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March 2013, Issue 3

True Colors

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Spring Forward and Take the Time to Connect

Whew! Midterms came and went like a whirlwind. Before we know it we will be celebrating Commencement and an end to a successful year. In busy times, it is easy to set aside our effort to connect with one another as colleagues that share a vision. Somewhere between the email avalanche and the To Do list we forget that our interactions with others are the key to our success.

John C. Maxwell in his book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect (2010) reminds us that “connecting increases our influence in every situation.”(p.20) Additionally, there are ways that we can intentionally connect even during the busiest of times.

He suggests a few strategies:
    • Talk more about the person and less about yourself. If you need to, prepare two
       questions ahead of time.
    • Bring something helpful to the other person when you meet.
    • At the close of a conversation, ask if there is anything you can do to help them and then
       follow through. These acts live longer than words.
    • Find ways to help the group celebrate successes together. (p.20-21)

Commit to an intentional act of connection next week. What is it that you have to lose?

Try one. On the path to excellence, we have guidance in the Four C’s. Click here for your checklist for excellence in connecting.

Sure, it’s busy. But, consider the possibility that your connections and interactions are the force behind getting all the work done. Then, it doesn’t fall off the To Do list – it is the list.

Maxwell, J.C. (2010). Everyone communicates, few connect: What the most effective people do differently. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

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