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May 2013, Issue 5

True Colors

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Reframing Ourselves

The last section of the True Colors Training presentation is devoted to color reframing. In this exercise, we review each of the four colors and identify how each dominant color sees themselves versus how each dominant color is perceived by others. This is a very helpful way for participants to understand the strengths of the individual color perspectives and not automatically assume an unfavorable characteristic.

However, it’s also important that we not only use this exercise to reframe the other dominant colors, but to also reframe ourselves. I’ll use myself as an example: I’m a dominant gold. I’m punctual, organized, and goal-oriented. These are important traits to have in an office, but if I am exclusively practicing these traits, it may not just be someone else’s perception that I am being controlling or inflexible. It could develop into a reality where I am viewed only as inflexible and controlling. I use the characteristics of how others view my dominant color as a gauge so I don’t overuse those positive traits to the point where they might become unfavorable traits. I want to be consistent, but not to the point of being inflexible. I want to be decisive, but not to the point where I am controlling. I want to rely on my organization and structure, but not to the point of being ridged. Reframing other dominant colors provides a different perspective and appreciation of other strengths. Reframing ourselves provides the opportunity to exhibit our strengths without exhausting them.

Paul Remmert
Financial Aid Compliance Specialist - Athletics

True Colors Training

True Colors Training Schedule for STAFF (SD 410) ---- SPRING 2013
Training Schedule for SPRING 2013 ----- COMPLETED

True Colors Training Schedule for Student Affairs STUDENT employees (SD 417) -- SPRING 2013
Training Schedule for SPRING 2013 ----- COMPLETED

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