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June 2013, Issue 6

Business Tips

Helpful information concerning:
        • Contracts and
        • End-of-year purchasing

From the May Contracts Meeting

•   Departments referring to the Supplier Mall for the Preferred Suppliers list:
          o   Catering, Charter Buses, Hotels, Moving Services, Scientific Supplies, Stationary,
               Printing/Copying, Technology, Travel Agencies, and Car Rental, etc.
          o   Hotels on preferred suppliers list already have a negotiated agreement format for
               Departments looking to hold an event and conferences in San Antonio.

•   Links on Business Contracts template pages to direct Departments to the Preferred
    Suppliers list for Hotels and Travel Services for their participants, speakers, and/or

•   Template based agreements (Services Agreement, Participant/Speaker/Evaluator)
    required for Non-US individuals regardless if services being performed in US or not.
          o   No Purchase Orders
          o   Additional Routing and Approvals required according to Routing Form

•   When to use certain template agreements:
          o   Participant/Speaker/Evaluator:
                       Limited length of engagement (week or less)
                       Minimal services being provided with basic deliverables
                       Services Fee is flat rate with one-time travel expenses
          o   Services Agreement:
                       Greater length of engagement (weeks, months, or years)
                       Complex, detailed services being provided with specific, multiple deliverables
                       Services Fee paid out over time based on work performed with recurring
                          travel expenses

End of Year Purchasing

•   FY 12-13 Year End Purchasing Dates

Purchasing and Distribution Services Department


DATE: JUNE 3rd , 2013
TO: All Departments
FROM: Lane Brinson, Assistant Director of Purchasing
RE: Important Fy12-13 Year End Purchasing Information

Effective June 1, 2013, Departments can begin the submission process of establishing new contracts or extending current equipment maintenance, software licenses/maintenance, and other service contracts for FY13-14. Departments will now be able to utilize PointPlus to create new documents as they have in the past. Contact your Purchasing Buyer for assistance or with any questions you may have.

All multi-year contracts must be renewed annually. If your department has a current multi-year service contract, a new PB4 request must be created and purchasing requirements completed to ensure contracts are effective September 1, 2013 and a lapse in service does not occur.

For important year end dates and other purchasing information, visit the Purchasing website at For questions or additional assistance with submission of your year-end orders, please contact your assigned Buyer in Purchasing or the Purchasing Office at 458-4060.

Lane Brinson, C.P.M.
Assistant Director of Purchasing
One UTSA Circle | San Antonio, Texas 78249 | Tel (210) 458 4060 | Fax (210) 458 4061

Bob Miller
Bob Miller
Associate Director of Student Affairs Budget
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs