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February 2013, Issue 2

Message from VPSA

Sam Gonzales

About six months ago, I recall sharing my thoughts with you about Gage's departure to UT Austin. I am having a similar feeling of déjà vu because our VPSA search has ended without a hire. In speaking with Dr. Romo, he felt strongly that 'Student Affairs has not missed a step'. This is quite a compliment to the efforts put forth by our division and something in which we can take pride. I do not expect a new search anytime soon and will be shifting from temporary to transition mode. I also do not anticipate any major changes at this time. Congratulations on the great job you have done during this period and thank you for your support as we refocus and move ahead.

As we work together to promote student success at UTSA, I am pleased to present the executive leadership of our division to you in the Spotlight section of this newsletter. These knowledgeable and talented staff members, Lisa Blazer, Joe DeCristoforo, Lynn Hickey, George Norton and Kevin Price, provide important insight and direction to our strategic initiatives and operating areas. They believe in the work we do to foster the holistic development of our students through a culture of engagement. We will feature a communication piece from each of them in future newsletters to promote a greater awareness of what is happening division-wide.

On March 26th and April 3rd, the Staff Development Team will host our 5th Annual Student Affairs Conference entitled "Leading through Transition". This first-rate conference experience is a testament of our division to invest in its greatest asset…You! It is my hope that each of you will commit to participate in this professional development opportunity.

As we continue our promise to provide excellent services and programs, I leave you with a question. What can we do to ensure that every interaction we have comes from an environment that is customer service-centered? I look forward to reading about your ideas.

Best wishes,