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January 2013, Issue 1

Business Tips

In the past, you have attached an explanatory cover memo with signatures as contracts route. In lieu of these cover memos for contract approval, and to ensure compliance with both CBC and UT System employee conflict of interest requirements, we’re switching to having you complete and attach a Student Affairs Contract Routing Cover Sheet (Word Doc) to all contracts. This way, the department certifies the decisions regarding CBCs and certifies about contracting with an employee of a UT System component. A completed sample (PDF) is attached.

Any contracts that are currently routing for signature are fine the way you’ve sent them. Contracts that have not yet left your office will need to have this new form attached.

Since this is a new process, if you have questions while completing the form, please contact me and I’ll be most happy to assist. It’s better to ask while completing the form than have it sent back because of issues, errors or omissions. There are some examples and clarification notes on the form.

Thank you and happy new year!

Bob Miller

Bob Miller
Associate Director of Student Affairs Budget
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs