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May 2013, Issue 5

True Colors

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Change is a Good Thing

As I finish another round of facilitating the Four C’s curriculum for the new Student Affairs staff, I’m struck by how much has really changed in our division. Although there are still a lot of familiar faces in the Four C’s video used in training, it’s evident there’s been much change and soon to be more.

Seeing and hearing our previous vice president discuss the importance of our division, the need for a common language and the need for evidence in support of what we already know (that we’re an awesome division!) reminds me of how far we’ve come, but also how much further we need to go.

We’ve come a long way and unfortunately, not all of the people in the videos are still here at UTSA. That really reminds me of the importance for revisions and updates. We can’t rest on our heels and we must constantly strive for improvement. There are still a lot of faces in that video who are here at UTSA contributing to this awesome Division of Student Affairs. That really shows the strength of our family.

The Four C’s were designed for us to be able to understand how to offer students our best. That’s what we’ve been doing, but it takes each of us to continually strive for excellence to keep it up. In the face of changes to Texas legislation, federal regulations, changing demographics and student make-up, the need for better retention and improved graduation rates, and the constant needling to “do more with less”- now more than ever - Communicate, Connect, Collaborate and Create means something.

Soon, we’ll be unveiling the division’s student learning outcomes; the byproduct of what we do when we use the Four C’s. You will be able to see an even stronger connection between Four C’s and student learning. It emphasizes how important Communicate, Connect, Collaborate and Create are to our work. More change - but don’t be afraid; it’s a good thing.

Dr. Eric Cooper
Director, Student Enrollment Services

Four C's Training

Four C’s Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 415) – SPRING 2013
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