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July 2013, Issue 7

True Colors

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Integrate Your True Colors© into the Four C’s

Your True Colors© spectrum creates a shared understanding of your unique traits with your peers, colleagues, and, truthfully, the entire Student Affairs division. So, how do you incorporate your True Colors into the Four C’s?

Below are examples of how to integrate strengths of your True Colors spectrum into your work environment and into the Four C’s.

Communicate (Blue) - Compassionate. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to break bad news to a student or coworker? Maybe it was telling a prospective student that he/she was not offered admission into the university or having a discussion with a colleague regarding a disagreement or misunderstanding. As a Blue, these conversations may be challenging to you because a Blue’s primary wish is to keep peace and harmony. However, one of your strengths in communicating these types of messages to others is your ability to be compassionate. Next time you are anticipating a difficult discussion, remember to channel your inner compassion and strength of understanding the needs of others.

Connect (Gold) – Consistent. As an individual working in higher education, the need for consistency in connecting with students and employees is a must, as we all want to make sure everyone is being treated fairly. Conversely, working in higher education has allowed you to see the grey colors within the black and white paintings and, as a Gold, you may find this challenging because of your desire to seek equity and equality. Though, certain situations call for flexibility; embrace your attachment to consistency. Consistency shows that you are someone who is dependable and will provide the same amount of service and thought during every interaction. Remember this the next time you connect with a student or coworker.

Collaborate (Orange) – Competitive. To achieve excellence in services and programming, it is guaranteed that we will collaborate with one another, whether within departments or across divisions. Assessments and evaluations will allow us to set new goals and expectations for the following academic year(s) within departments and provide us an outlook on how we can work together to accomplish goals within Student Affairs. When competing with the new academic year’s goals, reach out to fellow Oranges across Student Affairs to find strategies on how they plan to outperform themselves for the upcoming year.

Create (Green) - Clever. As a Green, an assigned task to create a new project or program would require you to explore all possibilities and aspects. To other colors, a Green’s ability to plan carefully, logically, and effectively is, at the very least, appreciated. Your ability to find ways to reduce obstacles in the most simple and skilled way is an invaluable strength. Next time you are assigned to a new task or project, embrace your cleverness in devising ways to create an impactful project with the resources available.

We would love to hear other ways in which you have incorporated your True Colors into the Four C’s. Please email us and share your story.

Jessica Avalos-Alvarez
Assistant Director
Orientation and Family Programs

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