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March 2013, Issue 3

True Colors

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Using True Colors to Enhance Self Esteem

Self-esteem is our own evaluation or judgment of our worth. It colors our disposition, how we cope with challenges as well as day to day events, and our interactions with others professionally and socially. Our self-esteem drives our personality. Is there anyone that doesn’t want to feel good and have purpose and happiness in their life?

In Student Affairs, we are mentors to our student workers. We train them to work in a professional environment and have expectations of conduct that we influence with every interaction. True Colors is another tool we have to positively influence and enhance their self-esteem. This can help them to succeed in their personal, academic and professional lives.

To be intentional in enhancing the self-esteem of others, consider using the following:

Enhancing Self Esteem of a Blue
•   Put them in situations in which they work with other people, particularly other Blue people.
•   Appropriate task assignments might include:
          •   Helping determine the décor of the environment
          •   Planning events that will recognize and reward people for their efforts or remember
               special occasions
          •   Writing poetry or songs that use their creative talents
          •   Interviewing people to get their feelings and opinions about a topic or concern
•   Provide them with opportunities to nurture others. Encourage them to reach out to others
    who might be confronting problems.

Give them attention and approval whenever they perform in a manner that contributes to themselves or to others.

Enhancing Self Esteem of a Gold
•   Put them in situations where the tasks and expectations are clearly defined. Structure
    those situations with procedural guidelines and steps to follow.
•   Appropriate task assignments might include:
          •   Planner or accountant for a specific function
          •   Monitoring, scheduling and evaluating progress
          •   Responsibility for the details of a specific function and forecasting that the
              pieces are in place when they are needed
          •   Planning a project to provide for future growth
          •   Responsibility for the financial aspects of a project
•   Provide them with an opportunity to be of service to others. For example, ask them to
    assist others in the group who may be having difficulties.
•   Give them tangible rewards and definitive signs of appreciation for their efforts and

Enhancing Self Esteem of an Orange
•   Put them in active, experiential, hands-on situations.
•   Appropriate task assignments might include:
          •   Demonstrations involving cleverness and humor
          •   Trouble-shooting a difficulty or problem
          •   Joining or starting a recreational club
          •   Starting a project or enterprise
•   Provide them an opportunity to instruct someone else in an area or activity at which they
    are proficient.
•   Give them immediate attention and approval for constructive contributions and behaviors.     Negative attention often encourages the rebelliousness of the Orange nature, leading to
    the very behaviors you are trying to diminish.

Enhancing Self Esteem of a Green
•   Put them in situations in which they are doing things or figuring out how things work.
•   Appropriate task assignments might include:
          •   A special assignment with the purpose of creating something
          •   A challenging task that can be accomplished through the use of their intellect and
          •   The opportunity for independent study
          •   The opportunity to design new procedures for required tasks
          •   An assignment to design a new way to teach a task or concept
•   Give them an opportunity to demonstrate ingenuity by sharing their problem-solving
    abilities with others
•   Praise them for their intelligence and encourage them to apply it to themselves and their
    interpersonal relationships.

Personal Success Facilitator Guide
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True Colors Training

True Colors Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 410) ---- SPRING 2013
Training Schedule for SPRING 2013 ----- COMPLETED

True Colors Training Schedule for Student Affairs STUDENT employees (SD 417) -- SPRING 2013
Training Schedule for SPRING 2013 ----- COMPLETED

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