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February 2013, Issue 2

Planning and Assessment


Strategic planning and assessment are essential to the development and delivery of effective programs and services within our division. As UTSA continues to move toward Tier 1 status, our division must continually evolve to support this goal and meet the needs of our students to ensure they are receiving the best educational experience possible. Every person in every department in Student Affairs plays a unique role in this, and together we have an immense impact on student learning and success.

Some questions to ask in the planning and assessment process are:

      •   Are we providing excellent service?
      •   Are we offering excellent programs?
      •   How can we be more efficient in how we do things?
      •   What should we start (or stop) doing?
      •   Are we using our resources effectively?
      •   What are students learning as a result of the programs and services we provide?
      •   How are we contributing to student persistence and graduation?

Over the past several years, the Assessment Leadership Team has provided direction for the planning and assessment efforts within our division. We have made strides to unify and simplify how we collect data, and are working to share our story more effectively with UTSA and the broader community.

This new section of the newsletter is designed to feature useful information about planning and assessment. We want to highlight new ideas, departmental initiatives and best practices. And, we want to communicate what students are learning from our programs and services, as well as what we are learning about our students through assessment.

If there is an innovative assessment method, an intriguing assessment result, or a tip for improving strategic planning that you would be interested in sharing, please email me at The format will vary based on the content provided each month.

Collectively, our division has a profound effect on the student experience. Let’s continue to strive for excellence in all we do.

See you next month!

Kasey Neece-Fielder
Kasey Neece-Fielder
Director of Strategic Planning and Assessment
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs