Financial Aid Programs Team you showed your true colors when you quickly and accurately learned the R2T4 process and without complaint, helped us to get through the massive task that is R2T4. You did all of this while still maintaining your own job duties and keeping a smile on your face. You have since been promoted to the Senior Training Specialist and have continued to shine like the bright star that you are. You have taken this important position and made it your own. You consistently perform above that which is required. In the time that you have been the Trainer for SFAES you have shown your boundless knowledge of financial aid, fiscal services, admissions, registrar and general office policies and procedures. The power point presentations, cheat sheets and charts that you have created are impeccable. To add to your knowledge and determination, you are welcoming and enthusiastic; qualities that make you the marvelous trainer that you are. Sarah, thank you for all that you do for SFAES and UTSA!

Rosanna Mendiola & Aseret Trevino