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April 2013, Issue 4

True Colors

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Connecting the Dots with True Colors©

How long has it been since you and your co-workers attended the Student Affairs “Introduction to True Colors©” session? Do you remember your enthusiasm about the possibilities for applying and sharing the concepts? From time to time, we can all benefit from a gentle reminder to look outside of our own perspectives and reflect on experiences and relationships through the True Colors lens.

Here’s a practical idea that continues to help the 250+ staff members of Campus Recreation keep True Colors© in mind and in regular use. With a few packs of small stickers (Avery® # 5795, 1/4" Round), we invited staff members to “connect the dots” by displaying their True Colors© on their name tags!

Voilà! Simple, easy and fun – all for less than a penny each. Our one challenge is that the sticker packs do not include orange, so we make a quick pass with a wide-tipped orange marker over half of the gold stickers and the dominant Oranges get exclusive, “hand-painted” dots.

Now our staff have an at-a-glance reminder of their co-workers dominant and least dominant True Colors© as an aid to reframing.

Eliot Howard
Assistant Director
Campus Recreation
The University of Texas at San Antonio

PS: I’ll let you know how it goes when we find the “scratch and sniff” versions!

True Colors Training

True Colors Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 410) ---- SPRING 2013
Training Schedule for SPRING 2013 ----- COMPLETED

True Colors Training Schedule for Student Affairs STUDENT employees (SD 417) -- SPRING 2013
Training Schedule for SPRING 2013 ----- COMPLETED

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