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February 2013, Issue 2

True Colors

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Excellence in Service and Programming - Communicate, Connect, Collaborate and Create

The Four C's is our conceptual model for understanding the work that we do. As we work toward excellence in service and programming, the Four C's (Communicate, Connect, Collaborate and Create) provide us with outcomes for what excellence looks and feels like. This model, in conjunction with our common language, provides the framework to guide us toward excellence in our programs and services – in tangible ways easily applicable to our daily work.

The key to this framework for excellence, however, is utilizing the tools we are provided and working to keep the C's at the forefront of our dialogue. This section of the monthly newsletter will present ideas, thoughts and best practices to assist us with the implementation of the framework and add to that toolbox. Please utilize these ideas and suggest more by emailing us at

Forward "C" Mail to a Colleague – In Three Easy Steps

In the Four C training sessions, staff are encouraged to write notes to staff that have embodied the C's in their work. But now you are back in your area and the notecards aren't in front of you. What do you do? Send them "C" mail. It's an easy way to share that you noticed our outcomes being met. Sending "C" mail to a fellow staff member congratulating them for fulfilling the outcomes of the Four C's. Keep up the good work.

Simply follow these steps:
    • Open Outlook email and put – Thank you – Excellence in Service and Programming into
      the subject line – Address it to the person who you think is exemplifying the C's
    • Copy/Paste the graphic below into the body of an email by right clicking the image
      and selecting Save Picture As…After saving you can Copy/Paste it into an email
    • Write your message telling him/her why and hit send (see example is email image below)

When we take time to recognize the efforts of others we reinforce our shared path to excellence. Send some "C" mail today.

Click above image to embiggen

Click above image to embiggen

Four C's Training

Four C’s Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 415) – SPRING 2013
Training Schedule for SPRING 2013 ----- see attached schedule